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How Building a Fence Can Bring You and Your Neighbours Closer

The title of this post may surprise you. After all, how can building a barrier between your properties foster any kind of community and collaboration? Shouldn’t building a fence be something so stressful that you put it off for ages and ages and then are annoyed when your neighbours beat you to it and erect a visually unappealing solution? Neither of these scenarios particularly appeal […]

September Home Renovation News

The temperatures are heating up and so is the home renovation news. That tends to be the case month over month, but it’s especially true this month. While the northern hemisphere is starting to cool down, Australia is getting ready for some of the best times of the year. These can be amazing for your home and landscaping, but they can also be detrimental. It […]

What is the Psychology Behind Fences?

We’re getting deep again today, people. Don’t worry, there is nothing to fear, just a deeper dive into one of the many reasons why we’re so passionate about the products that we provide and the services that we share. If you’re newer to the Taylor Fencing site, we welcome you enthusiastically! We’re a company that believes in family and we treat our customers as such. […]

Fences Enhance Your Garden More Than You Realize

Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog! If you’ve been here a time or two, welcome back. We know that our customers are our greatest asset and we’re grateful that you’re spending time with the Taylor Fencing family. If you’re a newer visitor, then we’re excited to have you here. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything to do with fences. And when […]

August Home Renovation News

At Taylor Fencing, our expertise goes far beyond our love of quality fencing products. It may be rooted there, but it has quickly expanded over the years to encompass every aspect of your perfect home. We believe that our products turn a house into just that, a home. They elevate homes and inspire spaces where you and those closest to you will make generations of […]

Designing the Best Play Areas for your Children

We simply can’t reiterate it enough – we’re passionate about protecting our future generations. With their success, we’ll continue to pioneer technology, we’ll build education, we’ll save the planet, etc. No pressure, kids. As you know if you’re a regular visitor to the Taylor Fencing blog, this – among other reasons – is really why we got our start. We know that there are things […]

The Importance of Fences in Sports

There’s no denying that fences encourage safety and security. They’re the most powerful tool if you want to guard the belongings most important to you and ensure the protection of those that are closest to you. Here at Taylor Fencing, the team believes that whatever you believe falls in those categories is valid and important. We’re a family team and share family values. We want […]

July Home Renovation News

Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog! If you’re a newer visitor, we appreciate your time spent here and know that it will be well worth it. We’re the premiere fence installation company in the Melbourne area and beyond and for good reason. With us, it’s not just about the best-in-class fence installation products and styles that we offer. It’s not just about the durability of […]

Keeping Animals Off of Your Property

When they’re small and fluffy (or whatever style of pet that you prefer), they can be a great addition to any home and family. They can be excellent companions and lifelong friends. They can be emotional support, physical support, a true member of the family – the Taylor Fencing team is all about animals and pets. But there is a big difference between the animals […]

What to Remember When Choosing Paint for Your Fence

We know that the fence is an important part of any home, and that’s not just because we’re a little bit biased. We know the value of the security as well as the curb appeal that they can provide when they’re installed successfully. It doesn’t matter what style you’re going for, Taylor Fencing has you covered. We have you covered with best-in-class fence installation solutions, […]