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Gated Games

While the Taylor Fencing team has a dozen different reasons for why fences are not only beneficial, but necessary, they range from the fun to the absolutely “well, we suppose that we should do this”. It’s a tough spectrum. Everyone has different reasons why they decide to install premium fences and gates and hopefully everyone is working with the Taylor Fencing team. We are – […]

Home Shows to Watch This Season

A post about home shows to watch? Wait, did I come to the right blog? Don’t worry, you absolutely did. Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog. Whether you’re a brand-new addition to our community or someone who has been around since the beginning, our family-run business welcomes you with open arms and A LOT of information. There’s a reason that’s in all caps. Sure, it […]

What We’re Looking Forward to in Home News

Hello! Welcome to or back to the Taylor Fencing blog. It’s a magical place – at least we believe so, as do the many current customers that we’ve been fortunate to serve in our tenure as the best place around to work with on your fences and gates. This has been no small feat. We make sure that we remind our employees of that on […]

How Do Fences Work in Cities?

Welcome back to the Taylor Fencing blog! We’re excited to have you here and hope that you’ll continue to frequent our little corner of the World Wide Web. There simply was no way to overshare the information that excites our team so much, so starting this blog – just a few short years ago – was a great way to say, “Hey! That’s a good […]

January Home News

The Taylor Fencing team knows and loves a tradition. We always will, no matter what year it is. And in 2021, we can’t to bring you even more home news. What is home news? Great question for both our current and our prospective customers. By the way, greetings to our prospective customers and those who are reading the Taylor Fencing blog for the first time. […]

It’s a New Year for Taylor Fencing

Well, hello current and new blog readers of the Taylor Fencing blog! It’s been a minute or two since we’ve conversed with you. The holidays took place and we really hope that they were the best for you. They were wonderful for us – a great opportunity to just unplug, be with family and indulge a little bit. When we talk about indulging, we’re talking […]

Alternatives to Retaining Walls

We’ve noticed something here at Taylor Fencing. We’ve noticed that as the year winds down and we kick things off again for 2021, a lot of you are really interested in getting ahead of a variety of projects. None phase us, at this point- it would take a lot to surprise us or catch us off guard. What’s more interesting to us is the popularity […]

5 Ways to Get Ready for 2021

As we watch the clock tick down to 11:59 on December 31st, some of us may be feeling a little bit antsy. When is it going to be New Year’s Day? Are we not through all of the holiday celebrations yet? Of course, they’re fun; but, they’re also stressful. We’re ready to cross over into 2021, reset all intentions and get after the best year […]

End of Year Home News

Where on earth did this year go? In past years, we’ve chastised ourselves for blinking and missing the small moments that make each passage around the sun so special. We’d venture a guess here on the Taylor Fencing team that this year may have been perceived a bit differently. Sure, some milestones may have still passed by lightning fast. Graduations, promotions, birthdays, weddings. On the […]

How We Navigate the Tough Challenges as a Team

The Taylor Fencing team has seen it all. We’ve seen odd animals out at unusual hours of the day. We’ve seen beautiful sunsets and sunrises, because we’re committed to working at all hours of the day. We’ve seen the most intricate screw-ups of existing fences on properties where we simply stare at them, wondering how they’ve come to that state. Yes, we know, we love […]