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January Home News

January 2020 Home NewsWelcome into the New Year! The Taylor Fencing team hopes that you had the best holiday season yet. What’s not to love? You have an iron-clad excuse to eat as much as you want with the mindset that you’ll obviously follow all of your New Year’s resolutions; You can say yes to that extra glass of eggnog (as long as you’re planning to get home safely and without driving); You know that you won’t have to see that one relative that you don’t necessarily agree with until the next family get-together, and bonus – you may just receive a gift from someone special. We know what our best gift was this past year… our customers. You can’t put a price on the relationships that we’ve built with everyone for whom we’ve installed one of our premium fence and gates.

So, don’t worry. We toasted you, we feted you, and we will always kindly thank you for your continued patronage to the Taylor Fencing team. What better way to return the favour than to always prioritize sharing the right information with you. If our team and services don’t cover what you’re looking for, we think it’s an optimal opportunity to determine if you and yours might be up to the task. That way, whenever you see the job well done, you know that it was because of you, making it even more valuable. But, how is someone supposed to have all of the time to read every single article on the Web and determine if the knowledge is up to snuff? You’re not, you’ve got a life to live. It’s why you turn to us, to begin with. As an added bonus, we thought it would be a great idea right here on the blog to radiate out this information and consolidate it to show the best-of-the-best. Check off one great way to start 2020 and read on for more information:

The 2010s Were a Terrible Decade for Housing Construction

We like to remain objective wherever possible when we share the articles that we find, but we have to disagree with this first article, if only for a very small part. We know that we’re heading into a brand-new decade – the roaring twenties if you will – and that can make all of us want to reminisce on the past ten years. We look at the bad, the good and the ugly. It’s the best chance we have to learn from our mistakes and make to future ten years the best ever. The bad can be hard to look at and residential construction was definitely down as a whole between 2010 and 2019. According to this article, “The 2010s will go down as a decade of historically low housing starts, resulting in higher home prices and rents for some and longer commutes for others.” This may not be the case in every company in the world, but most are feeling the effects of this shift in the market. Check out this link for more information.

How to Avoid Unnecessarily Costly Construction

This next article has no need to be objective, as we’re pretty sure that everyone we know is a proponent about keeping money in your wallets. Home construction and renovations can sneak up on you, even if you have an airtight budget. It’s the biggest reason why we’re so transparent with you when we discuss the fence or gate solution that will make the most sense for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all and we’re well aware of that. You’ve got your wrought iron fences, your COLORBOND fences, your wooden fences and everything in between (at least you do when you work with us!). And while we firmly believe that we have the best deals in the business, it doesn’t mean that we’re not cognizant that these cost money. All home renovations and constructions do, but there are ways to get ahead of hidden costs and make smart decisions without cutting corners. That being said, these conversations can be stressful and that’s frequently why consumers end up paying more money. You can get ahead of the game by following these tips. You’ll leave the conversation feeling more in charge and excited about the project ahead. Check out this link for more information.

This Brooklyn Home Received a Modern Makeunder

We love learning new terminology and nomenclature. It seems to change every year, if not more frequently. And we’re betting that you’ve heard of the term “makeover”. You may have heard it related to a look of a person, a belonging, a lifestyle or… most pertinent to us… a house! But, we’re betting that you’ve never heard of the term “makeunder”. Well, that’s about to change, as the Taylor Fencing team learns that it’s the latest and greatest thing to happen to architecture. Looking for an example? Seek no further. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the Marie Kondo style of living when you dispose of items that you don’t necessarily need anymore. In this Brooklyn, New York example, it means looking at the textures and materials throughout a home and simplifying its look. This can have positive effects on your day-to-day in many different ways. It’s calming for your eyes and your brain, it’s easier to navigate and the upkeep is streamlined. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Check out this link for more information.

Accessible Homes Are in Demand

The Taylor Fencing team believes that a home should be more than a house. It shouldn’t just be a place to kick off your shoes at the end of the day and say goodbye to as you start your day. Instead, it should be a place that’s welcoming and ensures that you’re building all of the memories that will make you smile. This means that they should be accessible for everyone, no matter disability or injury. There’s a growing trend around the world of ensuring that different rules and regulations are in place and architects are taking notice. Homes that meet all of these stipulations can be difficult to find, but some cities are leading the charge. Check out this link for more information.

Questions? Please reach out! And Happy New Year!