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What Are Your Fences Protecting? Spotlight on Your Pool

What Are Your Fences Protecting? Spotlight on Your PoolAs we head into 2017, the Taylor Fencing family is making an active effort to appreciate the positive. We are so grateful for you, and what we do, and we want to take the time to remind ourselves of this, as often as possible. This means that moving forward, we’ll be doing a new series on the Taylor Fencing blog. We’re going to be focusing on what we keep safe with our fences, what we keep near and dear to our hearts, and how to take extra care of these things. We’ve covered some of this content on the blog before, but this time, we want you to keep in mind the reason that you reach out to companies like Taylor Fencing. With us, you can take worry and anxiety off of your list, we’ll keep you safe and sound.

With the weather being so wonderful, we wanted to kick things off by focusing on those lovely bodies of water that some of you are lucky enough to have in your backyards.

While we don’t all have pools, we’ve probably seen them in our neighbors’ backyards. We may have seen when our neighbors have them on display, we may have seen mere glimpses of them behind tall, industrial fences. Either way, we hope that their owners are taking care of them. Because when the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, sometimes all you want to do is bound over the fence and right into their pool!

While, if you call yourself a member of the audience described above (either jumper, or pool owner), we have some best practices for you to keep in mind:

  • Channel your inner chemist- face it, you’ve probably wanted to be a mad scientist at one point. Now’s your chance! Make sure that you’re regularly monitoring the ph and other important levels of your pool. During the other three seasons, we recommend checking these every two to three weeks. Since the summer means a mass increase of visitors, you probably want to check it at least once a week.
  • Keep an eye on the hardware- It’s not just the color of the pool, there were probably a few toys that you bought with it. We’re talking about your skimmer baskets, your pumps and your filters. Storms through the colder months can be deadly to each of these, so it’s important to give these a little TLC before you let the kids in the pool.
  • Make sure that the perimeter is clear- You know that first warm spring day, when you can finally take advantage of the pool? You’ve waited so long and you can’t wait to bound right into the pool. Hold up! And make sure that you’re not letting your young ones jump the gun either. Weather can make pool sides, no matter what material they’re constructed from, slippery. Make safety your number one priority and there will be questions about the fun factor of a pool afternoon.

What does your Taylor Fencing fence protect? Contact us, and let us know!