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Expect the Best Durability From Taylor Fencing

We hold our team here to a very high standard. This may seem vague, but it’s a blanket statement that we like to use around all of the principles that our business was founded on. When this team was first created, it was to fill a need in the area. Over time, we’ve elevated ourselves to not only fill that need, but create solutions for the issues that our customers don’t even know that they have yet. We basically want to stay one step ahead of the game. We’re very aware, and grateful, for the multitude of other companies that you can work with in the area. They’re the ones who teach us, and push us, and prompt us to create a community of craftsman that can offer high-quality solutions for the community.

So we have a variety of check-off’s that need to take place when we’re sourcing or building our fencing solutions. They run the gamut, and they are comprehensive. They involve not only the materials that we choose, but also the processes that we engage in and the manner in which our team members show up for conversations and even installation. Your experience should be flawless and should entice you to share said experience with those around you. That’s our goal anyways.

Expect-the-Best-Durability-From-Taylor-FencingOne of these principles is durability. Durability is something that we look for in every material that we source. Sometimes these materials are durable at their source. This is a lucky but rare occurrence. More often than not, we need to make sure that they’re properly treated so that they’re durable and safe for your loved ones. So we look for the treatments that will make our fences safe to the touch, and also last this lifetime and beyond.

Our fences need to be able to withstand any weather. This doesn’t just mean rain and moisture. This also means high-impact winds and storms. So our fences are properly rooted into the ground and tested for high-impact. They’re treated with galvanized steel so that there is no chance of access moisture causing rust or mold. Rust and mold can be the end-all of any fencing solution and a quick way to spend money that you didn’t mean to. When fencing solutions are properly treated and properly tested, you won’t have to update them every few years. When they aren’t, you’re not only looking at more frequent updates, you’re also potentially looking at injuries or sicknesses that can be quickly avoided.

So rest assured that we take the extra steps, that we take the precautions to avoid scenarios like this. If anything, we’re a bit overly cautious. And that’s one label that we don’t mind one bit at all. Know that your fence, and the safety of those around it is paramount to the Taylor Fencing team and something that you and your loved ones will never need to worry about.

Questions? Reach out to the Taylor Fencing team. We’re more than happy to help.