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Home Renovation News for the Holidays

You’ve probably realized a few things about the Taylor Fencing team at this point. You’ve probably put two and two together just how passionate we are about the work that we do. You’ve probably figured out that our number one asset will always be our customers and that we really look at you as members of our extended family. This should be demonstrated from our […]

Tis the Season for Taylor Fencing

We know, we know, it feels like it was just April. It was just freezing cold with torrential downpours, a need for galoshes and rainboots and an increased incentive to stay in on the couch. It feels like every year goes faster and faster and whenever you blink, it’s already time for the next season or holiday. Well, the ultimate holiday season is upon us […]

Spotlight on Access Control

Building and installing dream fence solutions is a multi-pronged goal for us here on the Taylor Fencing team. First, we have to take into account your requests. You may prioritize the aesthetics, you may focus on just how long of a shelf-life you have with the different, custom products that we offer, you may live in a very specific area of Australia that requires a […]

Time to Update the Paint on Your Fence

There are some topics and tales that the Taylor Fencing team feels bear a lot of reiterating on our little blog. They’re the tips and tricks that can make a world of difference, no matter what work you’re embarking on. We consider our blog the perfect site for our valued base of current customers and prospective customers to bookmark, so that you always have the […]

October Home Renovation News

Another month, another episode of some amazing home renovation news on the World Wide Web, featured right here on the Taylor Fencing blog. If you’re a newer visitor to the Taylor Fencing blog, hello! We’re so pleased to have you stop by. We know that you have many options to choose from in the market, as it pertains to fencing, and as it pertains to […]

Electric Fences and Animal Control

Let’s start this post by immediately clarifying that the Taylor Fencing team is not a political or socially driven-one, but we do believe in doing our homework and representing the best interests of anyone involved. So, when we receive a lot of different questions about fences as they relate to both animal safety and cruelty, we try our best to be objective. We share the […]

Maximize Your Home’s Value with These Landscaping Tips

Seasons may change, and trends will come and go, but your landscaping is still one of the first things that those walking by will notice about your home. This pendulum can swing two very opposite ways – if you’re good about upkeep, you’ll put a smile on the faces of your neighbours and a smile on your own face for a job well done. If […]

How Building a Fence Can Bring You and Your Neighbours Closer

The title of this post may surprise you. After all, how can building a barrier between your properties foster any kind of community and collaboration? Shouldn’t building a fence be something so stressful that you put it off for ages and ages and then are annoyed when your neighbours beat you to it and erect a visually unappealing solution? Neither of these scenarios particularly appeal […]

September Home Renovation News

The temperatures are heating up and so is the home renovation news. That tends to be the case month over month, but it’s especially true this month. While the northern hemisphere is starting to cool down, Australia is getting ready for some of the best times of the year. These can be amazing for your home and landscaping, but they can also be detrimental. It […]

What is the Psychology Behind Fences?

We’re getting deep again today, people. Don’t worry, there is nothing to fear, just a deeper dive into one of the many reasons why we’re so passionate about the products that we provide and the services that we share. If you’re newer to the Taylor Fencing site, we welcome you enthusiastically! We’re a company that believes in family and we treat our customers as such. […]