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Home News for September

There are fewer things that make us more excited than our monthly round-up of our favourite finds on the internet. There’s a focus, obviously, and that’s everything that’s going on with your home. Inside, outside, and yeah – there will always be a focus on fences. It’s what we do and what we believe in. We were pioneers in the industry, and we will continue to evolve our offerings as we continue to learn more and more about you! – our customers. For those that are newer, every month, we will offer our findings on our Taylor Fencing blog. We hope that you find each article engaging, exciting and informative. Read on for more information:

Home Mortgage Rates Could Be Headed Even Lower If Recession Hits

Home News for SeptemberIf you’re thinking about buying a home and are keeping an eye on the upcoming recession, this article could be for you. A recession can be a scary thing, especially as you’re looking at your professional careers. But, there are benefits. And, one of the biggest ones in this upcoming recession has to do with your mortgage rates. This week, we saw the lowest mortgage rate in three years – at 3.5 percent, a great reason for potential homeowners to jump on the home-buying train. With the recession, rates could drop even lower, so experts around the world recommend that you take a leap of faith if home-buying was already on your mind. Granted, you should always consult with an expert (ourselves included), but it’s always nice to have a pulse on the industry and what’s going on, before you make an informed decision. Check out this link for more information.

How to Terminate Construction Contracts?

If you’re simply not pleased with your contractor and want to know how to thoughtfully end the relationship, this article could be for you. It’s never a fun conversation, but your home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your entire life. And you should give it the love and the attention that it deserves. It’s fantastic when you work with a company or a contractor that you get along with and work with well. We know that that’s certainly the case if you reach out to the Taylor Fencing team for advice or your next dream fence. But not all companies were built the same way that we were – with love, respect and commitment to our craft. This article is a great example of the opposite. And it details exactly how and why you can terminate your contract. Don’t feel bad about it! Just feel prepared for the tough conversations. Check out this link for more information.

Fire-Safe Landscaping: Strategies to Starve a Fire of Fuel

If you’re excited for warmer weather, but wary of the impending issues of fire, this article could be for you. We’re so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but it comes with challenges and consequences. And every year, fire is the greatest. We’ve seen some terrible ones – but, we’ve also learned over time exactly how to handle them… and more importantly – to prevent them! Being so enthusiastic about our fences, and every one of their benefits, means that we’re equally as enthusiastic about landscaping. Flowers are beautiful, plants are therapeutic, and grass should always be perfectly landscaped. But, you’re remiss if you go into your local landscaping or hardware store and don’t think through which plants can be incredibly detrimental to your landscaping, should the temperatures rise without warning. Our favourite piece of advice in this article? It’s not what is planted, it’s WHERE it’s planted. Structure your garden as a defensible space, keeping plant-life away from the direct perimeter of your home and you’ll be set up for success. Check out this link for more information.

Quick Landscaping Tips

Home News for SeptemberIf you’re missing the autumn already, then this article is for you. Seasons change faster than you can blink an eye, and none of us can ignore the fact that Global Warming is a real and true thing. Quick fun fact on this one? You’ll need approximately 38 percent less water and irrigation practices are necessary after a hot summer. Call us planners, know that we always think at least two seasons ahead, but we think that it’s incredibly important for you to know everything that we do. If you’re a regular visitor to the Taylor Fencing site and our blog, you know that we truly believe that our fences are the calling card to your property. They’re the first thing that anyone sees and the last thing anyone sees, anytime you have loved ones arrive at your property. So, while we’re confident that they’re the very best fences around, they decorate your landscaping. So, if you have shoddy landscaping or you’re not taking care of it through the changing seasons, well – we’re shaking our heads. Not only does that look poorly, but it can also impact the structure of the fences that you’ve chosen – no matter the style. We love our wrought iron, we love our COLORBOND, we love our wood, we love our retaining walls, we love each of our styles. We put a ton of love and effort into what we do, and we want you to do the same for this amazing investment and opportunity to be creative with something that you love. Check out this link for more information.

Prevent Crime Around Your Home with Smart Landscaping

If you’re continuing to make your home as safe as possible, this article is for you. It’s an uphill battle – we know. But in the same vein as the articles above, we care deeply about the outside of your home. Security is never necessarily a fun topic, but everything outside can play a role in it. This article is a big champion of cameras, but it also has unique ideas about your vegetation and other elements outside that can truly ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. Best tip here? While beautiful plants are wonderful, ensure that they’re not tall enough where anyone could hide themselves without you knowing. Check out this link for more information.

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