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July Home News

It’s that time again… and it’s one of the Taylor Fencing team’s favourite. We feel pretty blessed as a team and as a family because it’s always tough to pick our favourite moments of the month. There’s the start of the month when we know that we have another new blank slate again – the best time to reassess what our goals are and look […]

What Are the Best Flowers to Line Your Fence This Season?

The Taylor Fencing team is so blessed to have such a diverse group of customers and teammates. When we talk to you about your needs, or when we collaborate internally, we continue to learn more and more about each other. That’s how all good companies should be, right? Growing, learning, and improving – which benefits both you and us. So, what quality are we talking […]

June Home News

Are we even sure what month it is anymore? We know that it took the Taylor Fencing team a minute to think about it, but that seems to be par for the course these days and that’s totally fine. Heads up – it’s June, and we’ve made it halfway through the year, and in the best fashion possible. Unprecedented times, challenging times, you’ve heard all […]

Working in a Family Business Successfully

The Taylor Fencing team loves the word family. We love it for an abundance of reasons, which we’ll share today on the Taylor Fencing blog. First of all, we’re so thrilled that you and your families – however we define them, have stopped by our site and our blog. It’s definitely a time to appreciate those in your community and we definitely consider you a […]

Never Cleaned? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

How many times do you recall as young children being told to clean something? It could have been your room, a common space, a mess that you’d made or something at school or in a public location. You most likely were not thrilled with the idea. It’s an inert desire of us at any age to love making messes and creating. When it comes to […]

Where Do I Need a Fence? A 2020 Refresher

Every year the Taylor Fencing team thinks about the 365 days ahead. What are we going to learn? What are we going to change? And probably the most pertinent for this audience, what are we going to share on our Taylor Fencing blog to help educate you about the ways that you take a creative role in the process and make your house the home […]

What’s Going on at Home in May?

You clicked on the title and you thought we’d have all of the answers, didn’t you? We can’t fault you for that, the Taylor Fencing team should always have all of the answers that you need. Not just when we’re talking about your fences, but the homes that they guard and everything that’s going on inside. We know that this takes on a huge amount […]

April Home News

Whenever times are full of lots of surprises and uncertainty, it’s nice to know what routines you can depend on. It’s great to know what you can look forward to. Something that falls into both of those categories is your monthly recaps of what’s going on in the home industry. The Taylor Fencing team and company are so proud that we get to design and […]

The Best Activities on Your Property Right Now

Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog. If you’ve checked out our site recently or you’re returning after a while, there are a few things you’ll notice have not changed. We still have the best products around, their still easy to navigate and learn about, and we’re still a team that prides ourselves on customer service because we’re so passionate about what we do. There are […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Convert To Using Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber can add visual appeal to your floors, thanks to its relatively rustic appearance, which improves over time. What’s more, they come in a broad range of designs and styles you can choose from. But, allowing you to create an eye-catching statement isn’t the only benefit of opting for engineered timber flooring. Continue reading to know four other reasons why you should convert to […]