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A 2020 Refresher on Our Fencing Solutions

Sometimes it simply pays to go back to basics. We spend so much time diving into the weeds in different areas of our lives that it pays for both our brains and our sanity if we’re able to take a step back and look at the big picture. That’s an ongoing challenge for the Taylor Fencing team. We’re very ‘go, go, go’ and for good reason. You have an abundance of options for fencing in the area – and even more so, online. We know that the consumer experience (no matter what the product) should be seamless, easily accessible, fast and ultimately – worth it. So, we prioritize remaining ahead of the game. We remain passionate not just about the fencing solutions that we offer right now (and might we say, the best fences and gates around), but also those we COULD be stocking for you. It’s not just off-the-shelf options, it’s thinking through the gaps that we have in your needs and how to solve them.

Sounds exhausting, right? Well, we strongly believe that it’s worth it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a lot of hard work. All the more reason, why we like to take at least once post a year to exhale, look at everything we offer currently and share it with you in the simplest and most benefit-driven of terms. We know that you can navigate over to our “Products” page, but we also know that one of the benefits of this blog is that it serves as our voice to have a conversation with you. It’s here that we can share stories about the different materials and processes that we leverage and hopefully do so in a way that conveys our enthusiasm. At least, that’s the goal today. Welcome to the 2020 refresher on the different fencing solutions that Taylor Fencing can offer you.

Let’s start with the basics – one of which is chain mesh fencing. Chain mesh fencing can be a solid solution for many different areas, not the least of which, involves your pets. It doesn’t give them any sort of opportunity to chew on the material and you can still see them from a vantage point further away. What sets Taylor Fencing’s options apart is the different number of heights that we have – we can even customize the height if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for. We supply chain mesh fencing for many different schools, businesses and other organizations as well – it’s a wonderful solution for areas where sports are being played, especially if there are balls flying through the air involved. If you think that this is the solution for you, you can learn more about our products here.

Another popular option that many of our customers continue to return for is tubular steel fencing. The big draw here is the durability and strength. Steel isn’t going to bend or break anytime soon. While we stand by our promise that our fences should last a lifetime, there’s no style where that’s truer. There’s a reason that steel has been used in architecture since the middle ages – we venture a guess that that won’t change in the next few thousand years either. Tubular steel balances beauty and brawn; it’s classic, it goes with both modern and classic styles of homes and it complements your current or future landscaping scheme. We’ve even seen it be the inspiration for those who don’t currently have any sorts of shrubs or flowers out front, but have been thinking about it for a while. Feeling inspired already? We don’t blame you. You can learn all about our tubular steel offerings at this page here.

COLORBOND FencingCOLORBOND continues to intrigue our customers. It’s been an ongoing and very beneficial partnership, because it’s solved challenges that our customers didn’t even know that they had. We’ll state the obvious first… you can have lots of fun with stains and colours here, so you’re not bound to the traditional gray, black or silver. That said, we promise you can find COLORBOND solutions in those colours as well. COLORBOND fences are great for privacy, but equally as good as an option to incorporate into the exterior aesthetic of your property. Those with more modern styles of home have been partial to COLORBOND fence options in our experience. If you think this explanation fits you, you can see photos and learn more information at this link.

Here’s where we run into one of our first world problems, the inability to cover all of our fencing solutions in one blog post. We suppose that you’ll simply have to return to our site at a future date to learn more. In the interim, the last style of fence that we wanted to cover off on today is our famous picket fence. Clean, classic, easy to maintain and easy to install. It’s not too tall where you can still allow those walking by to see your windows and door, but tall enough where you still maintain the privacy that you deserve. Wood can be a really great material for many components of your home as long as you take proper care of it. That means cleaning a few times a year and working with us to ensure that whatever paint or stain is used is one that repels the weather as much as possible. We all know the reputation that comes with white picket fences, the quaint and traditional perception that they carry, but they carry it for good reason. Picket fences of any colour look great on more and more diverse styles of home. If you think that a picket fence may be just the ticket to finish your home, then we have all of the information that you could possibly need, right here.

Like we said, plenty more where this information came from. And if you simply can’t wait, feel free to reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.