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A Holiday Message from the Taylor Fencing Team

Oh, the holidays. Loved by some, hated by others. We’ve all heard stories of both success and failure, both of which are a vital part of what makes the holiday season, the holiday season. These range from tales of real-life angels, who are making a notable difference in the lives of those that are less set up for success, to warnings of family shenanigans that can really turn into “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (or other holidays).

We’re swiftly approaching the peak of the season and that means that it’s time for the Taylor Fencing blog to continue our diatribes about how fortunate we’ve been for the past year and the best ways to celebrate and prepare for the holidays. You may be a continued visitor of the Taylor Fencing blog. If so, you know the purpose. You know that this is the perfect hub for messaging and storytelling about what means most to us. You also might have checked out our last post about how thankful we are and how to give back to the community. If not, you can find it here. If you’re a newer member to the family, we welcome you to the Taylor Fencing blog. You can always consider us your one-stop-shop to design and install the perfect fence solution for you.

As a family business, this is an especially important time of year for us. We’re lucky enough to see those closest to us on a daily basis. That doesn’t just mean our immediate family. There are a few different ways to look at it. First up – everyone we work with becomes a family member, and we have no idea what we’d do without you. The same is true for our customers and the same is true for all of our partners.

Our last blog post looked back at the year and focused on gratitude and giving back. Today, we’re focused on the best ways to celebrate. Now, these aren’t all fence-centric, but they are all related to celebrating your home, your family, those closest to you and (broken record) hopefully good food and drink. Read on for our favourite ways to celebrate:

Give back

We know, we know, we already said it… but make sure that you incorporate contributing back to your community into your holiday celebration schedule. If you have something to give, you’re ahead of the game of those that cannot and the amount of appreciation that they have can be the best holiday present around. No dollar amount is too small, and sometimes, time is the best gift that you can give. You can make it an event of its own; grab some friends, discuss a cause that’s particularly important to you and schedule some time. You’ll be forever bonded over the experience and probably enthused to continue to celebrate that cause.

A Holiday Message from the Taylor Fencing Team

Reach out

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your busy schedules and lose touch of those that mean the most to you. Sometimes that’s a great aunt across the country, but sometimes it’s an old best friend that lives right down the street. Mend bridges, check how others are doing. While the holidays should be the happiest time, they can bring out other emotions for others. A quick text message, email or even a phone call can mean more to someone than you’ll ever know.

Plan ahead

Traveling and booking between November and January are chronically terrible. It’s like the transportation and hospitality organizations know that they can make the most money during this season…. Hmmmm…. Jokes aside, holiday travel can be a huge stressor and take a toll on your experience. Book early and do your research. Don’t jump on the first fare or reservation that you find, because if you do so early enough, chances are good that you’ll find the best deals. In the same vein, stay patient if you’re traveling during the holiday season. Emotions may run rampant but remember that everyone is just trying to go to and celebrate with those that they love most.

A Holiday Message from the Taylor Fencing Team

Have fun

Traditions are fantastic and should not be messed with, but you can also think of the holidays as a great time to try something new with family and friends. Maybe there’s a holiday festival in the area or a new recipe that you’ve been meaning to try out. Sometimes, the best traditions are new ones. They’ll only give you even more stories to tell in the years to come… whether they’re a huge success or go slightly awry.

Get ready

What comes after the holidays? The New Year! 2019 is looking like a great one for the Taylor Fencing team and we hope that the same is true for you and yours. There is equal value in looking back during the holidays and looking forward. Yes… we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions. The best tips as you put yours together? Create resolutions that you can look forward to. Create resolutions that are realistic. More than 80% of resolutions are dropped after January, and we know that the Taylor Fencing blog community is better than that. Create resolutions that you can easily track and find accountability buddies in your family and friends that will keep you on track well into 2019.

Think about brand new fencing for 2019

There it is, the crux of success for the new year. We will continue to have best-in-class materials, styles and products that are as unique as you and your home. We will never state enough how grateful that we are to provide a premium fencing installation for your home and 2019 will be a year where we push ourselves to only bring you better and better solutions.

That only scratches the surface. There’s obviously a lot that goes on during the holidays, both good and challenging. Luckily, you have the Taylor Fencing team behind you. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Taylor Fencing team would always love to hear from you.