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August Home News

The word “home” has never held so much power or meant so many different things to different people right now. If you asked the Taylor Fencing team a year ago, what August this year would look like, we’d enthusiastically gush about growth of the company and our excitement about the new and exciting projects that we’d get to work on. If you’ve met any member of the Taylor Fencing team– regardless of role – you’ll learn in a heartbeat our commitment to designing, constructing and installing a fence that will take your home or business to a whole new level. And if you spend any sort of extended time with a member of our team, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and excited to easily learn that our passions and alignment with the growth of the home industries growth will never waver. All of the above are elements of our business strategy and ethos that will never change… you can count on that. So, whether you’re stuck inside, desperately seeking a new home environment, or wishing that you could spend significant amounts of time outside of your home (we’re looking at you parents or those with… annoying… roommates), we’re here for you in all sorts of ways. Some will emerge, change or evolve, but with a love for consistency – posts like our round-up of home news will never go away. We promise. Read on for the best of August.

Building a dream home shouldn’t be put *totally* on hold, just because we’re all in quarantine. Maybe that would have been the case 50 or even 20 years ago. But, despite many of its annoying pitfalls, technology has allowed us to do amazing things and keep many businesses and industries moving along. Who knew that mobile businesses, Web businesses, etc. would be the norm versus the exception? Additionally, it’s forced businesses to think out of the box, which benefits our personal growth, but mostly helps our customers. Plus, if you’ve been meaning to design your dream home, there’s probably no better time right now, encouraging your brain to get creative, surf the Web and think about all of the projects and enhancements that you’ve been wanting to complete forever. Some projects, you can complete by yourself – either with a simple set of tools or the thousands of videos by experts you can easily access. Others, you can reach out to businesses and get on their radar as projects that you want to check off as soon as you can. This isn’t even a selfish exercise. Businesses are always excited to learn about new clients and projects, and never so much as in a time like this. Yes, the timelines may change, but – you may even save money in the long run, because you have the time to collaborate on space hacks, solutions to problems and all sorts of different options on everything from general style to the most specific of fixtures. Check out this link for more information.

In parallel with that approach, make sure that you remain levelheaded and do your own personal research on how COVID-19 isn’t just affecting your current home and household, but what it looks like for businesses around the area and across all sorts of industries. COVID-19 has been detrimental around the globe and it’s brought around a lot of negativity. It’s important for us to not shield ourselves from this, but it’s also important to be selective about your intake of information. Yes, not all of the information will be fun to digest, but we think that we can all agree that it’s far better to be aware of challenging news in advance than it is to experience a surprise in the moment. (Bonus points if you take a gander at the feel-good articles that you can find about communities coming together). Example… you’ve been dreaming of your next home and have all sorts of grandiose ideas. You wave aside the idea that COVID-19 will impact any of your plans and are most definitely disappointed when you learn that half of your contractors are unavailable, that your timelines are significantly longer that you thought and that your vision is basically shattered. It doesn’t need to be that dramatic, but the Taylor Fencing team wants to equip you with every scenario – good and bad. Check out this link for more information.

We always try and include an article for those that appreciate the evolution of technology and this month is no exception. It’s not that we ever waved it off, but even we have to say that we’ve been surprised (and loved) seeing what sorts of tools in the technology space are making all sorts of jobs and work easier (and better) bringing your dream home to life. Yes, some may flop, but others have huge longevity for us and our partners, and technology has never been more important than now. This article talks about “Riskcast” – a productivity and forecasting platform. In just one year, it’s seen growth of cash returns 7-10 time more than one year ago. “Tracking time and material is typically on paper like everything else on a jobsite,” says Co-founder Alec Thomson. “And then, you’re logging it into Excel and it becomes this enormous Excel exercise to keep up with. Our system allows both the contractor and subcontractor to see what’s happening. These tickets can be used a week later or a month later, and then there’s no question on what did or didn’t happen on site.”

This is just one of the many tools and platforms that the Taylor Fencing team knows will have longevity and even more importantly – play a huge role in what building a dream home can be. The Taylor Fencing team is best-known for installing your dream fence, so we know that we want to protect whatever is inside, and if tools like this can help build that, we’re fully onboard. Check out this link for more information.

Reach out with any questions and please continue to stay safe.