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Home News for April

Greetings! We’re so pleased that you’ve returned to the blog of the Taylor Fencing team. If you’re old hat, you know that we’re passionate about what we do (designing and constructing the very best fences around), and if you’re newer to our community, we can’t wait to educate you about what sets us apart from everyone else in the business. Curious? We’ll fill you in on a couple of secrets. The Taylor Fencing business was founded on family values and that continues to be a pivotal and paramount piece of our business. We know that when we treat each other with respect, when we communicate effectively, when we strive to learn more and more day after day, we’re only going to succeed more. And when we succeed, you succeed. We could not appreciate our customers more, and we know that starts when you visit our site and our blog. We hope that you can see our enthusiasm for every piece of the process and the fact that we never think we’re done learning about the best ways to improve. You’re now privy to one of our favourite ways to do that… our monthly round-ups of home news. Construction-related? Sure! Landscaping? We want to know. We even tackle interior design. You never know what you’re going to get – content-wise – but you can always assume that it will be informative and engaging. Read on for the best finds of the Web for this past month.

Home Theater Systems Industry 2019 Global Market Growth, Trends, Revenue, Share and Demands Research Report

Home News for April

If you love watching movies, you’ll want to know about this article. Who doesn’t love enjoying a film at the end of a long day? Whether it’s a comedy, a drama, a scary movie or a documentary that makes you think, watching cinema has become an integral part of many homeowners and home-renters daily routines. Those designing these homes have sat up and taken notice. That’s why there’s been such a boom in the influx of home cinemas and watching areas. Some are small, some are hundreds of square meters, but they all have one thing in common – they bring joy to the homeowners. What’s interesting is the growing trend at building these spaces out in your dream home and this article chronicles the growth and evolution specifically in this calendar year. Check out this link for more information. is Beating Airbnb in Home Stays

If you’re planning your next vacation and you’re feeling stuck, you’ll want to know about this article. We’re all pretty familiar with sites like AirBnB, and many of us have been enthralled by the crazy growth that the market has seen. What used to be an assumption that travel meant working with a travel agent and checking into a hotel has evolved into a completely different model. Now you can stay at the home of someone halfway around the world, and for a much lower price. But when one company does something very well, many others want to jump on the bandwagon and imitate. That’s why this article is so interesting. Of all sites, is beginning to far outpace AirBnB and other companies. According to this article, “Since 2007, 748 million guests have stayed at homes, apartments, or unique listings like yurts and igloos listed on, according to its parent company, Booking Holdings. During that same time period, Airbnb says 500 million guests have stayed at one of its listings.” Check out this link for more information.

Put Some Flower Power in Your Home Design

Home News for AprilIf you’re a bigger fan of flora than fauna, you’ll want to know about this article. There’s no doubt that when properly cared for, flowers and plant life are aesthetically pleasing. They even have holistic health benefits and can brighten up a day when you’re feeling down. Yes, they take work, but the payoff is big. Now interior design experts are sharing that you don’t need to get the live thing to indulge in the benefits. Plant life motifs are becoming a popular trend in home design and décor. USA Today shares, “Plants, plants and more plants” are expected to be one of 2019’s hottest design trends, says Amanda Gates, an energy design expert, award-winning interior designer, advanced feng shui practitioner and host of the popular podcast Home Energy Design. Placing plants and flowers in our homes boosts mood, cleans air, encourages mindfulness and enhances feng shui, she adds.” Check out this link for more information.

Selling the Family Home: Helping Seniors Navigate the Market and the Move

If you’re working through where your more elderly relatives are going to live next, you’ll want to know about this article. We love and care for our families at every age and want to ensure that that they’re set up for success no matter what. Aging relatives have different needs and frequently that means that the homes that they’ve grown up in and made so many different memories in, are no longer adequate. Selling your home is stressful already, but when you have specific needs, it takes on a new level of challenges. First and foremost, there are the emotions associated. You’ve spent a ton of time in this place, and respect deserves to be paid. While this article touches on that, it really focuses on the logistics associated with navigating the market in this day and age. Tips include not being in a huge rush to sell and including your family members for support wherever possible. Don’t feel badly – they’ll be willing to lend a helping hand. According to this article, “It’s never a bad thing to have more than one or two sets of ears listening to important information that will affect your financial future. Consider inviting your adult children, someone whose judgment you trust, and in some cases your power of attorney to take part in discussions about the sale of your home. It can help bring you more peace of mind about your decisions.” Check out this link for more information.

We hope that this breadth of information helps showcase exactly how wide reaching our passion for supporting your dream home is. After all, a premium fence from Taylor Fencing is the very first and last thing that visits see. Reach out for more information.