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What Are the Best Flowers to Line Your Fence This Season?

The Taylor Fencing team is so blessed to have such a diverse group of customers and teammates. When we talk to you about your needs, or when we collaborate internally, we continue to learn more and more about each other. That’s how all good companies should be, right? Growing, learning, and improving – which benefits both you and us. So, what quality are we talking about today? That would be the “green thumb”. Some have it and some don’t, and that’s quite alright. Those who don’t have it really lucked out, because of the multitude of resources that are available these days, on the internet and otherwise. You can learn how to be an expert at anything if you really put your mind to it. No need to do that today, because you stumbled upon (or have bookmarked to read regularly – nice job if so) one of the aforementioned resources. We’re serving as your personal “green thumbs” today.

Why would a fence and gate solution company (the best in the business) care about “green thumbs”? One of the reasons that we love fences so much, is that they’re the first impression for your home. We want you to return home and look lovingly at your fence and be excited about it when you leave for the day. So, while our products speak for themselves, there are fewer things better than decorating them a little bit. Yes, there are the holiday-centric decorations that you can do, and you can always paint your fence to showcase your personality, but we assume that the “green thumbs” would be fans of planting. Well, guess what, we are as well. We try, season over season, to share the plants that we recommend planting around your fence to create the best impression possible and this season is no different. Some of us may be stuck at home (all the reason to have a new passion project) and the temperatures are a wee bit lower than other seasons, but that only opens the door on the different ways to get creative. Read on for our favourite plants this season and the best ways to take care of them.

First up, the plants and flowers. The goal in the winter is still to maintain as much colour as possible. There are aesthetic benefits, home value benefits and even psychological benefits as all of these flowers and plants are positive to look at:

Japanese Quince – there are a couple of names for this beautiful, woody shrub. You might also see it called Chaenomeles. This one is wonderful to add dynamic to your landscaping style, with particularly thorny branches. They’re unique in that they create cup-shaped flowers both in the winter and in the spring, giving you a bit more time to enjoy them.

Heather – Heather is great for creating texture without a ton of height. If you don’t feel like planting it directly into the ground (a little bit more maintenance), you can also plant it in pots. You’re not tied down to one colour with heather. You can choose from pink, white or purple and it will bloom and blossom all winter long, with minimal effort to maintain.

Cyclamen – meet one of the heroes of winter, as they’ve been referred to. We say that because you can plant them in the autumn, and their beauty will only grow as they blossom through winter into spring. Red, white, pink, take your pick. All of the flowers and plants that we’ve chosen today are dynamic and this is no exception. The cyclamen is a pot or planted under trees Rockstar.

Winter Aconites – ah, the winter aconite. Well, you know that if the season is in the name, you’re set up for success. Talk about a pop of colour, if you’re looking for it – you’ve found it here. The winter aconite has bright yellow flowers. This is another option that works well with taller shrubs or even trees. As you’re doing your research on all of these, know that this particular flower thrives when planted in the richest and most moist soil. If you live in a drier area, this one might not make the most sense during colder months.

Pansies – pansies are next on our agenda. You may be surprised to learn about their value during winter or colder months, but they’re one of those unicorns that work well in multiple seasons. That said, winter is the best. They’re a staple in many of the gardens that you’ve seen. They’re a great way to fill out your landscaping style and add pops of colour wherever you see fit. These are another one that work well in pots and window boxes so that you can see their vibrant colours from wherever you are, inside or outside.

Hellebores – one more for today and we wanted to finish the list with a bang. While we don’t celebrate Christmas just yet here, there’s no harm in sharing the “Christmas Rose” as it will flower, no matter what the temperature gauge says. These are particularly special because you can find them in such a wide range of colours, including green, a rarity often with flowers.

Now that you’re done taking your notes, or probably saving this article for your next trip to the store, let’s do a brief reminder about how to take care of these beautiful flowers.

The short and the long of it is that you need to take great care of what’s important to you, and every purchase related to your home should be. Do your homework and remember that not all flowers need to be watered or maintained at the same cadence. Some, it’s twice a week; some, it’s every couple of weeks. Also, on our tips of the day, invest in the right tools to keep this investment beautiful. Finally, it behoves us to remind you to showcase the fence behind! Be strategic about the flowers that you choose, so that everything in your landscaping scheme makes sense.