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How to Fence Different Areas of Your Properties

How to Fence Different Areas of Your PropertiesFence can be such a broad term. It doesn’t even always have anything to do with your property. It can be a metaphorical term, like putting up barriers around information or emotions that you don’t want to share. No, no, this isn’t that kind of blog and we’re not looking to impart any wisdom in that realm. We’re experts in the realm of physical fences and we’re very good ones at that. We’re the Taylor Fencing team, and for decades, it’s been of the utmost importance to us to design and install the best fences around.

A lot of prospective customers come to us very warily. They don’t know what kind of cost investment they’re going to have to make or how much time it’s going to take. They tend to put off a lot of home improvement projects off for the same reason, because it’s so daunting. It’s never been simple, but there were days when you could ask your neighbor for one a few contractor recommendations in your area and know that the work would be done when the work would be done. That seemed like the norm, like it was the only option. In those days, contractors had the upper hand. Because customers didn’t know any better, they could take as long as they wanted and charge whatever price they deemed fit. They didn’t do it out of malice, they did it because it was their job and they were providing a service.

Well, while the internet age certainly has its flaws, it’s opened many doors and windows (and fences) for consumers all over the world. No longer should you feel like asking one or two people that you know will offer you the option that’s right for you. Now you have thousands – nay, millions – of resources, right at your fingertips on the phone and on the World Wide Web. And this is one of them. We’re a family-run company, with family-inspired values, and one of them is information-sharing with you – our customers. We aim to turn our customers into friends and aim to keep those friends for life. So, we set up this blog as a one-stop-shop for all things fencing. And because we know that a quality fence is just a piece of the puzzle for your dream home, we go the extra distance to learn about every industry that fencing can possibly touch. You’ll never see the same article twice, and you’ll only learn more and more about the topics that we share, as we learn about them in real-time.

Today, we’re focusing on our bread and butter – on said-quality fence installations. When you think of the word fence, what image comes to mind? Do you see a white picket fence, dotted with seasonal flowers and a gate that swings open to welcome visitors? Do you see a tall, wire fence that keeps everything inside safe and everything that may be predatory out? The thing is, you don’t have to see one or the other. There are different fences for every need, and they can be mixed and matched… even within the same priority. Read on for our recommendations on how to fence different areas of your property.

Around the perimeter

Here’s where you can have some of the most fun. Perhaps you’ve recently become the owner of a period Victorian mansion. You obviously want to show it off, so you don’t want the height of the fence to be too high. You want it to be partially transparent (for lack of a better term), so that your neighbors can “ooh” and “ahh” when they see it’s architectural beauty. So, you choose a style like a wrought iron fence. It still lines the property and calls out the difference between your land and that of your neighbors. It looks stately and lends itself to the craftsmanship that the initial designers and architects put hours of art and love into. And it still implies safety and protection. That’s just one example for this type of style of home, but you get the picture.

Around certain areas of your garden

Let’s face it, animals can be cute and fuzzy, but some varietals are only after your plants. You’ve spent weeks planting and maintaining your English rose garden, and yet, those deer keep coming back! Not a problem if you work with the Taylor Fencing team. Our recommendation is to source a fencing style like COLORBOND, where the slats are so thin, nothing can get in. You’ll still be able to visit yourself and take great pride in the landscaping work that you’ve put physical and mental labour into, but you have the ultimate say in any other visitors.

Around your pool or backyard entertaining areas

Here you not only have to worry about animals, but about beloved children and younger friends sneaking in for midnight swims. This is where our gates come into play. You can mix and match them with any of our fences, and you can ensure that they’re programmed in a way that you are the ones that call the shots if it’s really time to play in the pool. This is especially important in ensuring that a responsible adult is on duty, so that everyone has a fun and safe time.

Around areas where you keep your animals

This is another key area where height is important. You can’t have animals jumping out and leaving the property, after all. Here, we recommend wooden fences, which are easy to install and – equally as important – easy to add on to. You may start with one horse, fall in love and decide that it’s a hobby, or even a profession, and want to grow the population. These fences are safe and sturdy, so that you never have to worry about what’s most important to you.

The bottom line? You simply don’t have to pick one style. And the Taylor Fencing team is here to help you combine and make the best decisions for you.