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How Fences Prove Valuable in Every Season

Does it not seem like every season is better than the previous? When the snow and inclement weather of winter leave us, we heave a sigh of relief and get excited to welcome spring and all that comes with it. Conversely, when the temperatures rise outside, and that air conditioning just isn’t cutting it anymore, we are generally happy to bid a fond farewell to summer as well. All that to say that we’re lucky to live in an area and climate where it really is beautiful all year round. There are so many places that you can go visit. In colder weather you can check out the Blue Mountains, Barossa Valley, the Overland Trek in Tasmania, even Port Douglas in Queensland. And when you’re seeking warmer weather, you can pay a visit to: Albany, Mornington Peninsula, Robe, Kangaroo Valley and more. Long story short… we’re spoiled.

And we want you to feel spoiled as well! The Taylor Fencing team came together with one, main goal in mind. We knew the importance of safety, of having pride in your home, or knowing that the first thing that visitors see when they visit you, is your best-in-class perimeter of property invitation. So, we knew that product had to come first, and that was our priority. That wasn’t hard. We already have amazing relationships with a lot of the different vendors and designers in the area. While we’re passionate about and advocate for the products that we have in our arsenal, we’re firm believers that there’s no “one size or type fits all” when it comes to fences. We want to be here to answer your questions, to provide input, and to share honest thoughts about what will work and look best for your property.

A big piece of that research and feedback loop, is this blog. And that’s why we continue to remind our current customers and prospective readers that it’s here for you. It started as a basic platform to be able to share what we do and who we are. We knew it would be a valuable tool if you need quick-hit answers to questions that were top of mind and we knew that there was a lot of information that we’d amass with our different partners and in the different research that we were each doing. Yes, yes, we know that some may call us geeks and nerds, but as a family business that spends so much time doing what we do, how else are many of our conversations supposed to go? It’s all to benefit you, we promise.

Sometimes we take a really tactical look at best practices for these articles. Other times, we take a broader, more holistic look, talking through ideas and best-practices that we’re super excited about. Today, it goes even bigger than that. We’re talking through fences in each of the seasons and the importance and best practices that are associated.

How Fences Prove Valuable in Every Season


You already know that it’s going to be cold and wet. It may also be windy, depending on where you live. The Taylor Fencing team always wants to keep this in mind when we choose new products. We look at durability first and foremost. This has a safety lens, but also the almighty weather lens, and we do a lot of testing. We look at how our different products fare in really strong winds and heavy amounts of rain. Spoiler alert? They don’t make it into our inventory, unless they pass pretty stringent measures. The reasoning there is pretty simple. If we’re putting the Taylor Fencing stamp of approval on anything, it means that we stand behind it 100 percent.


None of us are strangers to spring cleaning – as much as we may hate to admit it. It’s that time of the year, when you can really purge and get rid of anything that’s getting in your way. Have you learned about the Spark Joy movement? It’s worth a look-see, especially if it’s more challenging than not for you to carve out the time to clean your home. Fencing-specific, this is the season when the sun slowly comes out to play after the wear and tear on your fence of colder, wetter, and windier months. While it’s important to practice regular maintenance during the winter, the spring and warmer months are far better for cleaning and updates.


We see an influx in fencing requests during the hottest months of the year, for a couple of different reasons. For those lucky enough to be the owner of a pool, or someone in the early planning stages of installing one, it’s especially important to be strategic about the timing and the type of fence installation. Not only do you want to keep what’s important to you, safe, but you want to keep prowlers and trespassers out. Not only that, and we all love our younger generations, but they’re amazingly curious and adventurous. Ensure that they can only have fun in the pool, when they have the right eyes on them.

How Fences Prove Valuable in Every Season


We always try to look one season ahead, and fall is one of those transitioning seasons where you really need to batten down the hatches for the winter. You want your fence to stand strong, so this is your time before it gets too cold and wet to check on things like mold, cracks, necessary paint updates and other ways to enhance your security and comfort. A fence can meet a lot of different needs, but safety and security will always be priorities in the name of the game for the Taylor Fencing team.

As you can tell, there are checklists and things to look forward to in each season when it comes to your fence, and specifically the fence that is your calling card for your home or business. Questions? Comments? Let the team at Taylor Fencing know. We’d love to hear from you and kick off conversations about your ideal fencing solution.