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Your Check Off List for the Perfect Fence Installation

As with any projects around your home or grounds, you want it done perfectly. You’ve already put in the time and the money, and hopefully- you’re feeling optimistic that your vision is about to come to life. This is absolutely the case when it comes to a fence installation. These take on another level of importance, as their functionality serves just as much importance as […]

Fences and the Growing Homeless Epidemic

We work in a very interesting, and sometimes tricky, industry. The same could be said for many of our colleagues. Taylor Fencing was founded and has evolved in part to keep things and people out. We protect belongings. We protect people. We protect areas and communities. We protect businesses. The goal has always been to keep safe and secure what’s important to our valued customers. […]

Preparing Your Home (and Fence) For Colder Weather

There’s no getting around it, the weather is beginning to change. Unless you’re living under a rock, you may be aware that the 2018 Winter Olympics are taking place in Pyeongchang in South Korea. It might feel rather odd to watch the abundance of snow, to see participants wearing thick, warm clothing, but all too soon, we’ll feel the same situations here. Hopefully our valued […]

Fencing in Your Neighbourhood- Keep Your Neighbours Safe

There are few things worse than worrying about the safety of your home, of your family, of your neighbours and of your friends. They should be assumed, your inherent right, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, crime and theft are both on the rise. This stems from an increase in global catastrophes. More than 50 million people could lose their jobs in a year, […]

Maximizing Your Home Renovation Budget- Part 2

Welcome back to the Taylor Fencing blog! If you’ve tuned in recently, you learned all about the best ways to maximize your budget. Or at least you learned the first couple of steps. We decided as a team, that it’s super valuable as you kick off the year to do so with solid plans in mind and a clear head about how you’re going to […]

Maximizing Your Home Renovation Budget (Part 1)

New year, new you – that’s what we’ve been preaching, haven’t we? Well, all of the festive and gratitude-filled comments aside, it’s time to seize the year. It’s time to take a look at your 2018 budget and determine what projects, what renovations, what adventures and what purchases are going to make the cut. It’s going to be a ruthless process and that’s why the […]

Why You Should Make a Fence a New Year’s Resolution

The trees have been taken down, the menorahs have been put away, and it’s time to fully embrace January and the year ahead. Fingers crossed that you’re still going strong on your new year’s resolutions – did you know that only 8% of those that make resolutions keep them all year long? Not necessarily a promising statistic, but hopefully it just serves as a challenge […]

Why Fences Play a Key Role in Curb Appeal

When you see someone’s home for the first time, what comes to mind? Is it just how many questions you have about the basement? Do you wonder about the personalities of the inhabitants? Probably a little bit of both among many other things, but the catalyst may surprise you. Research has found that the curb appeal of a house can greatly dictate a lot of […]

Happy New Years from Taylor Fencing!

The ball dropped, we kissed loved ones, we threw confetti in the air and maybe even toasted 2018 with a goblet of sparkling wine. However you celebrated, we hope that your 2017-2018 holiday season was one for the books. It’s an interesting time of year, isn’t it? It seems like just yesterday, we were blinking as 2017 kicked off. We need to stop blinking, don’t […]

Tips for Avoiding Rot in Your Wooden Fence

Rot. It’s one of those “four letter words” in society that just makes you shudder. It’s synonymous with unrecoverable damage, and all you can see in front of you is a hole in your wallet and exponential stress. Rot can impact every single part of your home that’s built with wood. For many, that includes the fence that lines the perimeter of your home. It’s […]