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July Home News

July Home NewsIt’s that time again… and it’s one of the Taylor Fencing team’s favourite. We feel pretty blessed as a team and as a family because it’s always tough to pick our favourite moments of the month. There’s the start of the month when we know that we have another new blank slate again – the best time to reassess what our goals are and look forward to beating each one. There’s the end of the month when we are most likely celebrating and reflecting on whatever lessons we may have learned. Both are so valuable when you’re a family-based company like we are. We feel comfortable enough to challenge each other, but we’ll always support each other. There are a couple of big ways that we like to challenge each other and one of them is our ongoing commitment to learning. It never stops with fences, since they protect so many important things. So, we take the time to learn about these things. Then in turn, because we see you as members of our extended family, we share it with you. All sorts of article highlights from around the Web can be found right here and we make it easy for you to quickly check-in and get your information fix. Read on for more information:

Construction Jobs Rebound From Pandemic Lows

If you already work in the construction industry, as a contractor, architect or in any other capacity, then this article is for you. The pandemic took and continues to take a toll on every industry possible, in some way or another. But we’re guessing that those, especially in areas impacted, building new homes, wouldn’t be quite as comfortable as normal letting a bunch of strangers into your home, whether you’re there or not. That has meant a huge blow to professionals around the globe, but the objective was always to keep the faith and know that the economy will bounce back. While it’s definitely too early to call that for a lot of places, there is promising research that construction jobs could rebound soon. Why isn’t quite certain, but check out this link to learn more.

Outdoor Lighting Brings the Magic

If you’re looking for ways to have the perfect parties at home and outside, then this article is for you. Being the premier distributor of the premium fence and gate solutions, we love backyards. We love side yards, gardens, pretty much any space that’s outside. And even in the winter, it can be the best place to entertain groups both large and small. One of the peskiest things about outdoor celebrations, especially if they go well into the night, is the lack of lighting. Best case scenario, it can be irritating; worst-case scenario, it can be downright dangerous. Luckily there are many different solutions and they don’t need to ruin your budget. But as with many if not all of your design decisions, you want to be thoughtful about the investment. Look no further than this article, which does a thorough dive into the different styles of outdoor lighting that you can choose and the pros and cons of each. Become an expert here.

Energy-Efficient Landscaping Tips Can Save You Money

If you’re looking to limit your budget each month as well as your carbon footprint, (which we’re sure that many of you are) then this is a great toolkit for you. Sustainability isn’t a trend or a fad, it’s an art and science that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The Taylor Fencing team is on a constant hunt for materials and processes that use minimal energy, keep the earth clean and green, and ensure that the fence that you choose will last for generations to come. But if feeling great about yourself and the impact that you’ve had aren’t enough, we’re thinking that the money in your wallet may be a great additional incentive. At first, it may seem like much, but over time, the smallest differences you can make (like turning off the light whenever you leave the room) can add up to a bundle. If you’re looking to go one extra step, you can talk to your local power supplier or even a local contractor about adjustments to the design of your home like solar panels and more. Piqued your interest and still thinking about the landscaping articles above? Click here for information specific to energy-efficient landscaping.

Bedroom Designs To Inspire You

Sometimes you just need one room in your home to jumpstart your enthusiasm about renovations or home projects. We know because the fences that we design and install protect and enhance all sorts of different areas of your property. As you may have gathered by this point, we’re also big fans of the conversations with the experts about what works and what doesn’t, and that includes interior designers. Interior Design services are varied and bountiful, thanks to the Internet age. But if scrolling through Pinterest or similar sites overwhelms you (and that is extremely possible), then sometimes just reading articles from experts – or having conversations with them – will be exactly what the doctor ordered. This article is a perfect example of someone who wanted to redo a bedroom and has provided all of the right inspiration for you to do the same. The bedroom can be a tough room to change because it’s so personal for its inhabitants. As this article shares, it’s your refuge. A place where you start the day and lay your head at night. So, keep it that way. Scroll through these beautiful photos and learn more here.

So, there you have it for the month. Ideas to help turn your house into a home. While we pledge to continue these monthly round-ups of news every month, we never want to go that long without communicating with our customers. You can call us, email us, or stop by to say hello and discuss your next project. We continue to stock the most innovative solutions to guard your home and can’t wait to share them with you.