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The Best Activities on Your Property Right Now

Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog. If you’ve checked out our site recently or you’re returning after a while, there are a few things you’ll notice have not changed. We still have the best products around, their still easy to navigate and learn about, and we’re still a team that prides ourselves on customer service because we’re so passionate about what we do. There are a couple of things that have changed though, and this blog continues to be one of them. Blogs are a great way for us to not only educate our customers but also connect with you. We like to know what you want to learn about and what you think you know plenty of, thank you very much. Believe us, we have no problems with constructive criticism, it’s the best way for us to grow.

And currently, not just at Taylor Fencing, a piece of feedback for all of us is practical, objective and positive advice about how to handle COVID-19. It’s an unprecedented time and there are a lot of questions. One of the biggest is around social distancing. It’s being treated completely differently all over the world, even city to city, but the common denominator does tend to be an encouragement to remain at home.

Taylor Fencing knows a thing or two about homes. We know pretty much everything there is to know about what lines their perimeters – be it a wrought iron fence, a COLORBOND fence, a picket fence and many solutions in between. So, we’re familiar with keeping things in where they below and things out where they don’t. And while (hopefully) keeping things out shouldn’t be an issue right now, staying confined within can be equally as much of a challenge.

Not to fear, Taylor Fencing blog readers – staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be solitary. It doesn’t even necessarily mean that you need to be inside, as long as you’re being safe and smart. How else are you going to have a front-row view of that beautiful and durable fence out front or around back? (Shameless plug, we like what we do – what can we say?) All that aside, here are our recommendations for the best activities you can do on your property right now (and in general!):


First, the reminders – social distancing is real; try and stay about six feet away from each other and wear face coverings if they’ve been encouraged in your area. Wash your hands when you go outside and when you go back inside – counting to 20 is the recommendation. If you have trouble remembering to count, just think about how long you’d wash your hands when you eat something really spicy before you touch your face.

Now that that’s out of the way:

  • Gardening – we bet that those out there with green thumbs have been itching to take care of a few chores or to-do’s having to do with your grass or your flowers. Here, you have a built-in reason to wear gloves (disposable or otherwise) to protect yourself from the virus… and from dirt. You can do the bulk of your research inside on your computer so that you can timebox the maximum time you plan to spend outside.
  • No-touch ball games. Wear gloves again here too, and sanitize any balls or sporting equipment you play with. Standing further away from each other just means that you’ll have to work on your throwing, kicking, catching, batting or racquet skills. You’ll be a professional athlete in no time when this is all over!
  • Take a quick walk around the peripheral of your house. We all need our vitamins and your time outside doesn’t have to be anything more than a couple of breaths of fresh air to rejuvenate you and encourage you to greet the rest of your day. Stay close to your home and even take the time to look at the base of your house and discern if there are any foundational issues that you can take care of down the line. Checking your foundation and indeed the exterior of your home (shutters, doors, etc.) is something that many of us forget to do, but only takes five minutes to accomplish.


The rules remain the same as you head inside, even more so because you don’t want to track excess dirt to areas where it doesn’t belong. Wash your hands regardless of what you were doing, whenever you’re coming or going. Greet family members from a distance and disinfect any surfaces that you’re going to come into contact with.

  • Technology can be one of your closest friends here and the options to keep you occupied are endless. You can play the same game against each other on different devices, even in completely different rooms throughout the house.
  • It also may be time to pick up a brand-new skill, another area where technology can come in handy. Applications like Duolingo gamify learning new languages so that you retain any competitive edge that you think needs honing and learn about a new culture at a time when you can’t travel there.
  • We’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest that this is a good time to read if you fancy yourself a bookworm. We’re willing to be that there is a handful of books around your house that you’ve been meaning to pick up. Now is the best time to curl up somewhere comfortable and check that off.
  • If you feel like doing something with your hands, you can get creative and crafty. Again (we’re a repeat record), there are applications and Websites that help walk you step-by-step through projects that you can complete just with items that you have laying around.
  • And if outdoor activity isn’t your thing, but you miss exercise, put together your own routine and do it from the comfort of your home. Start a group with friends to hold yourselves accountable. You’ll feel the endorphins when you’re done that will get you through any stay-at-home blues.

We know these are different times, but the Taylor Fencing team is here to help and support. Reach out to us with any questions you may have.