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The Fence Projects You Can do Yourself

The Fence Projects You Can do YourselfWelcome back to the TFR Construction blog – a place where you can learn what inspires us as a team and as a company, as well as valuable advice for many different aspects of your home. When we first started out as a small, family-oriented company (still family-oriented to this day), we were laser-focused on simply providing the best fences and gates that anybody in the area could. We learned how to build them, we tested new materials, we learned lessons along the way and we celebrated our accomplishments. It was an accomplishment when we started working with larger properties, it was an accomplishment when we were able to grow our team and it was certainly an accomplishment when were first able to step back, look at our strategy and get creative about the different spaces that we wanted to be in. We know we’re not the only fencing company in the area – in fact, we love that. We collaborate, we learn, we grow. It’s an industry that can only help home and business owners and if we can be a major part of that, then that’s a win for the TFR Construction team.

Even as we sell ourselves and our services, the greatest is our customer service aspect. It’s not just picking up the phone, giving you a quote based on the size of your property and hanging up. It’s learning about who you are, what you need, and most importantly – why you need it. You’ll find all sorts of information in this area, right here on the TFR Construction blog. It ranges. You may read about the posts of a wooden fence one day and then what’s going on in home construction the next. Say it with us, “a fence is just one piece of a successful home.” So come on back on a regular basis, we’re sure you’ll learn something new every time and hopefully enjoy yourselves as well.

Today we’re taking a look at the projects that you don’t need to call us for. We know, we know, why wouldn’t we need the team for anything related to your fence? We’ll break down the projects that you can accomplish yourself – especially if you’re on a tight timeline, a tight budget, or you simply have that itch to accomplish something around the property yourself. Read on for more information:

The first may be the most important, and actually, we can collaborate with you on this one. You can design your own fence. Granted, we’re always happy to come out when we survey the land and make recommendations based on the property, the soil, the incline, etc.; But, if you. Have a vision, we want to hear about it. There are all sorts of resources on the Web, including ones where you can create your own potential renders that will help you envision what your property can be. A fence can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some see them purely as functional, while others are excited about the landscaping out front and may not even need the entirety of the property fenced in, so that those walking by can “ooh” and “ahh” about the work that’s been done. House Beautiful has a great round-up of tools and templates that you can use, that extend well beyond fences even. Now, as mentioned above – we can collaborate with you on this one. Bring us your ideas, your mood board, even try to verbally explain and we’re certain that we’ll have a solution for you. We believe strongly in custom solutions, not just the off-the-shelf options that many offer; we know we’ll build the perfect fence or gate for you.

Once the fence is installed, we HOPE that you’ll love it for years to come. That said, many of us want to shake things up and that’s something that you can own as well. A lot of people look at components of their homes and think that any sort of project will just be a stressor – in fact, it’s probably the number one deterrent that stops our current and prospective customers from embarking on improving their properties and hopefully increasing the value down the line. Well, that stops now. We’re here to say that you’ve got this! There are many projects you can achieve by yourselves. The challenge is finding the line between what makes sense to do on your own and what makes sense to call a company like us for. Here’s a great gray area (pun intended) – painting. This is a project you can do yourself. BUT you need to do some homework first. Especially if you’re buying a home that’s been previously owned, chances are that there are just a few extra steps that you need to take in order to do the work properly. We’re talking about sanding, priming, and also planning properly for how you’re going to paint your fence. This may completely depend on the style of fence. For example, while cumbersome, a picket fence can actually be a lot easier to accomplish than many other styles. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you’re not painting on a rainy day and that you’re providing the proper layers of protection for future weather.

Finally, for today, the minor maintenance that you can accomplish yourself. Maybe there’s been some inclement weather and a post has become loose. While we’re happy to help, this is one that you are more than capable of crossing off the list. As you’ll see in the article above, the most common calls that we generally receive are around rotted posts, replacing a damaged post or when you start to see your fence lean a little bit more than you should.

The great thing about all of the work is that you can feel a very serious sense of accomplishment afterwards as you walk by, knowing that you took care of that project by yourself – AND learned a new skillset in the process.