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The Best Ways to Take Photos of Your Home

The Best Ways to Take Photos of Your HomeWhen you work in the business that the Taylor Fencing team does, ensuring that your work is properly displayed is a big piece of success. That can be achieved in a number of ways, especially as Web and social media opportunities only continue to grow. You can share your work on a website, you can post it on Instagram, you can tweet about a recent success story or something kind that a customer has shared with you. There are no wrong answers, only more and more forums to explore. It’s exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. As experts in installing premium fences and gates, we’ll never pretend to know everything about social media and marketing, but we do know how to put our best foot forward – and a big part of that is photography.

How else are you supposed to know why we consistently tout the craftsmanship and customer service that you read about all of the time on the Taylor Fencing blog? As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ When we first started, we had no doubts that our products speak for themselves – after all, we spend a lot of time choosing the right products to stock our inventory. And our focuses change depending on the industry. Right now, there is a huge push for sustainability, which the Taylor Fencing team absolutely supports… that takes extra time and effort to determine the products that make the most sense for us and for you.

That’s just one example. Either way, we quickly learned that we needed top-notch photography to help tell our story and help you understand exactly why you should work with Taylor Fencing. This has become especially apparent during the pandemic when it’s been tougher to show you the products in person as we kick off the design, construction and installation process at your home. Instead, we’ve relied on technology, (whoever knew we’d need it so much) to streamline the process and still help take your home or business to the next level.

That brings us to the topic of today’s post – we’re sharing our know-how with you. You’re going to want to take photos of your home for so many different reasons. You may be just moving in and want the memories. You may just be making memories over time. And you may be moving on to a new chapter and ready to sell – here, you really need good photos. Read on for more information:

First of all, we have to look at this in a couple of different ways – interior and exterior. Let’s cover off on interior first.

Good news right off of the bat: you do not need a professional photographer to manage these for you. Given the abundance of technology, tools, platforms and products that are available to us these days (and we’re sure that there are many more to come), you are set up for success to follow that photography passion that you’ve been putting off for years.

Apartment Therapy shares our first tip – Take “straight” shots (and skip the wide-angle and fisheye lens)

“Try to keep your camera or smartphone straight up and down (parallel to the walls) when you snag your shots. Taking an extra moment or two to make sure that the vertical and horizontal lines in your room are straight before you hit the shutter button. Capture a few different snaps of the same angle so you can choose the straightest option. We suggest using a tripod to take the straightest photos. You’ll have results that aren’t blurry in the slightest and using a tripod will help you line up straight shots when you’re capturing the architecture of a room. Also: avoiding “fisheye” lens and super-wide angles are also recommended, as they distort the way a room looks.”

As far as equipment goes, it never hurts to have a tripod or a ring light. You’ve probably noticed an abundance of ring lights while colleagues work from home because they can provide optimal light, even if you’re using a phone to snap your photos. Bonus? They’re not that expensive at all.

Low shots are also great. When you take these, you’re giving the illusion that there’s more space in the room AND a better ratio from floor to ceiling. Just make sure that if you or your household members are a part of the shot, you’re not getting that awkward chin angle. That’s not a memory that anyone wants to have.

Outside, the rules differ slightly. Lighting is key here, and while you can invest in expensive equipment, you can also simply be strategic about the time of day when you’re taking your photos. Especially if you happen upon a day with a beautiful sunrise, we recommend that you take advantage of it. Sunsets can be hit or miss, just be careful with the direction of the camera, so that you still see the subjects of the photo and not just the beautiful panoramic vista. An interesting thing to think about – especially if you’re selling your home – is that if you snap photos of the outside, it will make the home easier to find for prospective buyers.

Go into this process with both an objective and a subjective mindset. You may have the best memories of the swing set in the backyard, or the tree whose leaves never failed to litter the front of your yard – and you should have those photos, but for specific reasons. Capture both. Capture all of the smiles and flashbacks of exactly why you love your home so much. But also make sure that you capture what the home looked like when you first moved in, and what it looks like now. Believe us, both sets of photos will be equally valuable.

Questions? Comments? Please reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. We’d love to hear from you.