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July Home News

July Home NewsWelcome back to the TFR Construction blog! A place where you can connect with us and learn all about everything to do with your dream home. What’s that you say? There’s MORE than information about fences on our site? We’re happy to say that that is true and bears reminding in each and every post that we share with our valued community of customers.

We’d like to take a moment first to celebrate you – yes, you. You may be stumbling upon our blog and site for the first time, or you may be one of our diehard fans, (who, by the way, is an expert at everything related to homes at this point, we guarantee it) it doesn’t matter. You’ve contributed to the aforementioned community and our people are our greatest asset. There’s no way that we’d be where we are without you, and you propel us forward to where we’re going. And where are we going? Well, the sky’s the limit. Every day, we think through the current products that we offer, and we think through the opportunities for growth. Are our fences well-priced enough? (Short answer… yes!) Are we thinking through how we can be more and more sustainable, limiting both your carbon footprint and ours? This is one of our favourite goals because WE’RE learning so much about the environment and not cutting any corners. And are we thinking through all of the aesthetically pleasing styles that are sweeping the market, ensuring that we’re ahead of the curve as innovators in the home space? We’re proud to answer yes to all of these, but we know that there’s always work to be done. We appreciate every piece of feedback that you provide and believe us – we listen or read every single one.

It was early days when we realized the value of this blog and this series of posts is a timeless passion of ours. Every month, we take stock in the conversations and news that have really driven us to be our best. We scour the internet, we jot down notes, we have conversations with each other, and we discuss different properties on which we’ve each worked. When we piece those together, we have our monthly news roundup’s. Welcome to July’s! Read on for some of the stories that we’ve found most impactful, and we think that you will as well:

If you’re looking for tips on reinforcing your foundation…

We get it, and we’re glad that you’re thinking about the foundation of your home because most people don’t. Or at least they don’t until it’s too late, at which point, you’re looking at a very expensive home renovation project. We’re not talking about a metaphorical foundation or makeup; we’re talking about the infrastructure of materials that live under your home and ensure that it stays in one place. We don’t want it sliding down any hills or into your neighbours now do we? Building and then reinforcing a foundation can be a complicated process and it’s not something that you want to tackle on your own. While there are (and we talk about them frequently right here on the blog) projects that you should feel comfortable tackling by yourself or with your household, there are also projects for which you should call in the experts. That said, we think it’s very important to be in the know about the work that’s taking place on your property. This is one of the best articles that we’ve read, teaching you exactly how to know that your foundation is just right. From the angle to the height, we’ve got answers for you. Check out this link for more information.

If you’re engaged in the ultimate bidding war and things aren’t going your way…

The housing market is a finicky one. You may be able to buy a home for $ one day and have to buy it for $$$$ the next. It’s not that there’s no rhyme or reason – there is, and that’s a topic for another day. You can spend months, even years, trying to understand it – and that can be very frustrating. That’s why so many, including the author of this article, are advocating for building your dream home instead. You’ll avoid all of the stress of going back-and-forth with others interested in the same property and you’ll have total control over what your home actually looks like. Think about it, we’re sure that even as you tour your dream home, there are elements that you plan on changing. That increases your ultimate spend right there. Instead, you can plan ahead for all of these elements and factor them into your budget. You have to provide an email address to read this article, but we think it’s worth it! Visit this link to learn more.

If you’re smart and safe and you know it (or don’t) …

We couldn’t word it any better than the opening of this article: “Building your dream home can be gratifying as well as exhausting. No matter how fairytale-like it may sound, let’s be honest, sometimes, it can be quite a headache.” Are many of you nodding your heads in agreement? Hey, there are a lot of questions and a lot of decisions to be made before you can cross over your own threshold and toast the success of building your dream home. They say that all of the best things are hard, but they’re worth it. That’s certainly the case here, but we’re lucky in the sense that resources like this article are out there to educate us. This article isn’t about style or budget, we’re talking about safety. Safety for you, safety for those that you’re working with, safety for those that you’ll be living with. From deadlines to actually buying a plot of land, these five tips will certainly set you in the right direction. You can learn all about them at this link.

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