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Alternatives to Retaining Walls

We’ve noticed something here at Taylor Fencing. We’ve noticed that as the year winds down and we kick things off again for 2021, a lot of you are really interested in getting ahead of a variety of projects. None phase us, at this point- it would take a lot to surprise us or catch us off guard. What’s more interesting to us is the popularity […]

5 Ways to Get Ready for 2021

As we watch the clock tick down to 11:59 on December 31st, some of us may be feeling a little bit antsy. When is it going to be New Year’s Day? Are we not through all of the holiday celebrations yet? Of course, they’re fun; but, they’re also stressful. We’re ready to cross over into 2021, reset all intentions and get after the best year […]

End of Year Home News

Where on earth did this year go? In past years, we’ve chastised ourselves for blinking and missing the small moments that make each passage around the sun so special. We’d venture a guess here on the Taylor Fencing team that this year may have been perceived a bit differently. Sure, some milestones may have still passed by lightning fast. Graduations, promotions, birthdays, weddings. On the […]

How We Navigate the Tough Challenges as a Team

The Taylor Fencing team has seen it all. We’ve seen odd animals out at unusual hours of the day. We’ve seen beautiful sunsets and sunrises, because we’re committed to working at all hours of the day. We’ve seen the most intricate screw-ups of existing fences on properties where we simply stare at them, wondering how they’ve come to that state. Yes, we know, we love […]

The Ins and Outs of Building on a Hill

The title of this post tends to be a recurring theme of questions that the Taylor Fencing team receives. We get A LOT. And we love it. Some of the questions and comments that we get are a little bit out of left field. Some are very repetitive. We love the former because they make us think and we love the latter because we know […]

Can a Vinyl Fence Prevent Pests From Coming In?

Here at Taylor Fencing, we’re passionate about fences and all the benefits they bring to our customers. That is why we partner today with Fantastic Pest Control to discuss one such use – preventing pests from coming into your yard. Can a vinyl fence help you out with that? What kinds of pests can come into your yard? Urban environments are host to an incredible […]

Home News for November

Time is flying, isn’t it! No one can deny that it’s been an abnormal year, and we won’t be the first to do so. Remember the days when you wished that time would go faster so that you could move closer and closer to something that you were excited about? Well, that’s how we feel every time that we know we can share one of […]

Building an Outdoor Garden

There’s something so beautiful about the most premiere fence. When you walk past a property, you immediately take note because the owners or renters have put in the time and effort to build out their land all the way to the street or perimeter. You might even stop and have some questions about their design aesthetic or walk by and are inspired for your next […]

The Best Ways to Build a Business Community

There are a lot of things that matter to the Taylor Fencing team. They range from a relaxing weekend day spent with family, to the joy we get when we finish a complex job. And when we say range, we truly mean everything in between. Somewhere squarely in the grouping is the word “community” – one that has different connotations for all of us. Today, […]

October Home News

There are few constants in the world right now, but as always, you can depend on a few with the Taylor Fencing team. There are also so few things that we like to repeat this incessantly, but it’s important to us that our customers (both current and prospective) know that they can depend on us – always, and no matter what. Quality of materials? Check. […]