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Home Construction News 2019 – Episode One

Could life be any better? Not only is it a brand-new year, full of possibilities, but it’s the kick-off of a whole new series of home construction, renovation and design stories, right here on the Taylor Fencing blog.

Like we said, new years are full of possibilities. They’re also full of new beginnings and we hope that that means that we’re greeting a lot of new and exciting customers to our site. Welcome, welcome, welcome! You couldn’t have picked a better place to set as ground zero for all the right informative and engaging information to make your house your dream home. We’ve been in the industry for decades, working side-by-side with teammates that are like family (and some of us are!). We spend every day with each other and that means that we learn skills that complement each other’s and ultimately bring your dream fencing solution to you.

That’s right, the crux of our business is designing and installing your dream fence. We’re talking every line and style of product from those made of wood to COLORBOND to wrought iron and everything in between. We design fences for every architectural style of home, every size of home, every type of terrain and every shape of lot.

But how have we unearthed the knowledge that we’ve gleaned to date? And how do we continue to improve our processes and expand our knowledge? Most importantly – how is it that we continue to WANT to do all of the above, while maintaining a love for what we’re most passionate about?

These are all valid questions, and they’re rooted and promoted right here in the Taylor Fencing blog. Like we said, our site is ground zero for everything you need to know, and our blog is our forum of telling the tales of just that. Fence information, gate information, security information – but more than that, we look at the broader industries of home construction, design, landscaping and more to paint you the best picture. Read on for our favourite finds on the World Wide Web as we head into this exciting new year.

Home Construction News 2019

Reimagining house construction

If you feel like reading an article about being as innovative as possible, this one’s for you. The Taylor Fencing team is driven by the inspiring stories that we see in the news. We love learning about new materials that other companies are leveraging and the benefits that they could also bring to our customers. It excites us so much when we see projects executed in unique ways, prompting us to think about similar variations that we can bring to life for you. This means that we also love to champion those behind the work and this article is about a group called Profile Homes. Per the article, “Profile Homes was created to shorten the construction schedule and avoid cost overruns, yet give clients appealing choices on the design, look and fit of their new homes that are also environmentally sustainable.” The company was Matt Silva, also the builder. He’s joined by architect Jennifer Rmasey and Stefan Vittori, 3D animator. They’re making waves across the architecture and construction industries, with their focus on sustainable materials alone. You can learn more about them in the article, here.

Home Construction News 2019

Rising labor costs send the price of house construction skyward

If you’re dedicated to getting your homework done before starting any work on your home. (Pun intended, if you caught it). Well first of all, if you fall in this category, our hats off to you. You’re one of us. If you don’t yet fall into this category, we recommend that you join pronto. All of the biggest home construction, design, renovation and landscaping errors are rooted in a mistake along the way. The easiest way to make a mistake? Not doing your homework. Your homework is pretty broad. The biggest priority is to ensure that you like and trust anyone that works on your home. That’s why we continually reiterate on the blog the importance of vetting your contractors. Don’t just take the internet’s word for it. Ask your friends – they’ll be way more honest. Bonus with Taylor Fencing? You can do both. We’re happy to provide references for any of the work that we’ve done in the past – both to continue to demonstrate our commitment to transparency, but maybe also to showcase how proud we are about the extent and variety of the work that we’ve done. Back to homework, another piece (which we do right here in the blog) is looking at the broader picture. That includes the not-so-fun stuff like finances. We advocate for you to staying up to snuff on what the housing market looks like, and that includes referencing articles like this one. This article takes a look at rising labor rates and exactly how that impacts construction costs. Spoiler alert, the rising rates could be the catalyst to a stretch on your wallet, as you plan your next project. Check out more information in the article, found here.

Moving historic Mackenzie House: How crews will haul 580 tons around the block

If you’re interested in the future but passionate about preserving the past, this one’s for you. Many of the wisest in their fields credit their success to the trailblazers who came before them. That’s definitely the case for anyone touching the structure, fixtures or design of a home. After all, there was a time when cavemen lived in mud huts. How far we’ve come! So, while many builders see older developments as just land where they can exercise their craftsmanship and bring in brand new homes, there are organizations all over the globe that believe that history is here to stay. That’s certainly the case in this story, and it’s definitely one that warms our hearts. The house isn’t moving far, only a few hundred metres, but it will require shifting 600 tonnes at the cost of almost a million dollars. You can learn more about this amazing story, here.

Questions? Comments? Want to see other topics on the blog? Let the team at Taylor Fencing know. We’d love to hear from you and start the conversation about bringing you your dream fence.