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Landscaping Influences From Around the World

While we’re pretty proud of our home, it’s important for the team at Taylor Fencing to think on a global scale. We draw inspiration and motivation from all sorts of outlets, in every country and every culture. It’s part of what keeps us on our A-game. While some may spend break times catching up on their weekends, our team is passionate about info sharing at every opportunity. We attend tradeshows, we learn from our competitors and we stay up-to-date using publications spanning the industry. It goes beyond the fencing solutions that line our properties. It’s a question of adding value, of shifting from a house to a home, creating places where our valued customers feel safe, secure and content. So! On to today’s topic – landscaping influences from around the world.

Let’s take a look at four different continents and review elements that really speak to their cultures.

First up, Europe. The Brits have long since been fanatics for rolling hills and grand gardening schemes. Their annual rain fall is high which helps keep the grass so emerald green. “The English Landscape Garden” was coined as its own style in the early 18th century. It’s now seen in countries all over the world. The English take inspiration from watercolour paintings and focus heavily on the nature available to them. The star of the show? The English Rose.

Now let’s fly to Japan. If you were to pick one country in Asia which represents its landscaping style, it would most likely be Japan. With these, the keyword is harmony. Gardens are created to be quiet spaces for thought and meditation, versus noise and social gatherings. They’re designed with natural asymmetry, so you’ll see a lot of smooth, curving lines. Other buzzwords to keep in mind are balance, simplicity, harmony and perspective.

Landscaping Influences From Around the World

On to Africa. Let’s specifically take a look at Morocco. Morocco is all about colour and decadent courtyards are very popular. The correct term is a ‘riad’ and it’s seen by Moroccan residents as a soothing place that you can go to, to escape the hectic nature of your daily routine. As you can imagine, the temperatures are higher in Morocco than many other locales so shade is necessary. Place your seating underneath cover or trees. Water features also add important flavour, both the look and the noise of water add to the ambience.

To South America we go! South America is an amazing melting pot. Dependent on country, you’re going to see vast differences in the culture. To this point, we’re providing a general overview of just some of the exciting features of South African landscaping. The continent is home to one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world so flowers like orchids, begonias and jacarandas are prominently featured. You’ll also notice a plethora of rooftop gardens in cosmopolitan cities like Sao Paulo.

As you can see, styles vary greatly around the world, but each is uniquely valued and appreciated. Ready to take your garden to the next level? Give the Taylor Fencing team a shout.