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The Best Ways to Take Photos of Your Home

When you work in the business that the Taylor Fencing team does, ensuring that your work is properly displayed is a big piece of success. That can be achieved in a number of ways, especially as Web and social media opportunities only continue to grow. You can share your work on a website, you can post it on Instagram, you can tweet about a recent […]

June Home News

The Taylor Fencing team hopes that you and your loved ones are enjoying a delightful start to the month, and hopefully to the entire season. When you’re lucky enough to live in a place as beautiful as ours, there certainly is no shortage of activities that you can enjoy outside of the house. Well… that would definitely be the case if it wasn’t for a […]

How to Keep Your Homes Clean During Renovations

In a perfect world, you’d be able to move into your new abode, ready to go. It would be spotless, with all of the inclusions and architectural effects that you hadn’t even realized had crossed your mind as a preference. That COLORBOND fencing outside? Up and already adorned either side with seasonal flowers that just happened to blossom on move-in day. Inside you’d be ahead […]

May Home News

There are many benefits to living in the areas that we do, but the number one that the Taylor Fencing team sees on a daily basis when we go to work, is the beautiful scenery that we’re surrounded by. Not everyone can say that. Some wake up every day, working towards living in environments that we tend to take for granted. So, we say, enough […]

Five of the Best Sport Courts in the World

Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog! Welcome to your digital home for all things related to the best fences and gates that you’ll find anywhere in the area. We see this as the springboard to many of the most important projects you’ll complete in relation to your home, specifically the fences and gates that keep it safe and secure. We have COLORBOND models, wrought iron […]

Home News This Spring That You Should Know About

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these posts. What are “these posts” you ask? Why, you are looking at the spring installment of what’s exciting and innovative right now in home news. Taylor Fencing and our team aren’t just known for our fences and gates – although we’re pretty good in that space – more on that later. There was no way […]

What’s Laser Grading and Why Do You Need to Know About It

The Taylor Fencing team has a lot of skills – both within our work and as a well-built team. In fact, we’re more like a well-oiled machine and should be after working together the decades that we have. We started with fences, sure, and we did it really well. We quickly moved on to gates and realized that there are even more options there, especially […]

Working with the Experts on Retaining Walls

There are so many different components and elements to building a home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived there for ten years or if it’s a home that you’ve driven past a dozen times and that you know is going to be your next dream property. Having that vision is one thing, working with the right pros to ensure that when you move in, it’s […]

Adding a Sports Court to your Home

You may have noticed a theme this month on the Taylor Fencing blog. Did you know that about 80 percent (give or take) of those who make New Year’s resolutions (especially related to fitness) give them up by the February time frame? Not on our watch, Taylor Fencing customers and blog fans. While we love and thrive on building fences and gates around any area […]

Building the Best Tennis Court

Many of us on the Taylor Fencing team are big fans of tennis. We love the cardiovascular activity, we love the stress release when you make a really good shot and in general, we love how accessible it is. For those unfamiliar, here is a high-level look at the different rules: A ball has to land within bounds (the line around the court) for any […]