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How to Avoid Fence Injuries

You’re probably checking out the title of this post and saying, “what? How many people are suffering fence injuries and what on earth is a fence injury?” Fair questions and you’re welcome that the Taylor Fencing team and our blog have a passionate desire to answer these questions for our team members and for our family of customers. Yes, you read that right. Family, not just customers. This is one of many reasons that we feel comfortable declaring ourselves as the right choice for you when it comes to fence and gate installations. That doesn’t just mean all of the best materials and products to us. That means that we will never stop trying to share new and exciting ideas with those that we care most about and the topics that we know best. Hence! The Taylor Fencing blog. And topics like today’s, which may seem out of the box… but also intriguing.

How to Avoid Fence Injuries

Who Suffers Fence Injuries?

The first audience that tends to suffer fence injuries is the audience that we most want to suffer fence injuries (disclaimer – the Taylor Fencing team does not want ANYONE to suffer injuries of any kind when it comes to our products), and that would be burglars or prowlers. They shouldn’t be on your property to begin with, and yet, they’re the most prominent audience that tends to hurt themselves, even when they’re trespassing on land that does not belong to them. There are have been many documented cases of this, even of said burglars or prowlers, who have actually gotten away with it. Not only have they gotten away with it, they’ve profited from it. It’s sad and hard to believe, but true we promise. In fact, here’s a write-up of five different cases where those trying to do wrong, profited from those that they were trying to do wrong to!

Here’s one of our favourites: a burglar was shot by a homeowner and sued. The burglar was breaking into the garage of a man and the homeowner heard him and shot him. The burglar was hit in the arm and took the homeowner directly to court. We’re shaking our heads as we share that the homeowner ended up receiving a couple of months of jail time, for – wait for it – criminal recklessness.

We’re sure that if you’re reading this article, you’re either a current or potential homeowner or renter and we’re sure that if you’re reading this article, you care a lot about the people and belongings that are found within your property lines. You’re in the right place, and you’re in good company. It greatly upsets us when we hear about those taking advantage of others, and it’s one of dozens and dozens of reasons that we love what we do so much.

Next audience, which we care far more about – kids! If kids are playing out in your yard, or beyond, it’s still a possibility that your fence could be dangerous. That being said, we know it’s not the case if you worked with Taylor Fencing. Not only do we do ridiculous amounts of research prior to adding any products to our arsenal, we test them. We want to know that if you need a certain amount of closure to your property, that’s what you’re going to get. We know that if you’re dealing with kids of any age, we’re going to want to recommend solutions that will keep them secure and you comfortable and happy.

How to Avoid Fence Injuries

What Can You Do to Help Your Kids Avoid Fence Injuries?

Here is where we’ll just offer a few different safety tips, which we’ve done on the blog many a time, but we can’t think of a topic or reminder that could be any more important:

  • Keep an eye on them. Easiest tip to follow, but the one that’s ignored the most. This is especially important if you have a pool in your backyard. If so, either put a safe fence and gate around it, or make sure that an adult is always, always present, should your kids be playing by themselves. Be it aforementioned trespassers, or just a vivacious spirit to be adventurous and escape, you are your kids’ biggest advocate and protector.
  • Keep your fence height in mind. Make sure that the fence that you have or the one that you choose (cough, cough, reach out to the Taylor Fencing team), is at least the height of your kids. Maybe they’re toddlers, maybe they’re graduated and headed off to University, it doesn’t matter. Having fences tall enough will mean they can’t leave and that others can’t see and get in.
  • Be cognizant of backyard sports. We’re all about being active on the Taylor Fencing team. We love sports and activities and following the passions of whatever means the most to you. That being said, some sports can get rowdy. Create an area of your yard that’s fenced in so that any balls or equipment won’t fly away without warning. This has multiple benefits, because you don’t want your family members chasing after flying footballs.

Finally, we’ll just make the blanket statement that you can always feel safe and secure when you pick the Taylor Fencing team. Our fences aren’t off-the-shelf, though our site showcases many of the different styles that could work for you, your family, and your dream home design. Our fences are customized to meet your needs, so when we have conversations about topics like this one, know that we’re coming to the table wanting to hear about you, your loved ones, and your needs. It will always, always, be our number one priority and we’re excited to hear from you.

How do we hear from you? SO many different ways. Communication is important to us, and we want to make this journey comfortable and memorable for you. So, email us, call us, come see us in person. We look forward to making you a part of the valued community (read – family) of Taylor Fencing customers.

Thank you for checking out our blog and we look forward to hearing from you soon!