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Five Fun Facts About Australian Timber

It’s funny, because just as trends are one of the most prevalent parts of fashion, and many other industries- so too, are they a big part of the home renovation business landscape. We’ve shared what nerds the Taylor Fencing team can be about the different materials, such as steel or timber, that we work with. We are shifting our processes so that they’re faster and […]

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Party

It’s a hot button topic for most of us these days—reducing our carbon footprint, saving the world, deciding how much we can invest in global warming, etc., etc. While there is no way that Taylor Fencing is getting political today, we will say that we’re always committed to minimizing the effect that we have on Mother Nature. Thanks to her, we have all of these […]

Is Your Broken Fence Worth Repairing? More Things to Keep in Mind

It may have been a storm… or a long and hot sunny season with too-high temperatures and zero water. It may have been an aggressive dog who just truly loved to destroy your property or just…life. We’re speaking of the reasons that fences deteriorate over time. That they lose their sheen and their strength, that they start peeling or the posts begin to pull away […]

A Refresher on Local Fencing Rules- Brush Fencing

Here at Taylor Fencing, we find it in our best interests to regularly update our valuable readers and customers on information which will help you make informed fencing-related decisions. This means, among other things, keeping you up-to-date on national and local fencing rules and building codes. As if there isn’t enough stress when you have a building or renovation project on your hands, right? Worrying […]

Energy Conservation Tips for your Outdoor Space

You may have noticed a trend with recent Taylor Fencing blog posts – a continued desire to outfit our readers with all of the knowledge we can possibly share. We have an inherent need to always learn more about not only the fence industry, but the home renovation industry and the backyard design industry as well. That’s why the focus of today’s post is around […]

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your DIY Fence Installation

There is a lot of value, many reasons why folks choose to skip the shopping centre and go about projects themselves. One of the biggest reasons is the all-mighty pocketbook, but others include a desire to get creative, and very specific visions about what you’re looking for. The team at Taylor Fencing has high regard for those of our readers who are successful DIY enthusiasts. […]

How do Fencing and Insect Repellant Relate to Each Other?

When you think of insect repellant, what do you think of? Perhaps summer camp, or trips into the woods? Most likely, you conjure up images of bugs, or even better- the bites and stings that come with them. Bug bites are no fun, but insect repellant is frequently just as much of a chore. Luckily, today’s post is not about bug bites or even how […]

Best Practices to Keep in Mind When Installing Chainwire Fencing

Like each of the fencing styles that Taylor Fencing has to offer, chainwire fencing has many benefits. It’s a top-notch way to protect what’s important to you, without breaking the bank. It limits noise pollution and maximizes security and privacy. You’ll find it frequently outside of schools and recreational sporting facilities. It’s easy to maintain, easy to update and works well with a whole slew […]

Three Most Popular Coverings for Your Outdoor Space

This might be like rubbing salt in wounds a bit, but the time has come to prepare for colder weather. That being said, Taylor Fencing loves sharing fun facts and trends, no matter what the weather and time or year. So we leave you with one more gem, one more bit of knowledge as it relates to your outdoor space and the power of sun. […]

How Can COLORBOND Fencing Help Expel Bushfire?

Bushfires are scary, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, they’re a pretty common occurrence in Australia, especially during the warmer months of the year. As soon as the sun comes out to play, it’s best to prepare for what could be coming. Additional thanks go out to Global Warming. Thanks to the lovely Global Warming, these bushfires are only happening more and more frequently, in larger […]