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Keeping Your Windows Safe

timber bifold windows valley windowsWe’re guessing that if you’re reading this, that you have visited the Taylor Fencing blog a time or two. You probably are fully aware of our passions and interests and the reasons that we decided to bring you the best fence installation solutions around. One of the many important ways that we’ve been able to grow our business, is thanks to our partners in the industry and around the country. We’re talking landscapers, construction teams, interior designers and more. Each has a unique and important perspective on the work that we do, and how it plays into the bigger picture of your perfect home. Today, we’re welcoming the Valley Windows team. They’re dedicated to bringing you a better view. The best views are those that you feel comfortable and secure while enjoying, so we’ll let the Valley Windows team share with you, the best ways to keep your windows safe.

First of all, here at Valley Windows, we believe in the strongest and most durable of fences. These should be built to last a lifetime, serve as the best first impression – no matter who is stopping by, and make you smile with their aesthetic beauty. A fence is your first line of defence… no pun intended, and if you’ve already invested in your home – specifically in its design, its windows, doors and fixtures, then you should do your homework and kick off your safety journey with a smart fence. There are a multitude of options, no matter what the architectural style of your home may be.

Prowlers and trespassers are always a possibility, so amp up your security with the right system. There are many on the market today, some of which have even been shared on both the Taylor Fencing and Valley Windows blogs, but with 2019 just kicking off, there are even newer and better options. Gone are the days when lock and key sufficed. Everything is heading into the realm of technology, and here are some of the highest reviewed if you’re ready to take the next step.

But in all seriousness, it starts at home and it starts with common sense. If you have young kids at home, make sure that windows are child-proofed and difficult for them to navigate, should they become curious. During the warmer months, you’ll want to explore ways to ventilate without paying an arm and a leg for air conditioning. Luckily, you don’t need to make a trade-off here. There are many different window models that only open a certain amount, thanks to hinges. Awning windows are the first example that comes to mind – they come with folding handle, homeguard sash locks and heavy-duty stays are available. Bi-fold windows are another example of a window that only opens a very specific way, so you can keep a close eye on suspect activity.

These are just a few key tips. Questions? Comments? Let the team at Valley Windows know. And be sure to check out our site for all of the helpful information that you need to keep you safe, comfortable and happy.