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How Do Fences Work in Cities?

How Do Fences Work in CitiesWelcome back to the Taylor Fencing blog! We’re excited to have you here and hope that you’ll continue to frequent our little corner of the World Wide Web. There simply was no way to overshare the information that excites our team so much, so starting this blog – just a few short years ago – was a great way to say, “Hey! That’s a good idea. We should totally share that with both our prospective and current customers.”

We work with customers in all sorts of different areas. Some live in the most rural places in the area. These are awesome customers to work with, because we know exactly what they need. They might need fences or gates to guard areas where animals live or just fence off different areas of their properties. The same can be said when we work with the interim – our customers who live in the suburbs. Here, too, there is an increase of fence requests related to animals, which we’re happy to help with.

But today’s post is focused on our most metropolitan areas. Rules here are different, as are needs. We’re guessing that you don’t live on a huge property with tonnes of outdoor space, if you chose to prioritize living in a city. There are so many benefits. You’re closer to more things, you can (hopefully) get around more easily, and it doesn’t detract from the ability to travel to adjacent more relaxed areas.

Obviously building in a metropolitan area has additional stipulations that you need to think about:

  • There are far more hoops to jump through when you work with different councils. It can be overwhelming, but if you work with a company like Taylor Fencing, we’ll always to be able to provide guidance on who to work with and for what. Conversely, unfortunately you’ll run into hoops that you didn’t expect and just assume that following guidance is the right thing to do. Again, we can tell you which steps you’re being advised on that are maybe not accurate or maybe not applicable to your project.
  • Based on the above, know that timelines associated with building your dream home may be extended when you build in the city. It’s with the best intentions in mind, but it can be very stressful if you think that your timelines for both approvals and building only continue to stretch out into the future. We get it, don’t worry. So, it’s important for you to go into the conception and building process with a clear and patient mind. It’s important to know that you will be stressed along the way. It’s important to figure out stress-management plans or activities that will help you soothe you. Above all, it’s important to know that the end result WILL be satisfying and validating. Need someone to talk you up along the way? The Taylor Fencing team prides ourselves on this, given our extensive body of experience.
  • Finally, the almighty dollar. Unfortunately, it does tend to rule the roost and that’s never clearer than when you build in the city. Plan ahead, track that budget, pad it for any surprises and be excited if you accidentally save money. We talk about this all of the time on the Taylor Fencing blog, but again – always here to answer any questions.

That’s all well and good for building homes in general, but you know and we know that our expertise lies in building the best fences and gates for any sort of properties.

When you move into a city environment, the biggest place where we help focus on fences and gates is for larger properties, as well as for balconies.

We love working with larger properties of the commercial variety. They need security, and so that means that we’re strategic around the types of fences that we advise on and then help construct. Especially if we’re working with apartment buildings, we want prospective tenants to be able to see the property as they walk by, noticing all of the facets that set it apart from others. In cases like this, we love wrought iron fences, but can and will be totally flexible and creative in recommendations, based on the architectural style of the building. Some buildings in the city need a varying degree of security. When this is the case, styles like COLORBOND are great, because they’re still a beautiful addition to the design of the property, they don’t allow anyone to peep in, but they are intriguing enough where you’d hope prospective tenants can then give the building a call for more information about it.

Balconies are another big part of the city business where our customers in the area thrive. A good balcony can add so much curb appeal to any sort of property, but if you live in a particularly metropolitan area, they’re a reason to be able to be outside without even leaving your square-footage. There are certainly challenges to helping to design and produce balconies… height not being the least of it. The same options tend to exist for balconies as they do for fencing in any sort of property – ‘what are you looking for?’ The is the most important question. Depending on where you live and on what floor your home is, you might want complete privacy. If you’re someone who loves having a variety of plants to care for on your balcony, then you’re going to want to think about how light and rain, both, can reach you.

The bottom line is that the Taylor Fencing team can not only help design and build a fence or gate, no matter where you live, but we’re passionate about what we do and will always want to be the company that you reach out to with absolutely any question that you have. Not only do we not mind, we love doing it and hope that we’ll hear from you soon.