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Happy Holidays from Taylor Fencing!

Happy Holidays from Taylor Fencing!It happens every year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. We’re not talking about spring cleaning, we’re not talking about when your kids go back to school, we’re talking about the holiday season.

It doesn’t matter what you celebrate. We are familiar with all of the different holidays and are big fans of each and every one. Don’t believe us? Reach out. We’re sure that we’ll be able to stump you with a fun fact, no matter what you’re celebrating this year.

Want some teasers?

Christmas: We’re sure that most of our readers are familiar with the song “Jingle Bells”. What we’re not so sure that you’re familiar with, is the reason that it was written. We’re sorry to break some bubbles and cause some disappointment, but the song actually wasn’t written for Christmas. Instead, it was written for Thanksgiving, a largely American holiday. Straight from Pastbook,The song was written in 1857 by James Lord Pierpont and published under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh”. It was supposed to be played in the composer’s Sunday school class during Thanksgiving as a way to commemorate the famed Medford sleigh races. “Jingle Bells” was also the first song to be broadcast from space.”

Who knew, right? Other fun facts that you can find on this site and others include:

  • Rudolph’s red nose is most likely because of a parasitic infection of his respiratory system. Do not let this ruin Rudolph for you. Like him, the Taylor Fencing team goes the distance to get the job done… no matter what the weather is.
  • (Don’t share this one with the kids)… In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) doesn’t actually arrive from the North Pole… Instead, he arrives from Spain of all places. He has his smaller helpers, but they don’t always have the best intentions. In fact, if the children misbehave, it’s seen by the country as a severe punishment. So, you better be nice!
  • Another good one – “According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), there are 2,106 million children under age 18 in the world. If we assume that each household has in average 2.5 children, Santa would have to make 842 million stops on Christmas Eve, travelling 221 million miles. Given the different time zones, Santa has 36 hours to deliver gifts, therefore his average speed would be approximately 650 miles per second. It is less than the speed of light (therefore, it’s, theoretically, doable but still quite hard for a chubby old man). Larry Silverberg, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, suggests that Santa uses relativity clouds to get the work done. Relativity clouds, based on relative physics, allow Santa to stretch time like a rubber band which gives him months to deliver gifts, while only a few minutes pass for the rest of us.” – Thanks to the team at Pastbook!

So, we’ve got the data and fun facts. But, what can you expect from the team at Taylor Fencing this year? Short answer – a lot.

First up – as we always have to share – we have gratitude. And, here’s why:

  • We have the best team in the world. They’re dedicated, they’re kind, they’re hardworking, and they’re excited to go into the next world. We don’t pick our team members lightly. We’re a family-based company for a reason. We have a lot of values, and each of our team members embodies each and every one of them. That didn’t change in 2019 and that won’t change in 2020. In fact, they’ll probably only improve. We’re proud that we have a reputation where employees around the country know exactly why Taylor Fencing is the best company to work for.
  • We have the best customers in the world. In fact, we don’t call them customers. We call them our community, we call them our family. We call them these for a few different reasons. When the work starts, you become our friends. That’s the best ways for you to trust us. How else can you believe in a company that’s coming into your home for multiple days at a time and changing things that are very important to you? Answer? You can’t. Solution? You work with companies like Taylor Fencing, because of the aforementioned reasons. That’s just where the work starts. But, the relationship continues far past the completion of work. It means that no matter what type of question you may have, we’re here for you – every hour of every day. Email? Yep. In-person? We’ll make it happen. Phone call? We are here for you all of the time. Don’t believe us? Try it. We always want to be the company that continues the conversation far after the work is done.
  • We have the best ideas in the world. We know, we know… it’s a bold statement. But how would we have gotten this far in the business if this wasn’t our objective? Ideas is a broad statement as well. But, it applies to a lot of different things. We want to think about the best materials to use. We want to think about the best ways to train our teammates and our leadership. We want to think about how we can condense our process timelines and make them short and sweet. We know that it’s possible, and we know that we’re going to achieve it in the next year, and every year following that.

Sound like a New Year’s Resolution post? Don’t you fret; we will have another post solely based on that. We’ll have holiday posts as well in the coming weeks so that you know the best ways to prepare your home for the holidays and how the Taylor Fencing team is doing the same. Today’s post is truly about why and how we’re grateful for this year. And you’re the biggest part of it.

Questions? Let the Taylor Fencing team know. We can’t wait to hear from you.