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March Home Renovation News

We look forward to posts like these many look forward to different holidays. Luckily for us, they happen once a month, so we never have to wait too long. Unfamiliar? You may be newer to the Taylor Fencing blog. The Taylor Fencing team offers the best and most robust range of offerings when it comes to fences. We have for years. There are a lot […]

What Happens to Your Fences When You Update?

Here at Taylor Fencing, we feel like we’re moving in the right direction as far as sustainability goes. We’re not just talking about our company – instead, we’re looking at our industry and beyond. We’re thrilled that we work in a day and age where sustainability and minimalizing your carbon footprint is a common practice, and we’ll jump on that bandwagon any day. A lot […]

Home Renovation News to Kick off Your Autumn

Leaves are starting to fall, and you know what that means? Autumn is almost upon us. There are a lot of good things to look forward to here. Honestly, here at Taylor Fencing, we find love and value in every season. There’s no reason for us not to. After all, we love what we do, and we love who we do it with. And we’re […]

Keeping Your Windows Safe

We’re guessing that if you’re reading this, that you have visited the Taylor Fencing blog a time or two. You probably are fully aware of our passions and interests and the reasons that we decided to bring you the best fence installation solutions around. One of the many important ways that we’ve been able to grow our business, is thanks to our partners in the […]

How Fences Prove Valuable in Every Season

Does it not seem like every season is better than the previous? When the snow and inclement weather of winter leave us, we heave a sigh of relief and get excited to welcome spring and all that comes with it. Conversely, when the temperatures rise outside, and that air conditioning just isn’t cutting it anymore, we are generally happy to bid a fond farewell to […]

The Role of Colour and Material in Your Fencing

There’s a certain glamour that the media paints around designers and those skilled in all of the arts, isn’t there? We assume that they have the best taste, that they know what they’re talking about, that they’re a cut above the rest of us when it comes to making things beautiful, functional and comfortable. Hey, that means that they’re doing their jobs right and we […]

Home Construction News 2019 – Episode One

Could life be any better? Not only is it a brand-new year, full of possibilities, but it’s the kick-off of a whole new series of home construction, renovation and design stories, right here on the Taylor Fencing blog. Like we said, new years are full of possibilities. They’re also full of new beginnings and we hope that that means that we’re greeting a lot of […]

Happy New Years from Taylor Fencing!

Happy 2019! The clock struck midnight, we toasted as much as we possibly could, we poured over the amazing Taylor Fencing blog posts from 2018 and felt all the usual feelings that we do when a new year is upon us. For the regulars, it doesn’t do much good for us to continue to impress upon you how amazing 2018 was. We know, we know, […]

How to Avoid Fence Injuries

You’re probably checking out the title of this post and saying, “what? How many people are suffering fence injuries and what on earth is a fence injury?” Fair questions and you’re welcome that the Taylor Fencing team and our blog have a passionate desire to answer these questions for our team members and for our family of customers. Yes, you read that right. Family, not […]

The Best Fence and Window Pairs

The Taylor Fencing team loves to be creative. One of our favorite ways to be creative is to collaborate, so it’s a part of our day-to-day business model to determine who else is the best-in-class in their industries. It’s a fun part of the work, we get to converse with others who are equally as passionate about what they do as we are. And there’s […]