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April Home News

April Home NewsWhenever times are full of lots of surprises and uncertainty, it’s nice to know what routines you can depend on. It’s great to know what you can look forward to. Something that falls into both of those categories is your monthly recaps of what’s going on in the home industry. The Taylor Fencing team and company are so proud that we get to design and construct the fences that line your beautiful homes. We find inspiration in their different shapes and sizes, the uniqueness of your property and the differences in design that you’ve chosen to represent your personalities. It’s one of the many ways that we’re able to continue to return to the drawing board over and over and think through how else we can diversify our offerings for our customers – what new styles will work best on sloped lots? What colours are on-trend this season and which colours are seeing a slowing in sales?

It’s not an exact science, but it’s definitely an interesting one. We mentioned that we brainstorm and learn in a variety of ways. Another is right here on the World Wide Web. We love spending time perusing different Websites – both from experts and new enthusiasts alike, talking not only about fences, but about their landscaping, the construction of their homes, and what you might find inside design-wise when you open a door. A house turns into a home when you’re able to live in it – really live, and that’s why these monthly round-ups talk about how to turn your house into a home. Read on for more information:

Can a House Make an Artistic Statement?

Did you ever think that turning a home into an artistic statement could also turn it into a political statement? Apparently, that’s the case for a US home in South Florida. This week, a case actually went to trial between an architect and a community who weren’t aligned on the design of a new home. The community shared the feedback that the design was, “excessively dissimilar” to and “not in harmony” with neighbouring properties.” There are teams on both sides of the fence (yes, that’s some fence humour for you), who either agree or disagree with the jurisdiction that communities have over the designs of their neighbours’ homes.

The objective takeaway, especially if you’re moving into a new area, is to do your homework. That’s a common refrain for the Taylor Fencing team, but here, it means that you should look into the bylaws and regulations of any neighbourhood organizations or councils. They should clearly state any rules around new building construction – what you can and can’t do. You can read more details about this particular case and the ripple effect that it may have on the community at this link.

Stunning Airbnbs That Will Inspire You to Redecorate Your Home

Airbnb may not be seeing the highest levels of travel right now, but we know that will change as soon as tourism picks up again. They disrupted the home rental industry when they first came on the scene, with their unique business strategy and dynamic homes. The premise was simple – homeowners could rent out their own houses whenever they travelled for leisure or business. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, Airbnb – and its community of users – started to have a lot of fun with it. Hammocks, treehouses, yurts, no longer was a one-bedroom apartment just a one-bedroom apartment. The thing is when you leave an Airbnb, you’re headed home, but this article reminds readers that you *can* take a little piece of the vacation with you with simple home renovation projects. You may have just received the biggest dose of inspiration or you may have been planning to up the ante on your home anyway, but this list will have you ready to run to the store and plan as soon as you’re able. The list is comprised predominately of Superusers. Superusers are defined as owners who have a 90 per cent response rate, a record of zero cancellations and an overall rating of 4.8 or above.

All of these combined are pretty tough to achieve, but as you look at these homes, you’ll understand exactly why they attained them. There are some “regular” users sprinkled into the list as well – each of their homes beautiful, unique and maybe just what you’re looking for before kicking off your next project. Visit this link to check out the whole list and learn more.

Are Landscapers ‘Essential’ During Coronavirus Shutdown?

Landscaping in the time of COVID-19 – we looked at a whole bunch of articles on this topic. As we’ve shared before and you well know, we’re passionate about landscaping. We frequently plan your fence or gate solutions around the plants and flowers that you’re looking to incorporate around it. Landscaping is tough right now for experts and contractors, as are many industries (pieces of construction of homes included). Rules and regulations are varied by country and even by cities several miles from each other. But the common denominator seems to be that more and more businesses are shutting down or at least are shuttered temporarily because partners and vendors can’t be in close proximity to each other.

In what is quickly becoming the hotbed of the world, New York City, it’s complicated to determine if gardeners are “essential” workers – the term used for the much-smaller population who can still go to work status quo every day. According to one article, “Landscaping and horticulture sometimes involve farming, maintenance and construction — all industries that were initially exempted by the state order. And the work is often solitary: one person on a job who doesn’t have much interaction with anyone.” It makes another interesting point that guidance continues to change day over day and that probably won’t change anytime soon. Our recommendation here is to check the news regularly and always remain of the mindset ‘better safe than sorry’.

We hope you continue to understand why we love diving into these monthly recaps so much. They keep us on our A-game and hopefully keep you engaged and entertained. Look forward to seeing you again on the blog soon!