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How Are Millennials Living?

Call them millennials. Call them entrepreneurial. Call them lazy. Call them smart. No matter what superlative or adjective you use, they’re the generation that’s changing a lot of different things. One of these is how they live, and the ways that they use and design their homes. The team at Taylor Fencing isn’t just about fencing. We’re about protecting and enhancing one of your most important investments – your house. In fact, we’re all about turning your house into a home. A fence (rather – the most premium fences on the market) is just the first step. Yes, it’s the first thing that you see when you arrive and the last thing that you see when you leave. But it’s more than that. It frames your property, and your property should be exactly as you’d like it. That’s changed generation over generation. On the Taylor Fencing blog, we aim to share all of the stories. We want to share tips. We want to share shortcuts. (And we also want to share where you shouldn’t make shortcuts and should make the heavier investment). Today, we’re looking at a specific audience and all of the above. Read on for more helpful information.

Let’s orient ourselves first. Thanks to Pew Research, check out these ages:

Image source: Pew Research

Millennials are the largest generation, thanks to Baby Boomer parents, and probably the most well-known.

The first question is about the areas that millennials are moving too. Many see it as an environmentally-friendly decision, but it’s sending them straight into the throes of metropolitan life. This is the case around the world, with major cities and their cheap neighborhoods drawing throngs and throngs of those born between 1981 and 1996.

According to a member of RentCafe, a popular resource that looks into the best and most popular areas for renters:

“Millennials are drawn to these areas by a certain lifestyle. They are much more willing than their parents to sacrifice big living space in the suburbs to live in walkable, central, buzzing neighborhoods, where workplaces are within easy reach as well as amenities, entertainment, groceries, public transportation. That’s what they get in downtowns and central business districts.”

That’s convenience and is probably more rampant for a wider range of ages than this. The next step and check-off is entertainment and activities. Millennials are the target market for many different companies and advertisers, and they know what they’re doing. They know how to pitch events, how to pitch products, and how – most importantly for this opportunity – to pitch properties. Those that are closest to bars, restaurants and theaters, tend to draw the biggest crowds.

Here’s what they’re not doing – saving to buy homes and saving for the long term. According to Business Insider, younger generations are spending more and more money to be close to things – but not necessarily planning ahead.

According to Business Insider:

“Millennials continue to move to cities in droves, as jobs and services tailored to their needs move in right beside them. The generation that prefers Uber to their own cars and Airbnb to hotels is also willing to trade the dream of owning a home for the thrills of city life.”

This may not be the case for all cities. After all, the team at Business Insider looked at cities like Melbourne and San Francisco where this age group is likely to flock. It’s where many of the big tech companies are, and that’s where many of the high-paying jobs are.

We’ve figured out where they live. But how do they live? (Sounds like a species of mammal – not our intention!)

How Are Younger Generations Living?

Millennials, as assumed, don’t spend quite as much on the necessities when they first move into their new homes. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not spending the money on their interiors. In fact, experts have found that younger generations are far happier to spend money on items like coffee machines than things like bedding.

Just last year, Lexington Law took a look: (Say that ten times fast)

“As many Millennials are graduating from college with financial responsibilities, including debt, they have a growing obligation to act more responsible with their money and spending habits. Millennials are expected to accrue more wealth by the year 2020 where they are trended to spend $1.4 trillion. As Millennials pay off loans and get better jobs with higher salaries the spending habits are expected to change.”

The millennial population is expected for pay more than a trillion dollars in the next couple of years.

So, what does that mean for our readers on the Taylor Fencing blog. We pride ourselves on designing and installing an item meant for households of all ages, types and styles. It doesn’t matter if you live by yourself, if you’re in your first home, or if you’re empty-nesting for the very first time. A fence is timeless, priceless, and necessary. The Taylor Fencing fences protect what’s most important to you – leaving out what’s not. They look beautiful (we know, we’re modest) and the team behind them is dedicated to a lifelong friendship with our customers.

What are we getting at? The key here is timeless. You need a quality fence as early as possible and done as well as possible. We’re big fans of many different companies in the industry. Not just our industry, but everyone that we touch. And they do a great job, don’t get us wrong. But we want to set you up for success with information and put you in the driver’s seat of creativity. We want to make you feel not only safe and comfortable, but proud of your home. So, through COLORBOND, wrought iron, wood, picket and other styles of fencing, we know that we’ll be your best calling card over.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The team at Taylor Fencing is excited to hear from you in every which way.