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Home Renovation News for November

Home Renovation News for NovemberMy, my, it’s starting to get warm out there. And the weather isn’t the only thing heating up. In fact, we’re proud to say that we have a plethora of popular articles in this month’s home renovation news recap that the Taylor Fencing team is excited to share with you.

That’s never *not* the case. We tend to act similarly to children on a holiday morning when this time of the month comes around. That’s because we’re incredibly passionate about everything that we do and the best ways that we can share it with our customers. You’re our greatest community, our greatest allies, our greatest support and our greatest resources. New or timeless, we value every minute that we spend with you and we’re grateful that you chose us to be your partners-in-crime. For the aforementioned “new” audience, you may be wondering, “what exactly do you get to be our partners-in-crime on?”

We’re so glad that you asked.

Taylor Fencing is one of the most prolific and passionate fence installation companies in the area. We’ve built this reputation in several different ways:

  • We’ve spent the time. There’s no substitute for experience and we’re not lacking in this space. We’re family-run and that means that several different generations have walked through our doors over the years. Each is impassioned with the same values, and that will never change.
  • We take the time. Repetitive? We think not. When you take the time, it means that you’re putting in the effort to do the job right and to do it well. That means that we’re not cutting corners and we’re not skipping steps just to get a paycheck.
  • We love what we do. And that’s exactly why we created this blog and share everything that we possibly can! Let’s spread the love. Not just about fences, but about the role that they play in landscaping and construction. Read on for our favourite finds this month:

My Construction Career Path

If you’re looking to get into this business, but you’re on the fence (pun intended), this article is for you. Our teammates go into our industry for all sorts of different reasons, all of them right and commendable. Maybe it’s something that’s been in your family for generations. Maybe you’ve seen an installation of a fence or a demolition from a building from afar and known that you were meant to be in this line of work. This particular article focuses on the latter, specifically seeing a bridge being demolished at a young age. Let’s be clear – such work should be done with the most attention to detail and hopefully with the intent that something else will replace it shortly. We can only improve the buildings in which we work and live when we keep an eye on their durability and their shelf-life. So knows Danny Holstein, who has since followed a prolific path in this business that we know and love so much. He shares an important thought: “Knowing I have a career path upon graduation is a huge relief, especially when you consider that of the nearly 70 per cent of high school graduates that go on to college, only 41 per cent earn a degree in four years and roughly one in three college graduates (34 per cent) are underemployed (meaning they work in jobs that do not require a college degree).” While it doesn’t matter what field you go into (as long as you love it and are dedicated), we can’t help feeling proud that the next generation of construction is in good hands. Check out this link for more information.

Landscaping for Home Security

If you associate with our desire to bridge landscaping and security, this article is for you. Fences are, of course, your first line of defence. A well-designed, built and installed solution, will keep in what’s important to you and keep out what might be intrusive. Sometimes we run into interesting customers and situations where they’re balking at purchasing a fence because they don’t think it will look “pretty.” Well, we’re calling bollocks here, because when you work with a company like Taylor Fencing, “pretty” is a prerequisite. It’s why we work with so many different landscaping companies in the area because fences can be the best compliment to your garden – no matter its shape or its size. That being said, we don’t feel like you should have to sacrifice one way or the other and this author agrees. Did you know that you can request a free security survey from your local police? That’s right, we said free. And though it, you can quickly spot any gaps in your plan and find the best solution. Check out this link for more information.

Home Renovation NewsWhy It’s Best to Clean up a Home Boundary Dispute

If you’re worried about how to deal with your neighbours during the holidays, this article is for you. We missed the boat on Halloween, an opportunity for children around the world to get hopped up on sugar and parents to regret purchasing said-sugar, but there are holidays aplenty around the corner and throughout the year. And they can be particularly stressful if you already don’t have the best relationship with those that live next door and across the street. There are some great tips in this article, many of which we’ll be storing in our back pockets. Highlights include: providing early visibility if you’re going to be hosting any kinds of celebrations. This helps your neighbours know if they need to park their cars in different locations and if they should be prepared for excess noise. One big reason that tips like these are particularly important is that if you choose to sell your home, you’re going to want your neighbours to be your advocates. There is no easier way to maximize the selling price of your home than receiving positive accolades from your neighbours to potential sellers. Check out this link for more information.

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