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Alternatives to Fences

Alternatives to FencesWhat? There’s such a thing. We know, it’s a crazy idea to wrap your head around. Especially when it’s coming from a team like Taylor Fencing. Fencing is half of our name after all, and it’s 100 percent of our mission to the industry – providing the very best fences around. We’ve been doing it for a while… in fact, we’ve been doing it for decades. And we say “we” very intentionally, because the only way that we can succeed in our business is thanks to each of the teammates that we feel lucky to call employees. Taylor Fencing started with a simple dream. We wanted to keep our communities safe and do so in a way where residents were even more proud of to come home at the end of the day. With a fence being the first thing you see, we knew that success went far beyond just the functionality of the border line of your property. Things can work and be good looking, our products have certainly proven that. You can check them out right here on our Website, your one-stop-shop for customized fence and gate solutions. You can also check out other information on our site, like details about the family of Taylor Fencing and the multitude of best ways to keep in touch with us. Finally, and you’re already ahead of the game since you’re here… you can learn.

Learning is crucial in any industry and in any big decision. We’d argue that decisions regarding your home are some of the greatest of all. So, don’t just take the first answer you see as law. Do your research. That might sound painful, so we try and make it as entertaining, educational and engaging as possible. And we do so right here on this blog. Multiple times a month, we get together and think about the information that will serve most valuable to you. It doesn’t always have to do with your fence. We go as broad as home renovations, interior design and landscaping. Because, as we like to say, a beautiful fence is just one piece of the puzzle in a beautiful home. Check back in regularly – you won’t regret it.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming and our topic of the day: alternatives to fences. Don’t fret, we’re not suggesting that you get rid of fences altogether. Rather, we’re challenging you to think outside of the box. You can still line the property of your home in a way that announces the property lines without remaining confined to the fences that you see on a regular basis – be it those made of wrought iron, wood or other materials. Read on for more information:

If you’re someone with an experienced green thumb; or even, someone with a rather amateur green thumb, landscaping is probably a passion of yours. Building your home is probably equally as exciting as decorating the land around it. You may be the type of person who has spent hours at nurseries, mooning over different types of flowers. You change them out regularly, depending on the season, and you’re emphatic about their maintenance. Well first of all, hats off to you, because that’s no small feat. Science has shown that there are many different physical and emotional benefits to investing in gardening. You’re ingesting much more fresh air and all of the vitamins that come with it. You’re getting your exercise as you move about your yard, and you’re even using different logic methods and parts of your brain as you plan ahead for the coming season. All that being said, a hedge can serve as a prolific fence. It can be as tall as you’d like and as thick as you’d like. You can line it inside or outside with whatever types of plants or flowers that you’d like and it will be a bold and beautiful way to greet your visitors. Just make sure that you’re keeping an eye on it. Trimming will be a must, otherwise it may become unruly and a bigger pain in the neck than a blessing.

This next one caters specifically to our furry (or lack their-of) four-legged friends. We’re talking about the invisible fence. These can be controversial and we’re fully aware of that. Some animal rights groups see them as inhumane, especially when there is an electric component involved. Others see them as a truly successful training mechanism and tout their benefits. The key here is to make sure that you do your research. You may have a very small pet, who only needs a small enclosure or a large dog that you think would be served well by this option. As with any component of your home, we’ll reiterate that research is key. Ask your friends, ask your pet’s vet, and search the internet. That way you’ll feel as if you’re really making an informed decision that makes the most sense for you and your family.

This last one might sound a little bit unique, but it can also serve as a springboard for a way for you to have a lot of fun with your home – rope. It doesn’t even have to be rope, but a fence doesn’t have to be a complete barrier from the outside community. Just look at our wrought iron fences, or even some of our rural wooden fences. They serve as a statement that trespassing is not allowed, but they don’t completely barricade your property from those that are passing by. These minimalistic solutions mean that the paint job, the door, the verandah décor, the plants outside – all of these can be appreciated by your neighbors and visitors. They can also be really inexpensive solutions, especially if you install them yourself. All you need is your chosen material and posts, which link the material around the perimeter of your property.

Bottom line, have some fun. And if you have questions, we’re always here. Email, call, come visit us. We can’t wait to help.