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Choosing a Steel Fence? Things to Keep in Mind

So, you’ve made your decision. You spent hours agonizing over the different types of fences available to you. You pined, didn’t sleep at all and you sweated and seethed. And now you’ve chosen the fencing solution best suited to you. Well, we hope the process didn’t take place like this. If so, you definitely did not work with Taylor Fencing. We ensure that the entirety […]

Landscaping Influences From Around the World

While we’re pretty proud of our home, it’s important for the team at Taylor Fencing to think on a global scale. We draw inspiration and motivation from all sorts of outlets, in every country and every culture. It’s part of what keeps us on our A-game. While some may spend break times catching up on their weekends, our team is passionate about info sharing at […]

December Home Renovation News

Tis the season for home renovation, interior design and landscaping schemes to be envious of. Across the country, families and loved ones are getting ready for the holidays. This means cleaning up the houses, raking the gardens and generally getting into the festive spirit for the next month. Here at Taylor Fencing, we celebrate this in a bit of a different way. We celebrate with […]

The Right Fencing Questions to Ask

Here at Taylor Fencing, we really value your experience when installing a premium fencing solution. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know that success on our end, isn’t just installing a top of the line product. We feel confident in our inventory, and excited about the innovations that are taking place. So, we want to put our energy into driving the best possible […]

Not Interested in a Fence? There are Other Ways to Keep Your Privacy

We know, we know, the title of this post is a little bit confusing. After all, we’re a company that’s passionate about providing fence installation solutions that make the most sense for you and your property. But one thing that we’ve learned over the years is that this solution is never “one size fits all”. In fact, sometimes it either doesn’t make sense or is […]

Sloping property? Retaining Walls Could Be the Answer

A property which gently slopes away from the house to reveal a dramatic view of the natural landscape can give you as a rental property investor a taste of paradise. It can also act as a magnet to attract a high calibre of tenants. However, when the slope is uncontrolled, or drops down towards the house and driveway, it can cause damage to your garden, […]

November Home Renovation News

The temperatures are rising and so are the stories around home renovations. If you’re newer to the Taylor Fencing blog, welcome! This is a one-stop shop for everything that you need to know about fencing, landscaping, home renovations and beyond. Taylor Fencing is dedicated to sharing every nugget of knowledge that we find with our valued customer base. We want our customers to be set […]

Painting over Fence Wear and Tear

We get it, life happens. In fact, it makes us as a Taylor Fencing team far happier when we see that our products have known growth, love, and adventures. For those who are newer to the Taylor Fencing blog, welcome! Here you will find an abundance of tips and tricks, industry news and the specials that we’re running on our diverse range of products. For […]

Decorating Your Fence and Home for Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that is quickly gaining traction in Australia. After all, who couldn’t jump on board with a holiday that specifically targets mass consumption of sugary sweets and the purchases of spooky costumes? But the fun does not stop there. In fact, one could argue that your home and the surrounding grounds play an integral role in the success of the […]

What Does Your Fence Style Say About Your Personality?

A topic that tends to come up again and again is ensuring that the elements of your home design properly reflect your personality. We’re not just talking about the architectural style of your home, we’re talking the components that make you smile, that make you proud of where you live. Here at Taylor Fencing, we know that the first element of your home that passersby […]