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Landscaping Reboot- Multilevel Gardens

For those with backyards, warm weather can be a double-edged sword. Yes, you finally get to enjoy it with family and friends. Yes, it’s time to break out the barbecue and make that recipe that you’ve been waiting all winter to execute on. You get to pack away the winter jackets, say hello to the sandals, and prepare to enjoy the season ahead. On the […]

Outdoor DIY Project of the Month

Happy October to our Taylor Fencing family! We hope that the weather outside is lovely. We hope that you’re beginning to explore more and more activities with your families and loved ones, that leverage your backyards. And we hope that you’ll reach out to us about ensuring that your beautiful backyards are protected by the top fencing installation solutions in the area. But that’s a […]

October Home Renovation News

Though we experienced the warmest winter in decades, we can now officially begin to plan for the summer ahead. It’s time to dust off the shorts, stuff those winter jackets in the back of your wardrobes and begin prepping your home for warmer weather. Hopefully your creativity and productivity are both spurred by some fun finds that Taylor Fencing tracked down for you. Yes, ladies […]

September Home Renovation News

It’s the best time of the month! No, not payday. Not, the amazing sale at the corner store either. It’s time once again, for your monthly dose of home renovation, interior design and landscaping news. Think of this like your pocket-size guide to the best of the best when it comes to online tips, tricks and news. As you know, the Taylor Fencing team is […]

Preparing for Natural Disasters

It’s been a tough couple of weeks around the world, hasn’t it? We’ve seen earthquakes, hurricanes and raging fires. It’s upsetting to watch the events unfold, but there are a couple of very positive reminders to keep in mind. In times of crisis, you have an opportunity to see the best in people. You see individuals and organizations go out of their ways to help […]

Optical Illusions to Improve Your Backyard

Optical illusions are an interesting science. With one stroke of the brush, with one strategically taken photograph, you can change the entire perception of the size of a space. Artists use this technique all of the time. They do it to mess with your senses—to force you out of your comfort zone and to encourage you to look at life in a different way. But […]

Steel Fence Challenges

With installing premium fencing solutions as our top priority, the Taylor Fencing team is dedicated towards painting a full picture about our products. We want you, our valued customers, to feel safe and secure with our expertise, and excited about the exponential value that you’re adding to your home or business. This means that when we share the different fencing options that we have with […]

Top Three Common Fencing Mistakes

Ah, the age-old mistake. You make them in your relationships, in your homework both as a child and as an adult, with your money and in projects like home renovations. This may come as surprise to many, but the Taylor Fencing team believes that the mistake is something to be celebrated. It’s what drives our positive and constructive criticism, what motivates our growth as a […]

Do Glass Doors Make Sense For Your Home

We’re here to break a common misconception about the Taylor Fencing blog. We hate to break all of the hearts of our adoring fan, but you guys—we’re not just about fences here. Trends in interior design, architecture and home renovation hold a very special place in our heart. The fences that we design may line the perimeter your property. But, that doesn’t stop us being […]

A Handy Fence Installation Checklist

There are fewer things more satisfying than a completed checklist. You’ve crossed your ‘t’s’ and dotted your ‘I’s’, you can crumple up the checklist and throw it in the rubbish bin. For many, there are also fewer things more daunting than starting to check things off of your to-do list. This massive body of work, chores and tasks looks like a mountain in front of […]