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Home News This Spring That You Should Know About

Home News This Spring That You Should Know AboutIt’s been a while since we’ve done one of these posts. What are “these posts” you ask? Why, you are looking at the spring installment of what’s exciting and innovative right now in home news.

Taylor Fencing and our team aren’t just known for our fences and gates – although we’re pretty good in that space – more on that later. There was no way we would have ever gotten to the place we are if we’d help complacent enough to leave it there. Sure, we still would have been the best in the business and enjoyed what we do each and every day, but it wouldn’t have been enough for us. We would have always felt like we could push boundaries, try new things, be better and faster.

Work like that doesn’t happen overnight and it sure isn’t easy. We’ve been in the business for decades and definitely made some mistakes along the way. We have no qualms in sharing that because it speaks to the people that we are and the values that we have. But what those mistakes have taught us, is to keep trying and – bringing things full circle – to learn.

Information is so easy to find these days, there are so many mediums and forums that can answer both the silliest and the hardest questions. We used to rely on our community in the industry, sharing a process improvement at a get-together or even seeing what our competitors were doing, always inspiring us. Not that we have any complaints about the way things were done – it was the norm, and it also allowed us to connect, in person, no less (can you believe it?) Now the norm has expanded like crazy. Even beyond the internet, there are so many apps and tools that are right at your fingertips, 24/7. We do find the benefits here; we have to say. And because we have all of these resources, we’re encouraged even further to learn, and then… to share with you!

All that is to say that on a regular cadence, we aim to – and succeed in – sharing what makes us laugh, learn and make our homes the best that they can be. Read on for more information:

Get Closer To Your Dream Vacation While Building Your Dream Home

Even if the weather is getting colder, we take great stock in the aspirational articles that we find, reminding us of the reasons why we build our dream homes and the best ways to do so – while limiting our stress levels. We’re betting that even hearing the term “vacation home” brings a smile to your faces. And then you remember the added costs of either building or buying – on top of where you already live. We found an article which profiles a company that gets that… but also wants you to be able to relax and explore – especially with the last couple of years that we’ve had. “We can help you complete that renovation or new home build and you can still plan for post-pandemic travel,” says Steve DiPaolo, Loyalty and Contractor Marketing Manager for KENT.  “You don’t have to sacrifice the trip you’re dreaming about.” The premise is pretty straight-forward according to this article: If someone makes $25,000 in eligible purchases in a 12-month period, they will earn 2,500 Bonus Miles. If they spend $50,000, they will earn another 5,000 Bonus Miles for a total of 7,500. If they combine that with the “Base Miles” (1 Mile for every $20) they already earn from their purchases, it comes to a total of 10,000 Reward Miles. Interested? Read the whole article at this link.

FHA Construction Loans

Financing will always be a huge part of our storytelling on the site because it turns into a deterrent to those looking to make any huge leaps – no matter how important they are in your life… all we see is that dollar sign. That’s why we like to shed light on safe and successful financial planning, so that you’re not over-stretching your wallet, but you’re also not selling yourself short. Enter the FHA construction-to-permanent loan. You’re looking at saving your time and wallet, as well as drastically lowering your stress levels. With FHA construction-to-permanent loans, you’re financing a mortgage that’s permanent – just by buying a parcel of land and building your home on it. We’ve discussed these on the site before, but we’re definitely seeing an uptick in those who are taking advantage… and seeing all of the benefits that we’re mentioning. We won’t pretend to be experts on the topic, just champions of them. In that spirit, and if you’re even teetering on the idea of taking the leap towards your next project, we recommend that you read this article.

How To Buy A New Construction Home

Finally, for today – the age-old question: to buy an older home with more character, or to go for brand-new construction. We won’t lie, we see benefits in both. With one, you know that a lot of love and history has gone into it, with potentially unique inclusions or even a general style that’s rarer these days. As sad as it may seem to our house buffs, styles are changing. On the flip-side, you may be someone who wants a ready-to-move-into, brand-new home where little to no work is necessary before you can settle for your next chapter. Don’t get us wrong, there are challenges with each as well. With older homes, you’re going to have higher costs when it comes to power and other essentials, and chances are good that it will be sooner rather than later that you’ll want to update things like appliances. With your new homes, you may be missing out on that sense that you know that no one in the neighbourhood or surrounding areas has the same home that you find so special. All of that said, if you’re looking to get into the business of owning a new home, this is a perfect article to check out. Read on for more information.