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How to Pick the Right Fence for You

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed the really tactical elements of fences – the height, the materials, how to maintain, etc. It can be a daunting task. Your fence is basically the calling card of your property, and you want it done right. At least, that’s what we assume, since you’ve stopped by the Taylor Fencing blog. It’s a great place to be. You arrive with so many questions about fences – namely, why do I care about fences right now? Luckily, you leave (or don’t – you can hang out on our blog for as long as you would like) with a great sense of calm and knowledge. Who knew that so much went into fence choices? Who knew what a role they play in the landscape (pun intended) of your home? Who knew that such an easy decision could be so difficult if you were to be led astray by any given contractor or company? We knew, that’s who. The Taylor Fencing team has painstakingly spent dozens of years thinking through the materials and styles that we want to house in our inventory. And we think that every fence should be just as unique as every one of our customers. So, on a regular basis, we think through the most basic of conversations… how to pick the right fence for you! Read on for more information.

Let’s first think about the type of property that you have. We lovingly care for every type of terrain, but we have to do so with a strategic eye. Live in the city? You’re going to need a completely different type of fence than you would if you had an expansive property with no one in sight. Both are fantastic, and both deserve the strategic eye that we just mentioned. If you’re in the city, you may be looking for more privacy from your prying neighbors. This is where height comes into question. If you live in a more natural area, you could have animals which you want to ensure remain in the confines of your grounds. Two different scenarios, and two totally different fencing solutions. Either way – when it comes to height of fence – we’ve got your back.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature does tend to rear her end year-round, no matter where you live. She sends in the heat, she sends in the sun, she sends in the rain, and indeed… she sends in the snow. It can be unpleasant, but the Taylor Fencing team plans ahead for it. We test each and every one of the materials that we use in every possible scenario. You may have seen the adverts on the television, but many don’t understand just how stringent these tests are. You think you’ve seen a tough quiz at school or in sports? That’s nothing compared to what we put our fence materials through. Don’t fret, we’ll have a future blog post all about the process, but for now, all you need to know, is that we put these fences through the ringer.

Back to choosing the right fence. We do the homework to determine if certain materials will actually hold up in different types of climates and weather. And being a local, family-run company, it’s our joy and privilege to have these conversations with you. We rejoice being in your neighborhood, nodding our heads, and knowing that we are ready to give you the most expert of advice when it comes to the material of your fence. After all, you should be purchasing this fence for life. And when treated with the most minimal and important of maintenance, if you choose the right material, there should be no issues here.

Colour is always an interesting conversation for us. It can be very personal. You may associate memories with certain colours or think that some are simply hideous. We’re here to be your partners-in-crime on this front, and not make any decisions without consulting with you heavily. We’ve seen it all, so if we know that a certain door colour won’t match with a certain fence colour, well – we’ll tell you gently. The same goes if you don’t have any clue as to what colour you’d like for your fence. Take it or leave it… we’ll have some advice for you. We know what colours complement which, and also, which will look good all year-round.

We’ve covered most of the basics, but what about the ultimate question? The STYLE. Height is one thing, colour is one thing, material is one thing, but as we mentioned before, a lot of time, work and effort goes in to choosing the actual style of a fence. We’ve got a tonne and they’re each special in their own way. You wouldn’t believe the options that are available to you, especially when you work with a team like Taylor Fencing. We’ve got wrought iron, we’ve got wood, we’ve got COLORBOND and more. And what’s best? If you don’t see the best solution for you on our Website, it’s very easy for us to create a solution that makes you feel happy and comfortable. It’s what makes us feel happy and comfortable and we’ll keep doing it for decades to come.

But we’re not done. We’re just getting started. And it starts with you. On a regular cadence, we continue to check in with our most valuable asset as a company – you – and think through the information that you truly want to know. Do you want to hear more about our team members? Do you want to know how often you should be staining your fence (or reaching out to us for help)? There are no wrong answers, and we genuinely want to know what you think. Email, call, stop on by. The Taylor Fencing team could not be more excited to hear from and work with you.