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Preparing Your Home for the Unexpected

Even though 2020 is barely underway, we’re sure that we’re not the only ones who think it’s time for a well-deserved break. Only into March (three months in!), we’re already dealing with a massive pandemic that’s impacting hundreds of thousands around the globe. We know that this effects our customers, our teammates, our friends and families in all sorts of different ways and that there’s […]

March Home News

If you’re anything like the team at Taylor Fencing, we’re pretty sure that you need a break from any news associated with the Corona virus. Our hearts go out to all of those impacted, as well as their families and loved ones; it hasn’t been a fun month. It would be irresponsible if we didn’t reiterate the advice that you’re seeing all over the news […]

The Styles of Fences that Haven’t Worked

We like to think that there are no examples that fall into this category. We like to think that if there is any sort of puzzle or challenge, that the Taylor Fencing family can suss it out. We’ve certainly done it in the past. We’ve seen land that is skewed at the oddest of angles, we’ve seen terrain that hasn’t seen any semblance of water […]

February Home News

It’s about that time. A whole month has flown by since the last time the Taylor Fencing team got together and thought about the news that you need to know. It’s no easy feat, we have no problem telling you that. And that’s not because there is a lack of options. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re fortunate enough to be in this industry […]

Alternatives to Fences

What? There’s such a thing. We know, it’s a crazy idea to wrap your head around. Especially when it’s coming from a team like Taylor Fencing. Fencing is half of our name after all, and it’s 100 percent of our mission to the industry – providing the very best fences around. We’ve been doing it for a while… in fact, we’ve been doing it for […]

How We’re Setting our 2020 Goals

A formal welcome to the new decade! The Roaring Twenties have returned in this new millennium and we can’t help but laugh at the differences between now and this time a hundred years ago. While we had the beautiful architecture of the Great Gatsby era then, we’re feeling better about the technological and architectural evolution that has occurred since. New Years are always really exciting […]

Sharing a Little Love for Gates

Oh, the historic gate. It’s something that we tend to take for granted when it comes to our homes and probably doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Yes, you can easily have a fence (and we’re pretty prolific in these) without one, but it gives you that added bonus of safety and security. Not to mention, they make your property look even better and […]

January Home News

Welcome into the New Year! The Taylor Fencing team hopes that you had the best holiday season yet. What’s not to love? You have an iron-clad excuse to eat as much as you want with the mindset that you’ll obviously follow all of your New Year’s resolutions; You can say yes to that extra glass of eggnog (as long as you’re planning to get home […]

End of 2019 Home News

Phew! We made it. We made it through 2019. We’re sure that there were ups and downs for everyone – be it tough days, challenges at work, new relationships, or… closest to us – updates to your home. We’re proud of you and we’re proud of us. We’re proud of our company and we’re proud of our team. We’ve each worked really hard this year […]

The Key Players on Any Good Team

You see it in sports, you see it in the cast of a movie or a television show, but key players should translate to every industry that you see. Taylor Fencing is no exception. We wouldn’t know the success that we do if we didn’t think through the different characteristics and personality traits that each of our employees brings to the table. You can’t have […]