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June Home News

June Home NewsAre we even sure what month it is anymore? We know that it took the Taylor Fencing team a minute to think about it, but that seems to be par for the course these days and that’s totally fine. Heads up – it’s June, and we’ve made it halfway through the year, and in the best fashion possible.

Unprecedented times, challenging times, you’ve heard all of the buzz phrases that are popping around the industry in relation to COVID-19 and how it’s impacting our country and those around the globe – no matter where they may be. Big or small, rural or not, we’ve all had to be a bit creative in 2020, but we believe that Taylor Fencing has done a tremendous job and we hope that you do as well. We hear those and know that it’s our responsibility as one of the best companies in the area to instead, ensure a sense of normalcy – especially for our newer visitors to the Taylor Fencing blog. We’re glad that you’re here! A part of us thinks that you’ve stopped by because you know that we’re the best fence and gate solution companies in the area. But, we’re also big fans of those who have heard through the grapevine that we have a commitment to learning and growing and that means every part of your home or property. This is why, once a month, we continue with regularity, the practice of searching through the internet for our favourite finds. Whether you’re feeling optimistic about your next home project, excited about starting a first one, or very apprehensive and on the fence around what might work for you, let us carry you over the age with our passion and research around what is going on in the home industry this month. Read on for more information:

If you’re thinking about buying or renovating a home but are worried about the timing, especially with COVID-19 (say all of that ten times fast), then this article is for you. The real estate market will certainly be challenged this spring… and summer… and fall, and potentially even longer. But there are still opportunities to pursue your short-term and long-term plans for your family and business. You just need to be strategic about it. As the New York Times shares, “Demand, which was pent up during coronavirus stay-at-home orders, and a dearth of homes for sale are keeping prices high and setting off bidding wars in some areas as states continue to reopen for business. Some buyers may also find it tougher to qualify for mortgages, as lenders require higher credit scores and bigger down payments in response to higher unemployment and economic uncertainty in the pandemic.” That’s a lot to take in, but it’s another reminder to continue to check in with different (global) news resources so that you can make any sort of informed decision. After all, a home should be something exciting! We know this because we’re so passionate about the fences and gates that we design for them. Check out this link for more information.

Working From Home. It’s Now A Thing.

If working from home will be your new normal for the foreseeable future, we’re betting that you have a host of emotions about the experience. Sure, we’ve all complained time-to-time about wanting to be at home more… especially if we have families to take care of, that we haven’t been able to see very often. Well, many of us have gotten that wish, but it hasn’t gone quite as planned. This article in Forbes embraces the obvious. It’s happening for a lot of people and we need to do it correctly. Not just for your place of work, but for your family, your home and most importantly – you. Some companies are leading the charge- setting infrastructures, best practice guidelines and recommendations for products that you can order to make the day-to-day as seamless as possible. They do a good job of it as well. But that’s not the purpose of this article – instead, it takes a look at the bigger picture and offers insight into how to champion the months to come, no matter how or where you work. This link has the article in entirety for your reference.

How to Use Australian Landscaping Ideas to Create a Drought-Tolerant Garden

If you know, and are a fan of, the Taylor Fencing fences and gates guiding the perimeter of a property with beautiful and well-planned landscaping, then this article is for you. We’ve been through a lot the past year or two, and the fire was definitely a big part of Mother Nature’s plan. Well, the Taylor Fencing team and this article, in particular, are here to say that we can completely beat anything in our path. According to the MNN article, “The majority of Australians — about 85% — live on the country’s coasts. That’s because vast areas of the interior of the continent are desert. But even closer to the coasts, there are still plenty of areas that are only seasonally wet, and due to climate change, areas that used to be more temperate are drying up. So, Australians have long known about gardening with less water — and they’re getting even savvier as drier conditions persist for longer periods.” They’ve got some good tips for us to listen to as well. They recommend picking indigenous plants, because not only do they do a wonderful job of soaking up water, they also feed a lot of other local species, which sets a sustainability wheel in motion for your landscaping. They recommend that you lose whatever grass you can or limit it. They also suggest that you take a heavy-duty look at sunshine and soil. Where is it hitting? Where is it not? That can help inform a lot of big decisions for one of your biggest investments. Looking for more details? No problem, just click this link and you’ll learn everything you need to.

It’s a lot of information, we know, but we’re glad to share it with our most important asset – our community of customers… you.