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The Ins and Outs of Building on a Hill

The ins and outs of Building on a HillThe title of this post tends to be a recurring theme of questions that the Taylor Fencing team receives. We get A LOT. And we love it. Some of the questions and comments that we get are a little bit out of left field. Some are very repetitive. We love the former because they make us think and we love the latter because we know that we’re definitely the experts in providing the best answers. While we aim to not be repetitive in our posts on the Taylor Fencing blog, we do find a lot of value in sharing updated posts to themes that our current and prospective customers are particularly interested in.

One of these themes is building on hills. Building on hills has both challenges and rewards. We’ll touch on the challenges in a minute, but we’re guessing that you have a pretty good idea about the best reward. We’re blessed to work and live in a beautiful area with tonnes and tonnes of the most gorgeous views. We swear that we’re not biased… Some of the houses that we install our premium fences and gates for are already blessed. The owners can already wake up and look out of the window and enjoy everything that this area of the country has to offer. Others – especially our prospective customers – are seeking this joy, and we’re happy to help provide.

Next into the challenges. And don’t be scared. The biggest hurdle is honestly working with a team that you’re comfortable with, and knowing that they’ll not only be able to handle any of the issues at hand, but that they’ll keep you well in the loop throughout the entire time the work is being completed. This is something that the Taylor Fencing team prides itself on so significantly. How can you let a team of construction workers or contractors come into your home, assume that they know exactly what they’re doing without any questions and just stand by while they complete the work? Worst case scenario, they’re not going to provide the finished product that you were promised. Second worst-case scenario, you’re just not receiving the dialogue that you need throughout, so that you understand what’s going on and why. In a perfect world, any project related to a home renovation should be left to the experts. Unfortunately, in our world, there are simply too many examples of those in this industry taking advantage of their customers – finishing the work on their own time, on your dime and potentially not even the vision that you had to begin with.

So that’s the biggest hurdle. What else are we working with? Well, when you build on a hill, you do need to take into account Mother Nature. She’s fickle… we talk about it all of the time. You never know when a crazy storm can sweep through the area and can take down your home. That’s why reinforcing your foundation is absolutely vital. You should work with any of the companies in the area – and there are many – to have a surveyor take a look at the foundation as it stands. If it needs work, this is not an area that you want to pinch pennies on. You’ll want to take advantage of any services related to restumping, reblocking or underpinning, so that it’s one less thing that you need to worry about. If you’re unfamiliar, basically, these services take a look at the stumps of wood or blocks of concrete that keep your home’s structure sturdy. They can become wobbly more easily than you think, so it’s something that you should keep an eye on. When you do, and when the experts come out and take a look, Mother Nature has a weakened hold on your property, should a giant storm come your way.

Something else that you need to ensure is in place is insurance. We’re betting that you’re good on this front, but that’s not always the case and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That said, this is again another area that you shouldn’t shirk costs. Spend the extra hundred dollars or so, because if a storm was to come and your home looked like it was going to slide down the beautiful hill that you love so much, you’d be kicking yourself for months. This is definitely a situation where the benefit outweighs the cost.

Obviously landscaping weighs into the benefits of building on a hill and this is again a topic that we love discussing. You can get so creative these days, but one buzzword that we’ll use time and time again is a retaining wall. You’ve seen them, you’re familiar with them, they’re the smartest trick to pack dirt at different levels and create the most beautiful aesthetic for homes that are built on any sort of hill. It doesn’t need to be that steep, but you’re designing a dynamic look and feel for your garden, so even if it’s a teeny tiny space, it will look far larger. Retaining walls aren’t complicated. They’re something that you can build yourself or they’re something that you can consult with an expert on. Either way, they’re a fun canvas for new and exciting plants, shrubs and flowers each and every season. Looking for an expert to start that process? We think we might have someone who can help you. Jokes aside, reaching out to the Taylor Fencing team either means that we can support you directly or point you in the direction of someone very qualified.

The long and the short of it is (there’s a hill joke there somewhere, but we’ll avoid today), every benefit to your home’s property is going to have its challenges. That’s what makes it worth it, right? In this case, simply know that you’re well supported by the Taylor Fencing team and our extensive variety of resources that can continue to ensure that you’re happy and comfortable where you live.