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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Year after year, we find ourselves wondering where time has gone. This always happens, (in our humble opinions on the TFR Construction team) as when the holiday season comes about. You may celebrate many special days; you may acknowledge very few. We’re guessing though, that you’re counting down to the next calendar year and thinking about what it might bring. There are goals, there are […]

October 2021 Home News

Even though we have a new name, TFR Construction holds true to many of the same values and practices that we always have. Growth is important, right? There are fewer ways for a company to excel and move forward, than by both keeping a pulse on the industry in which they stand and also keeping a firm eye on the values that brought them that […]

9 Security Solutions For Your Home

Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, home security should still be your priority. Given that you have valuables and money inside your home, nobody can stop burglars if they intend to break in unless you set up efficient security solutions. Moreover, remember that your lives are important and should be your top priority when it comes to securing your home. Aside from fences, […]

Building Fences in Different Types of Terrain

The TFR Construction team, formerly known as Taylor Fencing, works with every sort of property under the sun. We’re talking about range of size, different altitudes, different distances to any sort of metropolis or populated city – and sometimes within a populated city. It’s the beauty of the extended tenure that we’ve had working in the industry. We have succeeded in our business model by […]

See-in and See-out Fences

Working with fences and gates, the TFR Construction team is no stranger to all sorts of conversations related to privacy. We know how paramount it is – whether you live in a small home with minimal tangible possessions or if you own a giant sport court multi-plex, where any sort of intrusion could have a lifetime effect on you and your community. It’s unfortunate that […]

The Best Sport Courts at the Olympics

We’ve just wrapped up the Olympics in Tokyo. We didn’t put a year on these, since they were so much in flux, but they remained a success, despite many variables that could have made it otherwise. We all know that the past year and change have been a challenge, but what’s great is that the teams that showed up to the Olympics showed up with […]

The Fence Projects You Can do Yourself

Welcome back to the TFR Construction blog – a place where you can learn what inspires us as a team and as a company, as well as valuable advice for many different aspects of your home. When we first started out as a small, family-oriented company (still family-oriented to this day), we were laser-focused on simply providing the best fences and gates that anybody in […]

July Home News

Welcome back to the TFR Construction blog! A place where you can connect with us and learn all about everything to do with your dream home. What’s that you say? There’s MORE than information about fences on our site? We’re happy to say that that is true and bears reminding in each and every post that we share with our valued community of customers. We’d […]

We’ve Expanded Our Services… And Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s no such thing as complacency in the Taylor Fencing team. Pardon us, the TFR Construction team! That’s right, we’ve expanded and rebranded and we’re excited to tell our blog readers and site visitors all about it. We pulled a little bit of a cheat right there on the homepage, but we are not sorry about it. In fact, we are so excited that we’re […]

Where Should Fences be Placed Around Your Home?

Fences are a lot more of a complicated topic and decision-making process than you think. If you’re looking at a home or a property as a whole, you may not assume that fences and gates play as prominent a role as they do, but that’s not the case. You’re thinking about the colours of your doors, you’re thinking about the size of your windows, you’re […]