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Choosing Your Perfect Fence

It’s time for fencing 101. Any fence from Taylor Fencing will help enhance your property. However, which fence you choose is an important decision and not one that you should take lightly. We want to ensure that you are properly educated on the who, what, when, where, and why of our process.

First on the ‘to-ponder’ list- what are your goals around your fence? Do you want one installed just for function- maybe to keep animals safe and prowlers out? Are you looking for some privacy? Or is your fencing purely aesthetic? Establish your mission statement and your goals first. This will ensure that your decision-making process is as smooth as possible.

Next up- check with your neighborhood associations and groups that there aren’t any provisions against the sort of fencing that you are interested in. Some associations will want to weigh in, as your fence will impact the value of your home or property.

You know that each type of fencing has both advantages and disadvantages. Criteria to be examined include cost, maintenance and functionality. An intricate, varnished wood fence may be elegant and beautiful now, but it will require a lot of maintenance to keep it that way. If you don’t have the time or resources to keep up the maintenance, the fence will look worn in just a few years. Also, even though we know that Taylor Fencing will offer you the best value, it’s still smart to get estimates from several companies to ensure that you’re not being hit with any hidden costs.

Choosing-Your-Perfect-FenceYou’re pretty familiar with the main types of fencing but let’s review. Wrought iron- durable and available, but expensive. Aluminum- great economical alternative to wrought iron. It stands up well to the elements and requires little maintenance. Wood- expensive, but wonderful for privacy. Great to keep kids safe but animals may be able to sneak underneath. As mentioned above, it requires routine maintenance, but when properly cared for, will last for generations. Vinyl- little maintenance and stands up well to termites and pests. However there are limited options as far as color is concerned and mold is a potential issue. Chain link- great economical option, but some neighborhoods will have regulations around it.

Great fences make great neighbors. It’s not a legal requirement, but a great indication of good relations with your neighborhood if you keep your neighbors in the loop about any building plans. ¬†Make sure that you know where your property lines are. If you don’t, get a survey done. It’s valuable information, regardless of whether you’re installing a fence or not. Give them a heads up about your timeline as well, so that they can plan their weeks accordingly.

Fencing is not seasonal. We install year round. In fact, the colder months can be great times to install fencing as we don’t get as many requests. On that note- Ask us questions! We want to engage you in the process of installing your dream fence. Questions we frequently get are about utility lines, warranties, permits, timelines, cost…you name it, we’ve got an answer for it!