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September Home Renovation News

September Home Renovation NewsThe temperatures are heating up and so is the home renovation news. That tends to be the case month over month, but it’s especially true this month. While the northern hemisphere is starting to cool down, Australia is getting ready for some of the best times of the year. These can be amazing for your home and landscaping, but they can also be detrimental. It just takes the proper levels of preparation and the right sets of expectations. Luckily for you, the Taylor Fencing team comes to the table with resources for both.

As a team and as a company, we’re dedicated towards ensuring that our valued base of customers is set up for success, no matter what home renovation or building project you’re getting after. Yes, fences are our primary passion, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t see the bigger picture. We know that there are many elements that turn a house into a home, and we get really excited when we see you turn these projects into realities and elevate the place that you hang your hat after a long day. That’s why, once a month, we share our favourite finds of the World Wide Web, as they relate to fences, to your home, to your yard and beyond. Read on for some of our September favourites.

The Guide to Home Renovations

When you need a guide to home renovations… we can never have too many of these, honestly. But that’s only the case when they’re written well and actually a good resource for those who are unfamiliar with home renovations. Yes, a quality fence installation should be the first step, especially since it will be the first thing that visitors see when they arrive on your property. But beyond that, there’s a lot of mystery and many questions when it comes to the projects that turn your house into a home. That’s why this article is particularly helpful. What sets it apart is comparing your skillsets to your budget, an algorithm that’s not frequently used in the resources that are most valuable to new or existing homeowners. Check out this link for the article and more information.

Wine ’n’ Dine: The Latest Home Reno Trend Has Everything to Do with Vino

When you can appreciate a good Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir…. Then the Taylor Fencing team supports you thoroughly. Jokes aside, if you’re a new homeowner, or one looking to make a wine-enthused home renovation, then this article is for you. Did you know that the building or addition of a wine cooler or cellar in the newer architectural styles of homes is becoming a major trend? If you’re unfamiliar and a big fan of the fermented grapes, then this article is for you. Not only does it chronicle the reasons that a wine cellar or area make sense for the value of your home, as well as the curb appeal, the article also talks through the best ways to integrate them into the design of your home, if you’re feeling inspired. Check out this link for the article and more information.

Home Renovation: Highest ROI Remodeling Projects

When you’re wanting to keep more money back in your pocket… Then, again, the Taylor Fencing team absolutely has your back. We always aim to keep our products at low cost but high quality, and that’s why we’re the best fencing installation solution company in the area and beyond. We’ve done our research and we don’t limit it just to fences. We like to see the bigger picture, and that’s why we love articles like this one. This article targets the very best home renovation products that will support curb appeal and a healthy wallet. This doesn’t need to be a trade-off, in fact, we believe that value and quality should go hand-in-hand. We don’t believe that you can have one without the other, and this article totally supports it. In summary (we don’t want to give anything away), you can use this as a very useful resource to determine the best home renovations to get after that make sense for you and your pocketbook. Check out this link for the article and more information.

California Couple Finds Time Capsule Message During Home Renovation

When you want a sweet memory to take home with you… These tend to be popping up more and more and they make the Taylor Fencing team both happy and inspired to keep doing what we do. It seems like month after month, there’s a new capsule or a new message or a new find by a prior home owner that new homeowners are discovering. This specific example was in California and while we don’t want to give too much away, we certainly want to share the high-level details of a capsule that a new pair of homeowners found in their existing home. It made their day and really solidified the reason behind their purchase of the home. It’s a great reminder that homes live a life too, they’ve got stories to tell, and whether it’s a story that you’re receiving as a new homeowner or a story that you’re passing down to the next generation, it’s the best reason behind why we do what we do. Check out this link for the article and more information.

We hope that this provides a wealth of information for the month. But we want to ensure that you’re exploring the information and resources that the Taylor Fencing team can offer. It doesn’t matter what style of home you have, what size of home or where it’s located. We have fencing styles that suit every architectural style – be it COLORBOND, wrought iron, timber and more. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf styles, instead, aiming to customize all of our offerings to personalize the customers that we care so much about.

Questions? Comments? Ready to get the process going? The Taylor Fencing team is available in a myriad of ways, including phone, email and in-person. We’re excited to hear from you and answer any questions that you have about ensuring that your fencing solution is the best possible in the industry.