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The Little-Known Relationship Between Fences & Insect Repellant

Picture this: The sun is shining, the temperature is warm, you’re probably by a pool- somewhere scenic. And as the sun sets, you think about how lucky you are, until you hear a familiar buzz. Then you hear it again. And again. And without warning, a blood-sucking mosquito (okay, a bit dramatic, but you get the picture) swoops in and takes a little nibble out […]

August Home Renovation News Recap

A quality fence is just one piece of a beautiful home. Folks at Taylor Fencing may argue that it’s at least one of the most important- the first thing that visitors or passersby would see. But what our products guard is hopefully a dream home where you and your loved ones have created dozens of memories. To that point, Taylor Fencing loves sharing news recaps […]

Safe Playing Habits in 2017

Nothing bears additional reminder, like the safety of our future generations. This is a topic that we continue to circle back to—how can we design products, fences, that keep that’s valuable to you, safe. If you’re newer to the Taylor Fencing blog, welcome! We make a habit here to share information that’s educational, entertaining and hopefully a little inspiring. That’s why our series on what […]

The Circle of Feedback

When was the last time that you received feedback from someone? Was it positive? Was it negative? Or was it constructive and something you learned from? Hopefully so. Feedback is a vital part of any business model and something that’s been a part of most people’s lives since day one. We’ve talked about feedback on the Taylor Fencing blog before. But we find that it’s […]

Outdoor Project of the Month

Attention, attention, read all about it! Taylor Fencing is excited to kick off a brand-new series of posts on our blog- outdoor project of the month. If you’re a first-time reader, welcome! You’re sure to learn everything you could ever want about fences, right here. If you’re a seasoned veteran, we hope that we’re still surprising you with new and exciting topics. As you will […]

A refresher on COLORBOND fencing options

One of the many great things about our team at Taylor Fencing and the products that we have available, is that these products are always evolving. They’re always improving, they’re always expanding. The same level of constructive criticism that we expect from our customers, the designers of our products expect from us. This means that a new necessary ingredient on this blog, are product refresher […]

Home Renovation News- July 2017

Alright, alright, we’ve heard the people! You missed your monthly home renovation news recaps and we apologize. There was just too much knowledge to share about our beloved fences. But we always abide by the feedback that we receive from our valued customers and are happy to oblige with some of the top hits that we’ve noticed in the digital home renovation world. For those […]

Keeping Your Fence Fresh This Winter

It’s a tale we tell each year, but it never gets old. We’re champions and proponents of the products that we carry in inventory, and that means that we like to ensure that they’re always at the top of their game. There aren’t any doubts in our mind when it comes to quality, durability and style. That being said, we definitely see an upswing of […]

All Chain Wire Fences are not Created Equal

We’re a wee bit biased here at Taylor Fencing, but it’s with good intent. We simply believe that the products that we offer are generally superior to our competitors, both locally and globally. Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge proponents of the amazing extent of options in the area. They feed our competitive nature and keep us on our A-game. They encourage us to continue […]

Five Fun Facts About Australian Timber

It’s funny, because just as trends are one of the most prevalent parts of fashion, and many other industries- so too, are they a big part of the home renovation business landscape. We’ve shared what nerds the Taylor Fencing team can be about the different materials, such as steel or timber, that we work with. We are shifting our processes so that they’re faster and […]