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End of Year Home News

End of Year Home NewsWhere on earth did this year go? In past years, we’ve chastised ourselves for blinking and missing the small moments that make each passage around the sun so special. We’d venture a guess here on the Taylor Fencing team that this year may have been perceived a bit differently. Sure, some milestones may have still passed by lightning fast. Graduations, promotions, birthdays, weddings. On the flip side, we know that we each had one of those days where it just seemed to inch by at the speed of a snail. Hey, Father Time – we’re on to you!

If you’re a local here on the Taylor Fencing blog, (yes, we’re treating it as a hamlet, neighbourhood or community – more on that in a minute) then you know that December is always an interesting month for us. We wrestle a lot with celebrating what we’ve achieved and the unknown of what’s ahead. It’s a tantalizing feeling – where will we work next? Will we break into new markets or work with unique properties/customers? While we can’t make assumptions, we always plan for the widest gamut of what could happen, so that we’re ready no matter what you throw at us.

That would never be feasible if we didn’t do our research – something that is not only engrained into our personalities and work ethics, but is so much fun for us. And December is made for fun. It’s made for holiday celebrations, it’s made for stretchy pants with elastic waistbands, it’s probably made for a hangover or two (hey, no judgment from the Taylor Fencing team) and it’s made for all of the smiles, hugs and laughs that we’ve dug deep and found no matter what. Something that causes all of the above? Our monthly round-up of home news. And this month is no exception. Read on for some of our favourite finds related to home renovations, construction, decorating, landscaping and more.

Interested in a topic that you don’t see? Have a question or two that you know you need expert insight into? Look no further and never second guess yourself asking. We love – more than ever – to hear from you, our current and prospective customers. Phone, email, however you please- we’re excited to talk about your next dream home (bonus points if you’re looking for a premium fence or gate to keep you safe and secure and your home even more beautiful than it is now).

How Autonomous Robots Are Changing Construction

Remember when robot movies were so sensational? We joked about smart homes and the feasibility of a life where you could simply press a button or two and basically have everything done for you. Well, we should probably stop being jaded about these evolutions not coming to fruition because that’s definitely not the case. Instead, we’re learning more and more about robots and autonomous types of living. While we find great interest in this space of learning across different industries and sectors, today we really need to focus on construction. Directly from this article: “The way we build today is largely unchanged from the way we used to build 50 years ago,” said Gaurav Kikani, vice president of Built Robotics. “Within two years, I think we’re really going to turn the corner, and you’re going to see an explosion of robotics being used on construction sites.” Check out this link for more information.

Pains and Gains of Building Your Dream Home

If you’re a current homeowner, we want to give you a quick exercise. We want you to sit back in a comfortable chair, lean back and close your eyes. Don’t worry, you’re safe. Close your eyes and remember back to all of the emotions that you had when you bought your last home. What’s the one that comes to mind first? Is it pure joy that nobody else beat out your offer? Is it sheer trepidation about how much money you just invested? (caveat – in one of the best decisions you possibly could have made…) We’re guessing that you had a myriad of thoughts and feelings, there’s no right answer. All that said, there will be pains and there will be gains. Purchasing a home will never, ever be a flawless process. If it is for you, we want to interview you immediately and then you should probably write a bestselling novel with all of your secrets and tips and tricks. Building your home, designing your home, even overseeing home renovations can be easier to navigate than what’s on your mind, the biggest myth of all. All you have to do is take a break, do your research, second-guess yourself but not in an overly stressful way and know that no matter what… everything is going to turn out just fine. Feeling motivated but still looking for just that little push? We thought so. That’s why we recommend checking out the full article at this link here.

Holiday Decorating Tips

Living in a part of the world where it only gets warmer around the holidays has both pros and cons. We get to gloat a wee bit when the Northern hemisphere is discussing the wild weather patterns of snow and rain; at the same time, the stereotypical backdrop of a winter wonderland can be a bit lost on us when we plan our holiday décor. That’s why we love stumbling across articles that celebrate the holidays in unique ways. Maybe you live in a particularly contemporary area, maybe you have a home with standout features like mantlepieces that are begging for custom décor. There’s no rhyme or reason, no right answers as to how you should decorate your home for the holidays, nor are there guidelines as to the right ways to celebrate. All that matters is that you’re surrounded by what makes you happy. (And bonus points for delicious food – we’re taking recipe recommendations, hint, hint…) It was tough to choose an article in this space. For our contemporary friends, visit here. Interested in learning about “cottagecore”? This is definitely up your alley. And if you’re just looking to keep things easy, here are your experts.