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5 Ways to Get Ready for 2021

5 Ways to Get Ready for 2021As we watch the clock tick down to 11:59 on December 31st, some of us may be feeling a little bit antsy. When is it going to be New Year’s Day? Are we not through all of the holiday celebrations yet? Of course, they’re fun; but, they’re also stressful. We’re ready to cross over into 2021, reset all intentions and get after the best year yet. It shouldn’t be that hard with the baseline that the world set us this year, but the Taylor Fencing team can’t help but put things in perspective. All sorts of weird things happened this year, but some really great things happened as well. As we think through the positive, it only helps encourage and motivate us for next year and we want our blog readers to feel the exact same way. In an effort to make this as simple as possible, we figured that we would share our five favourite ways that you, your family, your loved ones and your homes should get ready for 2021. It’s an annual exercise that makes us smile, think and we hope that you’ll do the same. Read on for more information.

  • Thank everyone in your life. Okay, maybe not everyone. But, if you’re anything like us, the holidays bring out that gratitude bone or muscle in your body, no matter how deeply its buried. It’s bizarre how this happens, but we recommend that you seize the momentum and remind everyone in your circle just what they mean to you. Again, we’re not sure what science is at-hand, but it really will make you feel better. And far more importantly, you’re going to surprise and delight your loved ones more than you may ever know. A phone call, a note, a stop by their homes…. (gifts not necessary, only a bonus) the smile you receive in return may be the best holiday gift that you ever receive.
  • Catch up on your year-end accounting. Womp, womp, womp. We know, we just left you on a holiday high before bringing you right back to reality. We wouldn’t be the best partners-in-crime if we didn’t successfully provide the tough love as well. Too many of us leave outstanding bills until December, perhaps even thinking that they’ll magically disappear. As much as we wish that could be the case, it’s not. In fact, bill collectors – including those that may have helped finance home renovations and projects – count on those that fit into this group. They’ll raise interest rates and perhaps even tack on end of year costs that you didn’t even know about. (On that note, we must be our broken record selves. Read the contract, do your homework, you know the drill). You may just be looking at those bills and costs circled on your refrigerator, on your computer or in your planner. And we get it. They’re pesky, they’re annoying, but hopefully you’ve prepared properly for them. Go into the new year with a clean slate – especially when it comes to finances.
  • Do one deep clean of your home. Depending on what your social calendar looks like this year; this may be easy to cross off or it might be a little bit more challenging. We’re looking at you, party animals with a different hosting engagement every weekend. This goes hand-in-hand with our above advice about heading into the year with a clean slate. There is no better feeling than collapsing with whatever food or beverage you prefer, looking around and knowing that you truly don’t have any chores to check off. So, spend that Saturday or Sunday (or honestly, any day of the week) and feel really, truly proud of yourself after you’ve worked out any physical or emotional aggressions on the chores that have irritated you all year long. Guess what? You just conquered them.
  • Pick a home renovation project to look forward to. And yes, “look forward to” are the key words here that we want you to remain laser focused on. People, enhancing, adding to, and changing your home are not bad things. They’re reflections of what you need in this particular stage in your life. They’re a way of marking the opening or closing of a chapter and who wants to remember a life chapter that makes you feel stressed out or bring back bad memories. We know that we don’t, and if the Taylor Fencing team has anything to do with it, we don’t want you to feel that way either. This is one of those December projects, where you sit down with your household, again – grab that snack or beverage that you’ve been craving, kick your feet up and just have a really great discussion about taking your home to the next level. A renovation doesn’t have to fix anything and it doesn’t have to fit into any universal parameters. Some of our favourite random examples include building reading nooks in areas of your home where you know the reading light will be just right, installing that upgrade to your shower that will turn it into the sauna environment that you deserve, and… (we’re not biased) any manner of fence solutions, depending on what you’re going to use different areas of your property for.
  • Finally, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. You may have a small get-together with your most immediate family in your kitchen. You may have a safe and successful giant party at an event venue of your choice. There are fewer better times than the end of the year to just take a look around, take a deep breath and remember that you have made it through another year. You haven’t just survived, you’ve thrived. And the Taylor Fencing family couldn’t be prouder of you. (Or us).

The happiest of New Year’s. Can’t wait for what’s ahead.