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Time to Update the Paint on Your Fence

There are some topics and tales that the Taylor Fencing team feels bear a lot of reiterating on our little blog. They’re the tips and tricks that can make a world of difference, no matter what work you’re embarking on. We consider our blog the perfect site for our valued base of current customers and prospective customers to bookmark, so that you always have the information top-of-mind. We’re not just talking about information related to fences, although if you’ve visited here a time or two, you know that it’s what we’re passionate about. We were founded as a family company on the premise that a quality fence will add value in so many ways to your property. We’re talking aesthetically, we’re talking financially, and we’re talking in the vein of safety. So, while we make it our mission to share a robust offering of information on our site, it’s most often-rooted in the best ways to install, maintain, and switch out your fence products.

Time to Update the Paint on Your Fence

Today, that focus is on paint. Some styles don’t need it, but some truly do. Some homeowners are emphatic about it and keeping up with it. Others let these types of routine maintenance lapse for decades… and pay the price later. As we head into much warmer weather, the Taylor Fencing team decided that this topic needs a reboot so that our valued base of customers are well versed in the best ways to make their fences shine.

First things first, do you actually need to update the paint on your fence? If you’re working with a wooden fence of any kind, the short answer is yes. And in fact, the warmer months are the best time to do it, as you’ll be avoiding all sorts of excess moisture. You may live in the driest part of the country, but the random torrential downpour can put a real burden on you in you’re painting your fence. If your home has a fence made of a different material, this might not be the case and maintenance may not be nearly as often.

So, let’s focus on wooden fences. What are the warning signs that mean its time to mix up your paint? If you’re seeing any kind of peeling, that’s a good indicator. If you’re missing any boards or pegs, that’s a bigger situation that not only means you need to repaint – you need to fix. The same thing is true if you see any kinds of holes in any parts of your fence. One of the biggest mistakes any home or businessowner can make, is trying to put a band aid on issues with their fences. The issues will only continue to grow and get worse over time. A couple of other important items to keep an eye on include leaning fences, splintering fences (a big red flag) and staining on the wood. Staining on the wood really pertains most prominently to this topic, as it’s going to be the first visual cue that you have.

Time to Update the Paint on Your Fence

But don’t fear! If you have a wooden fence, it’s very easy to repaint. With companies like the Taylor Fencing by your side, you’ll be well set-up-for success, knowing exactly what to do. Here are a few of our favourite tips:

  • First and foremost, and more important than any other tip you’ll receive about any project related to your home – do your homework. If you’re working with a pro, that’s great. That still means that you should be reaching out to a few different options, to see who can get you the best deal and complete the best work. Don’t take their word for it, reach out to those who are closest to you – family and friends – who have had similar work recently done. On the other hand, if you’re planning on doing the work yourself – we applaud you! You’re taking on an awful lot, and the Taylor Fencing wants to have your back in every way. That means that you should be checking out online tutorials to determine that you’re painting your fence in the best way.
  • So, you’ve decided to embark on painting your fence yourself. The second piece of this homework is going to be the materials and the process that you follow. There are many different brands of paint and polish that you may want to leverage to take your fence to the next level. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of the right equipment – the right brushes, the right trays and definitely the right paint. Ask experts, including those on the Taylor Fencing team, which make the most sense for your fence.
  • We mentioned type of paint. Now comes the next almighty question… what colour will you move forward with? There’s no wrong answer here. You can go for the natural stains or white. You can make a bold statement by choosing a more exciting colour. We recommend that you take a look at the colour of your home and try and create a really cool juxtaposition. There are more and more opportunities to explore inspiration, thanks to the digital age. We recommend checking out Pinterest if you’re stuck for ideas.
  • Finally, comes our maintenance recommendation. Anything worth doing, means doing it right and keeping an eye on it. If you’re going to be a homeowner at all, you’re going to need to know that there are many steps in upkeep that you’ll want to be aware of, especially when it comes to the upkeep of your home.

Think it’s about time to make the move? Feeling ready to upgrade your fence’s paint and potentially add thousands of dollars of curb appeal to your home? Then we think that it’s time that you reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. This is the reason that we got into business and we’re so excited to help take your fence to the next level. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Taylor Fencing team is so excited to hear from you.