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Caring For Your Fences After Stormy Weather

Caring For Your Fences After Stormy WeatherMother Nature is a fickle one, no bones about it. One day she’s shining bright, the next day a tumultuous mess. Try as they may, those who report on the weather just aren’t guaranteed success, thanks to the ever-changing nature (pun intended) of weather.

And when storms hit, they hit hard. They leave no one and nothing unscathed. There is a reason that homeowner and renter insurance are such lucrative industries- they’re necessary for peace of mind! Well peace of mind is lovely, but contingency plans are necessary. We know that storms are likely to batter your fences at least once in your lifetime. Even if you purchase your fencing solution from Taylor Fencing, you should still plan for minor maintenance in cases of major storms. Here are some tips and tricks that the Taylor Fencing team recommends keeping in mind, next time Mother Nature makes an unexpected call.

There are some very vital things to keep an eye out for, post storm. The first is large pools of water that accumulate at the base of the posts of your fence. Sure, it may seem totally natural, but if left to their own devices, these small amounts of moisture can really wreak havoc on the very ground that your fence is drilled into. When the soil is more malleable, there can be longer term damage to the fence itself, causing it to buckle, shift in placement, or even fall down. This water can also create rust, especially if you have ceramic plants or other yard fixtures adjacent. You shouldn’t have to worry about this however, if you chose a stainless steel fencing option or an aluminum based fencing option.

Some of the signs are obvious and easy to check. They include cracks in the fence. Cracks lead to breaks, lead to full new fences. Avoid a fencing overhaul by diligently checking after poor weather. The same is true for loose screws or fencing equipment. Easy to fix by yourself, but can be disastrous if ignored. Need to replace hardware? Keep an eye out for rust-proof options for even more peace of mind.

When you think of storms, do large amounts of rain resonate as the first thing that comes to mind? Probably closely followed by stronger winds. Strong winds can definitely be a cause for concern in reference to fences. The winds can sway the bases of the fencing posts. This will cause a huge reduction in stability over time. Make sure to check the bases of your fence by wiggling the posts back and forth. If there’s movement, there is a good chance that some damage has been done. Don’t let this damage go unattended. It can only get worse over time. When you are proactive and call Taylor Fencing in a timely manner, the damage can be eradicated with minimal time and minimal cost.

Questions about any of the above? Reach out to the Taylor Fencing team at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you.