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End of 2019 Home News

Taylor Fencing - End of 2019 Home NewsPhew! We made it. We made it through 2019. We’re sure that there were ups and downs for everyone – be it tough days, challenges at work, new relationships, or… closest to us – updates to your home. We’re proud of you and we’re proud of us. We’re proud of our company and we’re proud of our team. We’ve each worked really hard this year and still maintained our passion for the industry that premium fencing solutions are a part of. As we’ve said time and time again, that doesn’t end with simply providing you with a product or a service. It never ends. It only continues for all time when we’re passionate about what we do. And one great way that we maintain that passion is blog posts like these, which we’re routinely excited about. We scour the internet for everything going on related to your dream home. And then we share it with you! So, cheers. Cheers to our End of 2019 Home News. Read on for more information:

28 Emerging Home Trends for 2020, According to Pinterest

With the closing of any year, you start to see a lot of different articles about trends for the coming year. This year is no different and we’re turning to inspiration star Pinterest. It’s no longer just a way to pin the things that mean the most to you, it’s becoming a juggernaut to determine what businesses and peers think will succeed as well. That’s why we loved this article. Taylor Fencing is obviously best known for installing best-in-class fencing solutions, but we’d be silly to put our names on a fence if the rest of the home wasn’t set up for success. This article is especially helpful as it looks at the different trends that will be really prolific heading into 2020. Check out this link for more information.

7 Home Trends from the 2010s That Will Disappear

It’s also a special year, because we’re heading into a new decade. The roaring 20s, here we come! When you usher in a new decade, it means that you say goodbye to the last one. That can be a challenging exercise for many of us, but it can also be exciting. It means that you’re learning exactly what worked and what didn’t work in the last ten years, and that’s the exact purpose of this article. In this story, we’re learning the trends that simply didn’t make it for your home and exactly why. Here are some highlights to pique your interest: “Pairing yellow walls and warm lighting was popular in the last decade, but it likely won’t be moving forward.” Who new? Another one that may be a surprise to you? “Painted floors were big in the 2010s, but experts don’t think they will continue to be in the next decade.” These are just two of seven and some of them may inspire your home design thought process for the next ten years and many years beyond that. Check out this link for more information.

Lansing Natives Launch App They Hope Will Be the ‘Uber of Landscaping’

You may be familiar with Uber or Lyft or one of the other many different ride-sharing apps that are sweeping the globe these days. For those who haven’t tried or used them – here they are in a nutshell: You get to take advantage of qualified drivers who will take you anywhere and help you avoid parking, paying to drive, etc. Sounds amazing, right? Now imagine that you could do that with your home! And more specifically… your landscaping. Landscaping can be tricky and it can be tough to leave to someone else. After all, you want it to have your own personal imprint on it. Well, these two gentlemen may change your perception in that space. Meet “Mowr”. Per their site, “Customers create a profile through the app, mapping out their lawns, and can request landscaping services like lawn mowing or leaf and snow cleanup. A Mowr “partner,” an independent contractor much like an Uber or Lyft driver, can then accept and perform the job.” Check out more information in this article here.

Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2020

And, as always, we must go inside. We know that we’re doing the exact same thing, but there’s definitely a trend at the end of the year to think through what trends worked, what trends are going away and what trends are going to be created as you head into January. We have three pillars in these posts at Taylor Fencing – construction, landscaping and interior design. Our fences complement all of the above if we do them right (and we always do). So, we must finish out this post with our favourite find related to interior design. Interestingly enough, it’s following the trend of the two aforementioned posts – talking about trends. In this article, we’re not talking about the trends to get rid or, or the trends that worked best in 2019, we’re talking about the trends that are really going to take off in the next 365 days. For some reason, this is a topic that really excites our customers and our readers, but we do understand why. Designing a home is tough! (Picking out a fence is easy if you work with a company like Taylor Fencing, hint, hint…) There are so many different nuances to the ways that you decorate and it’s an investment for a really long time, so we totally understand why you need resources and experts to help you out. Like we said, if you work with the Taylor Fencing team, you’re in very good hands. And, if you read the Taylor Fencing blog, you’re in (almost as good as) good hands. Check out this excerpt:  “From your kitchen backsplash to your bathroom floors, there’s nothing that brings on the urban vibes quite like subway tiles. But 2020 forgoes the basics and elevates this trend to its more glamorous cousin. Meet mother of pearl subway tiles, the glossier version that adds instant dazzle to any space. Mother of pearl accents have the same effects to your space as a pair of pearl earrings elevating a little black dress. Create visual interest without committing to vivid palettes by simply upgrading the luster factor – the ideal accent when aiming to stay neutral, yet ditch the predictability.” Check out this link for more information.

Questions? We’re here for you. Happy holidays from the Taylor Fencing family.