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Five of the Best Sport Courts in the World

Five of the Best Sport Courts in the WorldWelcome to the Taylor Fencing blog! Welcome to your digital home for all things related to the best fences and gates that you’ll find anywhere in the area. We see this as the springboard to many of the most important projects you’ll complete in relation to your home, specifically the fences and gates that keep it safe and secure. We have COLORBOND models, wrought iron models, wooden models and more. More is the key word here, because a) if you want it, we’ll figure out a way to make it happen and bring your vision to life and b) our inventory is growing and changing constantly. We pride ourselves on remaining true to our heritage and always stocking some of our signature styles, but we also know that the landscape (pun intended) continues to change and we need to change to fit our customers’ needs.

There are several needs that we always want to meet for our customers, but our Website and our blog helps with our desire and commitment to information-sharing with our valued community of customers. Let’s say that you want to build a fence. Better yet, let’s say that you need to build a fence – your property isn’t up to code, you just brought home a boisterous puppy or (and we’ll focus on this one in a second) you’ve made other additions or changes to your property and a fence is an integral part of their design. Where do you start? Ironically you really can google any variety of questions related to building a fence now, but even then, it can be even more overwhelming. So, you can head right on over to the Taylor Fencing Website where we can answer absolutely any questions you may have and walk you through the process of surveying your property, outlining what the process will look like and how long it will take, all the way through the completion of work. Transparency is key here, the more information we can give you the better!

That’s what we’re doing today and we’re headed back to the aforementioned comment about additions and changes to your property. You know what an increasingly popular one is? Sport courts. What is a sport court you may ask? You’ve seen them, if anything on television, used in professional sporting events as well as recreational ones. By definition, they’re a safe, modular surface outside and a great place for you and your friends and family to play a variety of sports. Basketball, hockey, volleyball, you name it. You may have heard them called a game court, but the point is that they’re all-encompassing for whatever activity you want to get after on a sunny day. Sport courts gained popularity because they weren’t depending on concrete as the flooring, which causes massive shock to pains and undue stress over time. Instead, sport courts use a variety of materials, which are much more forgiving. They’re a great addition to any property as long they’re designed, constructed and maintained properly. Also know that you’ll quickly become the most popular home on the street if you have children in the neighbourhood. Not that difficult to construct and designed with a small number of components, they’re something to think about if you’re looking for your next home renovation project. And as you can imagine, sport courts certainly need a fence, so they’re right in the Taylor Fencing wheelhouse.

So, we got you all excited right? We suppose you’re going to need inspiration if this is a project that you plan to pursue. Not to fear, inspiration is another one of our favourite things to share on the Taylor Fencing blog. The only way that we can give it out, is if we receive it! Today, we’re sharing our favourite sport courts from around the world as a good incentive to see what design aesthetic works for you!

First up is Chong Khneas Basketball Court, found in Cambodia in Chong Khneas Village, Siem Reap, Annapu Conservation Area, Ghandruk. It’s important to share such specifics about its location for the same reason why it’s so unique – it’s a sport court on water. Rather, it’s floating on a barge, but still. There are actually multiple floating villages in the area and habitants of the area have adapted their lifestyles. This floating court has a single hoop and one wire fence to keep players safe. Talk about training!

The 3D Basketball Court in Munich, Germany is exactly what it sounds like. Can you believe that? It’s a country full of designers and artists, so we shouldn’t be surprised, but what’s amazing is that players are successfully using it to train and play. In order to achieve the look of 3D, the lines aren’t straight but curve around and connect the baskets at either end.

If you’re looking for a sport court with views, you should probably head to Peline, Dubrovnik and check out its City Wall Rooftop Court. This isn’t just a well-known court for those that play, but the massive group of those who travel just to snap a photo for their social media, especially Game of Thrones fans who will appreciate the view of the Adriatic Sea more than anyone. Just don’t go losing your ball over the fence!

Taguig Tenement Basketball Court is in Fort Bonifacio Tenement, Taguig, Metro Manila. Basketball specifically is an honoured sport in the Philippines and has been for decades. This particular tenement area was built in the 1950s and even then, the residents knew that they had to design a space to compete in their favourite activity. So, they decided to build their own court! It was a cramped area, some would even say the court was claustrophobic, but it stood the test of time. In fact, it’s done more than that, becoming a memorial to Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in 2020.

On 17 rue Duperré in Paris, there’s no way to miss the Pigalle Basketball Court. That is, if you know where to look. The court is not known for its size, rather the artwork that surrounds it. Time and time over, famous artists and collectives from around the globe have made their mark on it. This is another court that has seen corporate love over the years, even working with Nike on a rebrand this past year.

Questions? Let us know. The Taylor Fencing team can’t wait to hear from you.