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Home News for November

Home News for NovemberTime is flying, isn’t it! No one can deny that it’s been an abnormal year, and we won’t be the first to do so. Remember the days when you wished that time would go faster so that you could move closer and closer to something that you were excited about? Well, that’s how we feel every time that we know we can share one of our monthly round-ups of our favourite home news for the month. We’re guessing that there are some new visitors to the site this week, and to you – we say “welcome!” We hope that you return time and time again to the Taylor Fencing site. As you scroll through, it will be no surprise that you’ll find the most premium (and diverse) range of products to protect your property and what’s important to you. That’s the case with many sites in the industry, including our competitors. But what they lack and we pride ourselves on is taking it to that next level. What does that mean? That means that we’re not just about sourcing products. We’re not just about installing a fence, wiping our hands clean of a job and calling it a day. No, that’s silly. This is your property that we’re talking about; this is something that you didn’t just snap your fingers and decide upon. You care and we care. We care by communicating in a variety of ways. And this is one of them! Our monthly round-ups of news are a great way to be inspired, motivated and supported through any manner of renovation, landscaping, construction and interior design trends. Read on for more information:

How to Build a Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

The first one probably resonates with many whose work environments have drastically changed, thanks to 2020. Many of you were used to commuting into buildings specifically for work at specific hours of the day. That’s shifted a little – and probably a lot for many. In fact, it’s meant that many have had to get very creative about spaces designated to get your job done in the comfort of your home. For those that don’t have, and do need, a home office – this article is for you. That said, why should you have to spend even more money just because you’re not able to commute? Answer: you don’t necessarily have to. The Taylor Fencing team always wants to keep as much money as possible in your wallets. We love finding the best custom products for you that fit your budget, because we know that they’ll make you that much happier. This article shares that sentiment and wants to show all of the options that you can explore to build the perfect home office for you within your budget. Check out this link for more information.

Building a Forever Home

As we mentioned, our fences and gates line the perimeter of your property – something that’s both important to you and important to us. It’s not just about the functionality, we find fences to truly be a beautiful addition to any property. Working outside every day, we develop such a love for architecture and the unique home builds that we frequently see. We have equal passion for older homes and brand-new construction – there’s something special about every plot of land that we work on. So, one of the buzzwords that we love is “forever home”.  It sums up the feeling of the decades of memories you’re planning on making there. On the other hand, it’s a bit frightening isn’t it? It’s like taking a giant leap in a relationship… one that you’ll be living in. Well, throw away that fear and bring in the excitement. Armed with inspirational articles like this one, you’ll feel way better about jumping in. Our favourite quote, based on the times: “The best part of this project, in addition to creating a beautiful home its owners absolutely love in a location they’re committed to, the family was able to move back in just before the pandemic.” Read more here and be prepared to smile.

Gardens of the World: A Great American Tradition

If you’re a Taylor Fencing blog fan, you know very well how much we love landscaping. And if you’re not, we’ll say it here – we’re big fans. We’ve seen the good, the bad, never necessarily the ugly… but perhaps the “it needs a Taylor Fencing fence to hide it just a little bit.” We love conversing with prospective and current customers about their landscaping and perhaps how we can weave our fencing products into it. After all, a fence doesn’t just need to go around your perimeter; it can be used to protect or enhance all sorts of areas, many of which we see as asks because of certain landscaping schemes. As a sidebar, we find just as much value in learning as we do in educating and sharing. They kind of all have to go hand-in-hand, don’t they? It’s the best way for us to come to the table and not only share visual inspiration, but also point out where challenges or potholes (metaphorically, hopefully not physically) come into play. We then find the solutions! Well, the best way to do this is to look at the best of the best. This article takes a look at some of the most beautiful gardens and landscaping schemes around. Check it out and let us know which is your favourite.

We hope that, as with all months, this month’s installment has really pushed you to either explore new projects or get after them. Maybe it’s something as simple as planting a new flower outside of your house. Or maybe you’re finally ready to build an addition to your home or downsize. If the projects that you’re thinking about have anything to do with having the best fence or gate on your street, you know who to call. Or email. Or even visit in person. Even if they don’t, we’re here for you. Reach out to the Taylor Fencing team and keep coming back to visit our blog.