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The Best Sport Courts at the Olympics

We’ve just wrapped up the Olympics in Tokyo. We didn’t put a year on these, since they were so much in flux, but they remained a success, despite many variables that could have made it otherwise. We all know that the past year and change have been a challenge, but what’s great is that the teams that showed up to the Olympics showed up with the same spirit and fire that we’ve seen in every Winter and Summer games for almost a hundred years. It’s pretty incredible, in fact – delaying these games, that’s the first time that that’s happened since World War II in the 1920s. Either way, we’re pretty excited about all of the different awards that different countries won this year. From the United States winning the most, to all sorts of records being broken, to countries that had a presence for the very first time – it was definitely a year for the books. And we’re told that even since then, Tokyo has celebrated all sorts of wins throughout the country. We’re very happy for them, here at TFR Construction.

What does this have to do with TFR Construction, you may wonder? Actually, far more than you may think. Because though our core business lies within the best fences and gates in the business, we’ve expanded that to many of the different skills that we possess and the services that we offer. One of these is sport courts – and as you can imagine, we can’t imagine a better landscape for where these types of skills and expertise would come in handy. In that spirit, and as we have in the past, we wanted to show the best sport courts that were utilized during the Summer Olympics. We hope that sharing information like this is the best way to then inspire the most optimal ways to design sport courts for your home – no matter the size of your family or household. Read on for more information:

We’re actually not starting with this year, rather with the 2012 Olympics in London, where many of these events took place at O2. For those unfamiliar, the O2 Center was actually designed with multiple purposes. It originally contained an indoor arena (ahem – which worked out well here), a music club, an exhibition space, bars, and all sorts of places to enjoy a good meal. It was built in tandem with the Millennium Dome, which was a pivotal moment for England when Y2K was on the horizon. When basketball events took place at O2, it was the eighteenth appearance of this sport, celebrated as an official sport at the Olympics – July 28 through August 12 in the same year.

We love any article that celebrates the materials that ensure that the sport courts like those at our recent Olympics are not only successful – they’re also prolific. That’s why we wanted to share this article about the most recent Olympics, where you can learn all about the materials and the processes used to ensure a really wonderful celebration of sports from all over the world. Here’s the full link. But, here’s an excerpt from the site: “The hard maple for the Tokyo Olympics basketball courts came from Menominee Tribal Enterprises 2020! This court was made with wood from our sustainably managed forests. The video above shows the main arena where games will be played in 2021. Menominee Tribal Enterprises is excited to be part of this experience. If you are interested, learn more about our wood for flooring suppliers.”

^This sort of information is particularly important to the team at TFR Construction. We are always looking for the best and newest materials and processes to ensure that we maintain our relationship with you and also with the different partners we have in the areas that we support

In Tokyo, the shrunken, half-court version of a basketball match made its very first Olympics entrance. Sounds like a weird update, especially because 5-on-5 basketball is very popular and has been for a number of years. So, what’s different this year?

“It’s a continuous game,” says Allisha Gray of the Dallas Wings, one of Plum’s teammates in Tokyo. “It’s not like how you do it in the backyard, where you score, and you check it up. It’s not a stop and go pace.”

Another sport that has capitalized on premium sport courts, not only during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but also in previous years, has been tennis.

There are a lot of necessities to ensure that a tennis court is top-notch, whether you’re playing at home with your family or whether you’re competing at the Olympic level. Both have a lot of similarities – all of which the TFR Construction team takes into account as inspiration when we work with current or future customers. In fact, you can take a look at the pictures of the Olympics stadiums and courts that were leveraged this year to think through what might make sense in your backyard. We work with backyards of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the best way that we can do this is to watch events like these and see what works best.

What were some of the best Tennis highlights in this year’s Olympics? We love this link, but here are some bullets:

That’s just two of the sports that were prolific at the Tokyo Olympics, but hopefully they give you inspiration about the celebrations that took place and the inspiration that you can take for events, even in your own backyards. Questions? Let the TFR Construction team know. We’re here to help!