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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

Decorating Your Home for the HolidaysYear after year, we find ourselves wondering where time has gone. This always happens, (in our humble opinions on the TFR Construction team) as when the holiday season comes about. You may celebrate many special days; you may acknowledge very few. We’re guessing though, that you’re counting down to the next calendar year and thinking about what it might bring. There are goals, there are resolutions, there are changes in your day-to-day lives and there are projects that you “swear you’re going to get after this coming year.” We’re not saying that remotely facetiously; we’re saying it because we do the exact same thing… pushing off one project after another, always assuming that you’ll get it done once the clock strikes noon and whatever hangover (sugar, food or otherwise) finally wears off. Well, readers of the Taylor Fencing blog, we’ll get to all of the aforementioned topics in the coming weeks, gearing you up for the best 2022 ever, but for now – let’s stick with the kickoff of the fun stuff.

As you know, we’re purveyors of the best fences and gates in the business (among other things – call and ask about our sports courts and excavation work), and these things simply don’t decorate themselves. You have an abundance of holidays coming up – and even if it’s of the Hallmark nature – we want to make sure that your home is the best on the block. So, we brought in our reinforcements to make a couple of recommendations:

Let’s start with the obvious. Your fence and gate are the first things that your passersby will see and it’s time to start thinking about different themes. Holidays are all about having fun, but if you’re someone that appreciates a little order around your property, spend ten to fifteen minutes determining what kind of vibe you’d like your home to give off, for each of the holidays. You may want to go fun for Halloween, simple for November and overly festive for December. There are no rules, as long as you feel happy with your plan ahead. When you plan ahead, as with all projects related to TFR Construction, you will know that you’ve done the right homework, there will be no surprises down the line, and you’ll be the most satisfied at the end.

We know, that’s a lot to think about – and maybe there are certain holidays that you want to ignore altogether. So, the TFR Construction team thought of a few fail-safe ideas that you’ll appreciate and enjoy whether you’re leaving in the morning or coming home at night:

  • You can get them in absolutely any colour or keep it simple. You can wrap as many strands as you like, just remember how much power these take and to turn them off in the morning when you don’t need them anymore. More and more of our current and prospective customers have started to keep them up year-round – a) because they’re festive and b) because it saves time. Entirely up to you, just weigh the pros and cons of the costs of power or the time spent in a single afternoon to take them down and then put them up again the next year.
  • We just said there’s no rhyme or reason to colours but remember that you WILL be looking at this décor for a solid couple of months. We want you to be enthusiastic about what you’ve chosen – not running back to the store because you’re changing your mind every five minutes. There is an unfortunate, growing undertone to the holidays in which many end up being far more stressed than they need to be. Certainly, there are good reasons, but this is not one of them. Follow the initial advice above about planning ahead, make one trip, enjoy a holiday beverage on the way home and be proud of yourself for checking off a very important part of the holiday season.
  • Décor. Many – due to rising levels of theft – have concerns about keeping different types of décor on their front lawns… even if they’re gated or behind areas where prowlers can’t intrude. We say, “don’t let any sort of Scrooge mean that you can’t enjoy the holidays that you love so much.” And then we say, “that’s what security cameras are for.” There are so many out there in the market right now, each with different capabilities and functionalities and each with the mission of ensuring that there are no grinch’s that steal anything from your property. So… with a new and renewed attitude, it’s time to pick out décor. This is where that whole, determining your aesthetic and theme comes into play. But here are our tips on this front: shop early and if you have the ability to, shop often. The best deals get scooped up early in the season and while it might seem like a meaningless difference in dollars, it can quickly add up over time (especially if you haven’t even factored in holiday parties or presents for loved ones).
  • Don’t let yourself be the last neighbour on the block who hasn’t hung up lights or set out décor, and certainly don’t do so when it’s piping hot outside, because who is jolly after that. There is a flip side here, don’t be the neighbour who does it too early either. Our secret tip is that you want to wait until there are at least two other houses on your street (adjust timing in ratio based on size), pick a good time of day with nice weather, and then get out there and make your home the best one on the street.
  • No better way to end this TFR Construction post than by reminding you again that this is supposed to be FUN. You want everyone to walk by your home and be reminded that we’re heading into a season that will be full of gratitude, grace, and hopefully full bellies.

(More to come on the above).