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Maximize Your Home’s Value with These Landscaping Tips

Maximize Your Home’s Value with These Landscaping Tips

Seasons may change, and trends will come and go, but your landscaping is still one of the first things that those walking by will notice about your home. This pendulum can swing two very opposite ways – if you’re good about upkeep, you’ll put a smile on the faces of your neighbours and a smile on your own face for a job well done. If it tends to be a tier two or three priority to water your plants, you’re doing yourself a bigger disservice than you may imagine. If the latter describes you and your home, don’t fret too much. Luckily, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction by visiting the Taylor Fencing site. We welcome you with open arms and are excited to share with you what makes us the premier choice for fence and gate installations across the country.

Part of what has set us up for success in this industry, is our passion. We’re passionate about our products, we’re passionate about doing it right and we’re passionate about our most important asset – you, our valued customers. If you’re a new visitor to the Taylor Fencing site and blog, then it bears reminding. If you’re a regular reader, then we probably sound like a broken record at this point. That doesn’t matter to us, there are a couple of points that we don’t mind repeating over and over again. They include our dedication to information sharing with you, the reason why we started this blog to begin with. The information that you’ll find on this blog is varied and comprehensive. Yes, it starts with fences. After all, they generally line the perimeter of your property. But if we’re going to be the experts in fences, we should also be the experts in landscaping, architecture, and many other areas.

Today’s post focuses on landscaping – specifically the best ways that you can step up your game. You don’t need to have a green thumb to add thousands of dollars in value to your home, you just need to keep in mind a few of the latest tips from the experts. Read on for more information.

First things first, you get out what you put in. You need to plan ahead to determine exactly how much time that you’ll be able to dedicate to your garden’s maintenance. Go ahead and factor it right into your weekly schedule. Plan an hour or two on the weekend (or more time if you’ve got it!), when you can run down your checklist of elements of the garden that need to be maintained or switched out. If you put in this time, you’ll see the benefits of it. Conversely, if you don’t spend any time on your garden, that will be immediately evident. There’s no judgement on your decision, more a friendly reminder to assess your expectations in a realistic manner. It’s a poor feeling to spend time and money planning out your garden if you don’t have the resources to keep it up, you’re basically throwing money away.

Maximize Your Home’s Value with These Landscaping Tips

We live in a day and age when the internet can be a very valuable tool in maximising your home’s value and curb appeal, specifically referring to your garden. There are so many sites and tools that monitor trends in landscaping, whether that means new or rare plants and flowers, or configurations for rocks and statues. There are articles with recommendations on what to avoid, and grandiose visions that have gone very wrong. There are calculators and project planners so that you have digital tools to keep you on track. A newer addition to the list is the growing number of online communities for passionate horticulturists. These are great forums to collaborate and learn from the experiences of others all over the world who are cultivating gardens of their own. Some of our favourites include Gardenweb and Tomatoville. There’s a good full list at this link that you should check out if you’re interested. These resources cover off the best ways to design your yard, but this post goes beyond that. The Taylor Fencing team is all about ensuring that you know that a beautiful garden will indeed raise the value of your property. We recommend that you keep a watchful eye on the value of your property and those around you in the community. When you spot one of your neighbour’s homes that’s driving value up, you’ll be sure to note the kind of improvements and enhancements that they’ve been making. You’re not only doing your property a favour, when you drive up the value of your home, you help drive up the value in your community as well.

There is no shame in having a simple and easy to maintain gardening scheme. In fact, some of the most beautiful properties where we’ve been fortunate to assist with fence installations have leveraged a plain rolling lawn of grass as their calling card. It’s easy enough to sit on the sofa, go down what we like to call a “Pinterest spiral.” It’s important to do a regular reality-check and note that many of those photos have been doctored or have been styled by professionals that do this on a regular basis. Maybe these designs are ones that you have the skills to bring to life at home, but again – there is no shame in admitting that you don’t. These reality checks are vital, so that you’re not disappointed when you fall short of the vision in your head. Know your strengths, know the time and money that you have available to you, and design your garden with all of these things in mind.

Ah yes, the final recommendation. No good garden, and no valuable property is without a top-notch fence. Remember, it’s the first thing that those walking by will see. This should be the easiest way to add value to your property, all you need to do is reach out to the Taylor Fencing team and leave the rest to us.