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Creating a Routine for Your Landscaping

What’s the first thing that you see through your fences? Your yard or garden, right? Perhaps that’s not always the case, but more often than not, the calling card after your fence is your landscaping. Sometimes it’s done meticulously – thanks to either expert help or a huge time investment on your part. Sometimes it falls apart, and makes you shake your head day after […]

How Are Millennials Living?

Call them millennials. Call them entrepreneurial. Call them lazy. Call them smart. No matter what superlative or adjective you use, they’re the generation that’s changing a lot of different things. One of these is how they live, and the ways that they use and design their homes. The team at Taylor Fencing isn’t just about fencing. We’re about protecting and enhancing one of your most […]

June Home News

It’s like a monthly holiday – that day when you get another installment of home news that the team at Taylor Fencing is especially passionate about. There are several criteria that any article needs to fulfill. They need to be engaging, they need to be informative, and bonus points if they’re entertaining. When you’re as engrossed in the home and landscaping businesses as much as […]

Keeping Bugs Off of Your Property

They’re the smallest of creatures but perhaps the biggest of nuisances. They sneak into every tiny crevice of your home and make themselves comfortable, just a needy relative but even worse – they don’t provide anything for you in return. We’re speaking… of bugs. It’s not our favourite topic here at Taylor Fencing, but it’s an incredibly important one for us to cover on our […]

Sustainable Home Building in 2019

We’re all striving to make the world a better place. We know that limiting our carbon footprint can help with that. When we use fewer resources and less energy, we all win. Enough of the soapbox, welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog! If you’re brand-new, you probably don’t know much about the company. Don’t worry, we’re here to educate. The Taylor Fencing team and company […]

May Home Renovation News

Welcome back to the Taylor Fencing blog! We’re passionate about bringing to life your vision of a dream home. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home as an adult, the place you plan to raise children, or maybe the house that will see you through the relaxation of your retirement. Regardless, we know how important it is. We also know how special the journey […]

What’s the Process of Building Your Home?

We know that we focus on fences. They’re the first thing that you see when you arrive on a property, and you hopefully close the door in the correct way when you leave. That’s one of a million reasons why the Taylor Fencing team got into the business. Safety? Check. An aesthetically-pleasing addition to your property? Check. It shouldn’t be a trade-off. The Taylor Fencing […]

How to Fence Different Areas of Your Properties

Fence can be such a broad term. It doesn’t even always have anything to do with your property. It can be a metaphorical term, like putting up barriers around information or emotions that you don’t want to share. No, no, this isn’t that kind of blog and we’re not looking to impart any wisdom in that realm. We’re experts in the realm of physical fences […]

Home News for April

Greetings! We’re so pleased that you’ve returned to the blog of the Taylor Fencing team. If you’re old hat, you know that we’re passionate about what we do (designing and constructing the very best fences around), and if you’re newer to our community, we can’t wait to educate you about what sets us apart from everyone else in the business. Curious? We’ll fill you in […]

When Fences Go Wrong

While we live to tell the success stories of fences in general, the industries that we play a part in and our products specifically – it would behoove us if we didn’t think about the other side of the coin on the Taylor Fencing blog. We’re speaking specifically about the horror stories, the opportunities for improvement and everything in-between. This is never to throw anyone […]