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Home Shows to Watch This Season

Home Shows to Watch This SeasonA post about home shows to watch? Wait, did I come to the right blog? Don’t worry, you absolutely did. Welcome to the Taylor Fencing blog. Whether you’re a brand-new addition to our community or someone who has been around since the beginning, our family-run business welcomes you with open arms and A LOT of information. There’s a reason that’s in all caps. Sure, it may have started with fences and gates and we are proud to be number one in that space, serving surrounding areas. But how do you get there? How do you become the company that so many flock to and are excited to get to know? We have a lot of posts on these topics on the Taylor Fencing blog and we recommend that you peruse and learn all about us. But here are the cliff notes: we know exactly what we’re doing, we do it fast and at competitive rates, and honestly – we’re good people. We love getting to know our customers, before the work kicks off, while it’s underway and far after the fact should you wake up in the middle of the night and have a random question that you know only we can answer. Phew, and that was just the cliff notes!

We won’t bore you with the details, but let’s get back to the original note. Why have you come across a post about the home shows that you should watch this season? Great question. One of the other reasons that we set ourselves so far apart from the competition is that over time, we learned quite quickly that the only way we can visit your home and make a recommendation about the fence or gate that’s right for you is by being all-encompassing experts about any sort of property. It may be the smallest cottage in the corner of the area or it may be an imposing home of any style where a different kind of aesthetic and security is needed for any matter of reasons. We’ve got you. And we’ve learned more and more about the home, construction and landscaping industries, because we took the time to do so. As with any industry and manner of study, some mechanisms are a bit more boring. But you know what’s not boring? Home shows. Put us on the couch, maybe give us a snack or two and we will soak in whatever we’re seeing on the screen. Some of it is for pure entertainment, but some of it really raises questions that drive conversation after the fact. If you look back through our blog archives, (and you should), you’ll find that we’ve done these posts before, and Taylor Fencing is nothing if not consistent. So, just like our home news round-ups that we present on a monthly basis (you should check those out as well), we love regularly sharing the home news shows that we recommend you join us in. Read on for more information:

The Home Edit

Some people love it and some people hate it. We’re talking about home organization. It may be one of those things where you stare at your closet or that one space in your home where you choose to throw your belongings after a long day. It’s not going to clean itself unfortunately. You could read all of the books in the world to aim to change your organizational habits, but honestly – it’s far more fun and inspirational to watch it on television. The Home Edit is an influencing giant in itself, and now… there’s a television show. Eight episodes. Eight celebrities. Eight completely different types of home, but they all have one thing in common. They need some help. It’s a bonus to feel a little bit gleeful looking at these celebrities’ homes that are definitely not as picture-perfect as they come across.


As with all things said on the Taylor Fencing blog, this recommendation is shared without judgment. Hoarding is a very real and wide-spread thing, the act of keeping things that you may not have used or even seen for years and years. To a degree, we’re all hoarders – whether you’re holding on to those VHS tapes from the nineties (no shame on this front) or a collection of stuffed animals from when you were a young child (again, no shame). But for some, it’s a major challenge, taking over their houses bit by bit. The show Hoarders has shown these homes for years, and then has helped the owners declutter and let go. There’s an emotional attachment to many things that you own, but given the day and age we live in, there are better ways to commemorate them. If you’re a streaming household, you can at least find one of the seasons on Netflix with hopefully more coming very soon.

Cabins in the Wild

We wanted to round out the bunch on today’s blog post with Cabins in the Wild, perhaps a unique choice. But we take great pride at Taylor Fencing in how we source the materials of our fences and gates, and that means that we only continue to have more and more appreciation for nature, the great outdoors and well… the wild. It’s a British reality show with the premise of the two hosts first checking out a hotel made entirely of cabins. Sounds pretty standard, right? Well after that, they decide to build their own. We don’t know if we like the premise, the hardworking ethic or the humor the most, but even if you like one of the three, we’ll consider it a win.

Happy watching! Let us know what you think on the above or if there are newer shows that you think anyone passionate about their home would enjoy. And if you’re interested in improving your home with a top-notch gate or fence, you know who to reach out to. The Taylor Fencing team is always happy to talk, be it through phone, email or in-person.