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Are you looking to undertake a retaining wall or sports/tennis court construction project in or around Melbourne? TFR Construction offers a wide range of construction services that involve excavation or installation. We provide a complete service to help you plan and build your idea so that you get the very best outcome.

Whether your project is big or small we’re here to lend our expertise. Here are some of the most popular project types that we complete for our clients:

Retaining Wall Builders

Retaining walls are used to hold back soil within landscaping. They require a secure construction by professional retaining wall contractors, so that the wall will remain in place without crumbling, cracking or falling apart.

While safety is the priority with retaining walls, it’s also possible to customise the look of the design to suit your property. The walls can be built using various materials and techniques. As retaining wall specialists in Melbourne, TFR Construction will ensure your project is built to the correct specifications so that it not only performs but looks the part too.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete is affordable yet durable, which is why it’s commonly used in a wide variety of building materials. When used for retaining walls, concrete sleepers can be scaled quickly with ease.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls can be used for fencing or to section off different areas of your yard to create multiple levels. They can also be used to hold back soil if your driveway slopes to ensure the safety of the area. Concrete is also a more affordable option, making it suited to those on a budget. Plus, concrete is very low maintenance compared with other material options.

Timber Sleeper Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can also be made from timber. Timber sleeper retaining walls add a stylish addition to any outdoor area. They work extremely well when combining your retaining wall with nearby plants since timber has an Earthy, rustic feel.

Timber sleepers can also be used to section of areas of your yard, including to build a vegetable patch. If you want to create a stylish modern look for your outdoor areas then timber is the material of choice.

Steel Uprights

Retaining walls require a support structure for each segment to be fixed onto. Steel uprights are embedded deep into the ground at a specific angle. They will ensure not only a proper finish of your retaining wall but the longevity of it too. The benefits of using steel are that it’s incredibly strong. What’s more, galvanised steel will last anywhere up to 70 years when used for outdoor projects, offering excellent value for money.


When building or extending a property, excavation may be required to check the contents of the land before it is built on. Similarly, you may require the removal of existing buildings and foundations, or for the land to be evened out for retaining wall or sports/tennis court construction purposes.

Excavations require heavy duty machinery and expertise to carefully navigate the area. Our machinery and know-how will make light work of the most uneven of ground so that your building or landscaping project can quickly take shape. You’ll avoid problems later down the line if your land is perfectly even before building commerces, which is why excavation is highly recommended.

Laser Grading

The process of laser grading involves using a ride-on machine to churn up the land within an outdoor sports environment so that it is left smooth and ready to play on.

Laser grading will make the surface much safer to use by reducing the possibility of injury. It does so by removing any holes or uneven slopes in the ground. It will also reduce the need to postpone games due to poor pitch conditions.

Compared with attempting the work by hand, professional laser grading will complete the job much more efficiently with greatly improved results.

Sports Court Construction

Create a fantastic outdoor facility for your home, school or professional athletics club with sports court construction. The design, planning and build of your sports court can be tailored to any kind of sport including tennis, football, basketball and many more. All aspects will be diligently planned out so that you get years of fantastic play from your new sports court.

Sports Courts Excavations

Excavating your sports court is the key to ensuring a quality surface. The land may currently be uneven, partially sloped or have plant matter that’s in the way. We will evacuate the area so that it’s left perfectly smooth and ready to build on. TFR Construction can also construct your sports court offering a complete start to finish service.

Sports Courts Fencing

Fencing around your sports court isn’t just for show. Not only does it help keep the ball within the court making it less of a hassle to retrieve it, but sports court fencing also protects the public from flying objects as they walk by. Therefore, it needs to be constructed from the right materials and installed to a suitable height.  The fencing also needs to be weatherproof so that it won’t rust or be blown down in windy conditions. All of which will leave you free to concentrate on the game.

Tennis Courts Construction

What better way to make the most of your outdoor space than to build a tennis court? Tennis courts can be built on residential land, in schools or for professional clubs. Tennis court construction involves excavating the land to create level ground. The court will then be mapped out and built with a variety of surface options to choose from.

Tennis Court Fencing

A highly recommended finishing touch for new or existing tennis courts is tennis court fencing. Having fencing around your tennis court will keep the ball in the area. This will ensure play isn’t disrupted due to having to retrieve the ball. It will also keep bystanders safe since there will be no chance a tennis ball can come flying their way. Tennis court fencing is also ideal for residential properties with nearby neighbours, as the area will be kept neat and tidy.