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The Key Players on Any Good Team

You see it in sports, you see it in the cast of a movie or a television show, but key players should translate to every industry that you see. Taylor Fencing is no exception. We wouldn’t know the success that we do if we didn’t think through the different characteristics and personality traits that each of our employees brings to the table. You can’t have […]

Happy Holidays from Taylor Fencing!

It happens every year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. We’re not talking about spring cleaning, we’re not talking about when your kids go back to school, we’re talking about the holiday season. It doesn’t matter what you celebrate. We are familiar with all of the different holidays and are big fans of each and every one. Don’t believe us? Reach out. We’re […]

Retaining Walls- the Unsung Garden Hero

Although most people are unaware of their existence or purpose, retaining walls are the supports that allow us to explore the full potential of our garden. Chances are, you pass at least one every day without realising exactly what it is. So, just what are retaining walls, and how are they used to transform mundane gardens into stylish havens of serenity? What Is a Retaining […]

What Can Go Wrong When You Install a Fence

Normally we like to only share very positive blog post titles. There are so many positive topics for us to discuss on the Taylor Fencing blog. But if there’s one thing that we value its honesty. And if there’s another thing that we value, it’s transparency. Low and behold, we decided it would be a very good reason to stand up this blog and share […]

Home Renovation News for November

My, my, it’s starting to get warm out there. And the weather isn’t the only thing heating up. In fact, we’re proud to say that we have a plethora of popular articles in this month’s home renovation news recap that the Taylor Fencing team is excited to share with you. That’s never *not* the case. We tend to act similarly to children on a holiday […]

Different Types of Locks and Latches for your Gates and Fences

We’re getting very detailed today. We know that we spend a lot of time talking about the different ways that a fence fits into the broader picture of your dream home. It’s a big deal – don’t get us wrong. After all, a fence is what introduces your visitors to your property and leaves a lasting impression when you leave. When done right… it’s the […]

Taking Care of Your Grass During the Summer

Seasons are a funny thing. Mother Nature switches it up every few months, and the environment that you live in each and every day, changes dramatically. Some love it and some hate it. We have our autumn friends, our winter friends, our spring friends, and our summer friends. We’ve talked about it before. But, we’re heading into a new one… so it bears reminding. Taylor […]

October Home News

It’s home news time! That’s right, your favourite monthly instalment is back on the Taylor Fencing blog. The Taylor Fencing blog offers a lot of very important information – ranging from the premium products that we design and install to broader knowledge about ensuring that your home looks exactly as you always dreamed. It’s easy to envision your dream home, but it’s harder to ensure […]

Modern or Classic? What’s the Best Idea for You?

There’s something to be said for both. And we’re not just talking about fences. When you think about the word “modern”, what comes to mind? You’re thinking shiny, up-to-date, innovative and ahead of the game. (Kind of like the Taylor Fencing blog, right?) When you think about classic, you think about something that has staying power, that has stood the test of time and continues […]

What Fences Make the Most Sense in Different Types of Neighbourhoods?

Building a fence is a big commitment, especially if you do it right. Remember, it’s the best calling card for your property and frequently the best way to add value and curb appeal. It’s not something that you’re going to want to embark on every few years. Not only is it a commitment for your wallet, it’s a commitment for your time, a stressor on […]