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Home News for September

There are fewer things that make us more excited than our monthly round-up of our favourite finds on the internet. There’s a focus, obviously, and that’s everything that’s going on with your home. Inside, outside, and yeah – there will always be a focus on fences. It’s what we do and what we believe in. We were pioneers in the industry, and we will continue […]

How to Pick the Right Fence for You

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed the really tactical elements of fences – the height, the materials, how to maintain, etc. It can be a daunting task. Your fence is basically the calling card of your property, and you want it done right. At least, that’s what we assume, since you’ve stopped by the Taylor Fencing blog. It’s a great place to be. You […]

August Home News

The best way to keep a pulse on anything that you care about is to check in on it regularly. That can be said about pretty much anything in life – from your everyday necessities to the biggest investments that you’ll ever indulge in. We think that your dream home falls squarely into the latter, and one of the best ways to ensure it’s exactly […]

The Most Famous of Fences in 2019

We wouldn’t be anywhere without them – the fences that have inspired the reason that the Taylor Fencing team is the best in the business. It’s so important to us. There are so many cool things going on in the industries that we’re associated with. Notice that we said industries. Plural. How on earth else could our current veterans and newcomers know that this blog […]

Another Round-up of Home Safety Tips

It’s about time for another post about home safety. After all, it’s a really important component of our business – some might say that it’s the most important element. Who starts a fencing company, without thinking through the reason that fencing is so important? For many, it’s elementary. Let’s keep animals out, let’s keep prowlers out. For others, it’s bigger than that. It means that […]

July Home News

It’s been a busy week for home news and Taylor Fencing always sits up and takes notice. There’s a reason (okay, many) that we’re so well-known in the home renovation industry, and it goes far beyond our premium, custom fencing solutions for every property. It leans into our commitment to customer service, which we find absolutely paramount, so that you feel fully supported through every […]

Essential Questions To Ask Before Buying An Apartment

Buying an apartment, regardless of the space and location, is an investment. If you want to buy the best apartment, you need to ask the right questions. To do this, Taylor Fencing is partnering today with the team behind the East Brunswick Village. If you’d like to learn more about their new development project, visit their website and see why they offer the best Brunswick […]

Creating a Routine for Your Landscaping

What’s the first thing that you see through your fences? Your yard or garden, right? Perhaps that’s not always the case, but more often than not, the calling card after your fence is your landscaping. Sometimes it’s done meticulously – thanks to either expert help or a huge time investment on your part. Sometimes it falls apart, and makes you shake your head day after […]

How Are Millennials Living?

Call them millennials. Call them entrepreneurial. Call them lazy. Call them smart. No matter what superlative or adjective you use, they’re the generation that’s changing a lot of different things. One of these is how they live, and the ways that they use and design their homes. The team at Taylor Fencing isn’t just about fencing. We’re about protecting and enhancing one of your most […]

June Home News

It’s like a monthly holiday – that day when you get another installment of home news that the team at Taylor Fencing is especially passionate about. There are several criteria that any article needs to fulfill. They need to be engaging, they need to be informative, and bonus points if they’re entertaining. When you’re as engrossed in the home and landscaping businesses as much as […]