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How to Keep Your Homes Clean During Renovations

How to Keep Your Homes Clean During RenovationsIn a perfect world, you’d be able to move into your new abode, ready to go. It would be spotless, with all of the inclusions and architectural effects that you hadn’t even realized had crossed your mind as a preference. That COLORBOND fencing outside? Up and already adorned either side with seasonal flowers that just happened to blossom on move-in day. Inside you’d be ahead of the curve in flooring innovations – not just with one style throughout your space, but with multiple, depending on and every one of your anticipated desires. Sigh, if only we each had our own personal genies who could help with wishes like this. Unfortunately, unless your name is Aladdin, chances are good that you don’t, in which case, you already know the amounts of blood, sweat and tears that don’t just go into move-in day, they go into every day after, even when you think your home is finally perfect for you and your old ones.

This never-ending cycle easily contributes to why so many don’t wish to engage in home renovation projects, but it’s not the only reason that homeowners balk at updating important pieces of their homes. They may back away because they’ve talked themselves out of the necessity of the work. They may be assuming (especially if they’ve only talked to one contractor) if the price is astronomically higher than they had thought previously. But, consistently across the board, it’s likely that they’re thinking about all of the factors that will cause small but mighty annoyances through the process. There are a number, and we’ve covered a lot of them on the Taylor Fencing blog. Today we know that cleaning throughout home renovations can make you throw your hands up in the air and want to throw in the towel. (…There’s a cleaning joke or two there – we’ll let you make up your own…) It has to be assumed that the destination will be worth the journey, but the journey is a necessity in order to get to the final product that you and your household are so excited about. So, roll up your sleeves, because the Taylor Fencing team is here to share how to keep your home clean while you navigate home renovations.

Create a bare space

You’re going to channel Marie Kondo by ten when you follow this tip. But instead of asking yourself if an item in the space brings you joy, ask if it’s absolutely necessary to stay there, knowing that so many people and process steps in the work will be moving around it. This doesn’t just pertain to small knick knacks and décor items, remove everything including clothing, furniture when possible – all of your absolutely non-essential home goods. You’ll be very glad that you followed this step later, because you won’t have to clean these items and you won’t have to worry that they’ll fall or break. If you have many items like this in the space you’re working within, it might make sense to hire a portable storage unit, that way they’re totally out of the way.

Break out the tarps and break out the drapes

Who knew that those tarps you keep in your shed or the old sheets that you’ve forgotten to get rid of would finally come in handy? If there’s heavy furniture in the space that you can’t or don’t want to move, leave the plastic for these items. Examples here would include older furniture, antiques like armoires and items that are too large for even a few people. Again, you’re saving yourself a world of hurt when it comes to dusting as a chore later, or even worse, cracks in these items that we’re guessing mean a lot to you.

Keep the mess to one area

This tip may sound easier said than done, but for your own personal safety, you want to make sure that the work that you’re executing on this project does not encroach on other rooms in the home. If you’re working with a contractor, this will be second nature to them. If you’re not, use plastic and drapes to isolate the space. These conversations are also really important to level set expectations, especially if there are areas that absolutely cannot come into contact with dirt and also, loud noise.

Don’t let cleaning chores lapse

Yes, you should keep your eyes on the prize, but you – and whomever you’re working with – should instill group habits of still cleaning up on a regular basis, preferably at the end of the day. That way, they, and you, will have a blank canvas to see and work with the next morning. It’s also a major time saver if you’re efficient.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

Materials on building sites can be toxic – at different levels. To be safe rather than sorry, if the work is taking place during a more temperate month, then opening the windows should be one of the first parts of the morning routine. We also recommend that you remove the screens on the windows altogether, so that dust and debris doesn’t get caught in them – completely negating the entire purpose of this step.

Navigate carefully

The Taylor Fencing teams knows that there are all sorts of floor plans, believe us, we work with every variety of them to provide top-notch fences and gates. It’s optimal if your home improvement project takes place adjacent to a separate entrance, versus having to consistently enter through the main door. We’re talking about side doors, garages, entrances from the back. Next, you will want to build a specific path for anyone coming into contact with the work… and telling everyone who is not to stay off of it. You can use materials like canvas tarps and carpet scraps for this project before the project.

If you follow all of these steps (or at least try to) and have a team that you trust and look forward to seeing every day, in place, then there is all the more reason that you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your home renovation labour.